Hellcats: What you do is a tiny, pathetic subset of dancing.

Packing for Regionals? Well, at least it isn’t a practice sequence like the last few episodes. Savannah’s packing in advance to get her head clear for regionals. Right, that’s the issue. They’re invited to some part thing but Savannah isn’t interested so Marti decides to stay with her. Instead they chat. Savannah slapped Dan (we know she does that because she tried to slap Marti when we first met her too). Savannah doesn’t understand why he broke up with her and she thinks she must have done something wrong. Marti says he’ll come around. Right.

She then goes to berate Dan while he works. He said he can’t stay with Savannah without full disclosure and he can’t tell her about hooking up with Marti. He says he’s taken with Marti, he can’t be with Savannah. Boo hoo for you Dan. He basically says he wants her and he can’t just be her friend. He’s all in, is she? (He says forget Savannah and the past, but they aren’t exactly people she can forget.) She says she’s not there with him. Don’t really feel bad for either of them at the moment. Too much of a perfect blond couple.

when Marti tells her mom, her mom thinks good for Dan for no longer being her boyfriend without benefits. This is a Chloe conversation, so uncomfortable and oddly inappropriate with a mom. (Something about erections…) Marti isn’t willing to risk losing Dan again but her mom says she just did. He always calls. Till one day he doesn’t.

Marti’s “tired” or so she tells Louis who points out that she talks in her sleep. Vanessa and that jerk who keep screwing the cheerleaders enter holding envelopes. The ladies are apparently expected to wine and dine the boosters to raise money for the football team. Only the women. It’s tradition. The booster donations pay for their scholarship. Vanessa says they’ll do it quickly. Guess who one of the boosters are: the furniture place that they’d gone to question.

Marti intends to use the booster opportunity to search for their stolen laptops. Alice is talking to Jake who is apparently ranking well enough to declare for the draft. Is he ready to leave Lancer to go pro? She says to do what’s good for him. She might as well date an NFL star right?

Marti bribes Alice and some other girl to help her get into the guy’s office (with laundry offers). Apparently giving these tickets involves doing fancy tricks to give the envelops over. Marti searches the office when we learn that the guy plans to go to his office to get “the good stuff” just as Marti finds on of the laptops. She stills needs to find hers. Alice heads him off for a moment with flirting but he’s not distracted for long. Marti is gone just in time though but she has not left it the way she found it so he knows they found it.

Marti is unhappy about her missing laptop because she can’t afford to replace it. Pepper insults her, she leaves.

Jake goes to talk about his pro potential. He’s already a second round pick. But what if he waited, would he be better. The creep athletics admin tries to guilt him into staying by saying that Lancer needs him. I generally don’t support the idea of going pro before graduating but I do like it just to screw with the creep. He won’t be beaten though, he’s got a dvd of “their adventure together.” This guy has just been upgraded to royal creep.

Savannah’s been manically calling Dan and apologizing for whatever she’s done. Marti tries to cheer her up (using Savannah’s happy slogans and even the magic marker on the arm bit) and Savannah even manages a bit of a smile and agrees to go to this BBQ fest thing. (Brandeis is very “fest” and “palooza” oriented, everyone should be.)

There’s some musical guest at the bbq. The cheerleading girls are super slutty dressed but it is college so whatev. Savannah’s sister shows up at the partying. she still hasn’t told their mom and isn’t up for being pushed, even if her mother will notice when she starts showing. Dance competition for $500 so Marti signs up. so does Charlotte and Savannah (though Lacey of Caprica warns Charlotte no to be too friendly with “the enemy”). Not even Savannah can get it up to hate someone, but Lacey (Kathy) would be top of the list if she did. Somehow the dance competition becomes something between the Hellcats and whatever Charlotte’s team is called. It seems to be more of a cheer off than dance off and Savannah and Alice are not in sync. (They do realize that $500 divided by an entire team is not much money right?) Okay, eventually they get to sort of dancing that seems really “realistic.” They all just happen to have a cowboy oriented choreographed dance planned. Even Savannah seems to be cheered up. Among the finalists are Marti, Kathy, Alice, and Savannah. Savannah gets the most cheers and wins. Plus the guy who is hosting is totally into her. He asks to buy her a drink and she considers it. Charlotte’s not feeling so well and decides to go home. Savannah tells her to tell mom but that only sort of pisses her off. Savannah gives Marti the money for her computer (she’s been such a good friend about Dan after all). Marti helps her decide to get that drink.

Anyone else think the band is getting a ridiculous amount of air time? I get it, she’s singing. Savannah’s quickly getting drunk and Marti tries to slow her down. Marti goes to dance with Louis and they kiss. (Dan comes in now?) Kathy spots Alice and starts trouble. She gives her a web address to get back at Savannah. Alice is her loyal opposition so she turns it down. She says Nasty Kathy creeps her out. (Nasty Kathy does have a human moment when she says she dislikes the nickname.) Despite claims of loyalty, Alice actually walks away with the paper. (Plausible deniability?) Marti realizes that Savannah is gone and freaks out. No one else seems so worried but Marti makes them search for her.

Sure enough, they’re outside in his car making out. She tells him she should get back inside. She tell him she has a boyfriend as he begins to make her uncomfortable. He locks the door so she can’t get out. Luckily, Marti gets there right in time to save her before he can do much more than hold her down. Savannah blames herself for everything. She hates that who she is pushed him away. Marti says it’s her fault Dan left. Everyone shows up just then so naturally her admission that they hooked up is in front of everyone including Louis. Savannah tells her to find a new room. Louis leaves too.

Furniture guy comes to ask Royal Creep about Marti. Apparently he knows about the Travis Guthrie situation too.

Marti discovers that Dan quit his job which apparently means he’s left town.

Time to leave for regionals. Alice goes to the website that Nasty Kathy gave her, revealing Savannah cheering in Charlotte’s place from a few weeks ago. What will she do with this information? (This is the kind of thing that in reality is no big deal but everyone will freak out about.) Marti is all sad. Vanessa doesn’t seem to realize that her team is miserable not partied out. Marti sits in the back, all alone (I mean ALL alone because there are rows between her and the others), trying to call Dan but he hits ignore. She leaves him a message saying she needs him. Nope, still not sad for our Emily wannabe.

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3 Responses to “Hellcats: What you do is a tiny, pathetic subset of dancing.”

  1. sarah Says:

    LOL “I still don’t feel bad for our Emily wannabe” LOL . amen, sista. I don’t feel bad for her because she was SUCH a dumbass …sometimes you don’t have to tell the ENTIRE truth.
    I can’t wait to see what my fav, Alice, does with that video tape from nasty Cathy…it’s not a big deal, but it’s TV and it’s Hellcats…lol. Seems like the show is on break for the mid season…I would have been ok if the show just ended althou I will still watch…do you know when it comes back?

  2. Monex Investigation Says:

    Are they or arent love triangles spring up between Lewis Marti and Alice and Savannah must chose between Dan and her family. Back in the ol coed bathroom Lewis thinks this is the least awkward place to ask Marti on a date. The team goes for brunch at Martis moms bar and find out that she is up for a promotion if she is able to plan a successful ie.

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