Pretty Little Liars: Moments Later

Still the show that everyone is watching but no one quite seems to know why. The acting isn’t great, that’s for sure. The story of the girl seeing her teacher is so overdone at the moment that it’s more annoying than interesting. The characters themselves aren’t all that complex. But somehow, we can’t stop watching.

This episode took a step in the direction of some better writing:
-We got a teaser about who A is, Noel maybe or maybe not depending on if he was telling the truth or not.
-Hannah had a hospital visit from Allison which may or may not have been real (I’ll be honest, I always suspected that she was still alive). She also had a hospital visit from A. Connection?
-Emily’s parents found out that she’s gay and their reaction was anything but the supportive parenting we’ve seen in other shows (especially her mother’s reaction).
-The girls finally find out about Aria and Mr. Fitz. Can they just end the story now?

I haven’t read any spoilers so I can only make guesses where things are going, but even if I don’t know why, i will still be watching.


4 Responses to “Pretty Little Liars: Moments Later”

  1. sarah Says:

    Hey, it’s been a long time!!
    I am 100% addicted too….no, the acting isn’t great, but it does blow some of out MIOBI gals out of the water!! I am expecting them to pull a MIOBI and have Hanna totally healed up and good to go next week.
    -I have also not read spoilers but I have been thinking maybe Mona is A? She was under the radar enough to know these secrets and during the marathon Monday there was the episode when all the girls were in the cafeteria with Jenna and they got the text, “if you could only see how guilty you all look”. Plus Mona was visiting with Hanna and was doing her make-up…it looked like As message could have been written in eyeliner??? Just a thought….
    -I also think that , as the girls said at the end of the episode that A might be working in a team too…

    • ax20 Says:

      I know!

      I considered Mona, especially because she’s was so creepy in that hospital scene. But I wonder if Hannah wouldn’t recognize the handwriting of her “best friend.”

      The possibility of a team is a good one. Or at the very least, maybe A is using someone to get information who doesn’t realize what is going.

      The one believability issue that comes in with this show is that it really makes little sense that they don’t talk to the police. That they don’t say we’ve been getting these crazy messages and someone is stalking us…the only person who it would make sense about is Aria because her relationship with Mr. Fitz could actually get him in trouble. (Although have they slept together? I can’t remember. If not, then I don’t know that he’s technically done anything beyond inappropriate.)

  2. sarah Says:

    oh and PS-speaking of ABC Family…looks like a March debut for MIOBI…they have a lot of redeeming to do IMO…

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