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How I Met Your Mother– apparently some people are furious about the rather unexpected turn at the end of this week’s episode. I don’t see why. I think it was unexpected but emotional and well done. I don’t mind a comedy being sad every so often (especially since the episode as a whole wasn’t sad). I didn’t notice the countdown and don’t mind it, though I kind of would want it to be for something happy/exciting, like “I’m pregnant!” instead of the sadness that we actually got. Joss Whedon has always said that Alyson Hannigan is one of the best criers out there and she showed this week just how true that was.

Greek– there’s something weird about the fact that Ashleigh, Evan, and Casey aren’t in college (and therefore the fraternities and sororities). Technically Casey was still on campus and she isn’t going anywhere, but how uninvolved in ZBZ can she be but still be important? And Ashleigh is so far away and separated from everyone else so I’m not sure how involved she can be in the show in the end. I loved watching Dale and Rebecca fight over how involved he could be with the house. I always wonder why people like Rebecca, why would anyone elect her as the new president, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy her. The show is going to have to beef up some of the other ZBZs (and maybe some girls from other sororities) if this is going to work. Otherwise she’s sort of working with no one. I do appreciate how both Cartwrights got backbones this week and hope to see more of it.

Brothers and Sisters– Sarah was basically MIA this episode, which is sad for me as she’s one of my favorites (though her storyline as the insecure older woman is rapidly getting annoying), but we got a lot of the others. Scotty and Kevin signed up for being foster parents. Nora realized that her newest relationship can’t work because her family is too much for the new guy. Justin is a newbie paramedic and dating the nurse. Kitty’s relationship with the Dean’s son is exposed. I could care less about Kitty, but everyone else’s storylines were extremely well done. As sad as I am for Nora, I’m not sure I believe it is really time to call it quits. Justin and the new girl are super cute and I like seeing Justin in this role much better than in the role of super slut. Scotty and Kevin was easily the most touching story, I can’t wait to see how they proceed. My one complaint: Bring back Uncle Saul!

Parenthood– I don’t really care for Haddy and I was kind of surprised to find myself siding with her parents on this one. She’s too young to be dating someone who lives on his own with no supervision. Forbidding her from seeing him at all might have been much, but certainly making rules like “you can’t ever go to his place” seem fair. Max stories are always more interesting than Haddy stories. She’s just not that deep a character. I was happy to see more of Drew (though I missed Amber) and hope he gets a better showing this season. I have no idea who he is really. Sarah’s struggle to tell her kids the truth about their father (though I would be surprised if they don’t know more than she thinks they do) should play out really interestingly in the coming weeks. Crosby and Julia’s storylines were a bit on the more subtle, quiet side: Crosby had to learn that he was Jabar’s parent not friend and Julia had to figure out how and what to tell Sydney about death.

V– this week’s episode certainly has more action than most of last season put together, which is a definite plus. Anna’s explanation for the red rain was a little too easily received, which is unfortunate. The red sky was pretty cool though. My favorite story line of the moment is Lisa’s. She genuinely likes Tyler but is forced to use him by her mother, she wants to rebel against her mother and has the human emotions that are considered so terrible but doesn’t know how to act on it. I’m also loving how Anna tries to prove she isn’t emotional, but i can’t help but think that half the things she does to prove it are actually emotionally rooted actions in the first place. I’m hopeful that the second season will find the footing it was missing in the first season, because it has so many elements that I like. Tyler as a character is pretty lame so hopefully he will be more than a naive teen soon.

No Ordinary Family– Another show that has potential but isn’t quite living up to itself. Daphne has memory loss and yet they only seem remotely concerned by it, which is immediately irritating. I find Katie and the Watcher’s relationship really interesting, but I feel the need to point out to him that quitting does not make up for the lying he did to her. He seems to think that taking her virginity would be okay because of that, but as she’s found Stephanie’s diary in his things…we shall see. I’m hoping that this is the start of exploration into the bigger picture that has been hinted at but not really utilized. (Also, nice guest spot by Renee of 24–what’s her real name?)


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  1. sarah Says:

    I agree with you on Parenthood. Haddie is way to young to be involved with this guy, and you know her lying to him at the end is just going to lead to further trouble down the line…I miss Amber too!! I have said it over and over, but her and Sarah really made season one. I also agree with you-I am sure they know more about their dad than Sarah thinks. Also agreed on Crosby and Julia’s stories being on the lamer side…althou it was fun to see Julia tip a few back with Sarah.

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