Hellcats: You’re Having Cheer Sex With Him.

More practice (really can we get a different opening scene for once?) but this time Savannah gives Marti a hard time for “sloppy work.” Louis asks her what’s up but she claims Marti’s “head’s not in it.” When Marti confronts her about it, Savannah says it isn’t personal but she’s holding them back. Marti hasn’t spoken to Dan yet so Savannah tells her she lied to her about Dan and she has no friends, just people she uses. Must admit that was a nice little smack down from Savannah who then storms off leaving Marti to deal with the rest of the team, including Louis who wants to knows if its true that she and Dan have history. Yeah, in high school. Louis is upset about not being told too. Well it’s clear Marti has no friends on the team as no one comes over to talk to her. I mean, sure Louis and Savannah were there first but really…it’s like 30 people on that team are those her only two friends?

Vanessa is called in for a meeting with the athletic director (does he have a name? I can’t seem to remember it.) She expects to hear about more budget cuts. (Think he’s going to be angry about Alice?) He’s giving their practice facility to the Hellcats. Vanessa realizes that it must be about Alice. She says it’s inappropriate to punish the team for one girl. He says he was going to use the article for fundraising but now they can do that.

Marti comes home to talk to Savannah who is giving her the silent treatment. Marti decides to tell Savannah about how she was obsessed with Dan in sophomore year of high school. Savannah’s not interested. Or at least, kind of not. Turns out the stopped speaking for six months after sleeping together. There’s nothing going on! It’s old news! She didn’t want to open that door again. Savannah isn’t moved and instead decides to go home which is a hint to the rest of the team that something is really wrong. Is there gonna be a fight? Even Louis steps in to say that Savannah needs space. This drama is bad for the squad. Marti says what he is doing is bad for us but he will only giver her support when she deserves it, until then he chooses the squad. (Whoopa!) Alice is actually feeling sorry for Marti. So she says, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Savannah is home watching tv when her mom finds her. Her sister seems less interested. Savannah doesn’t want to talk about it “everything’s fantastic” but her mom isn’t falling for it and ends up hugging a crying Savannah. (Just realized that her mom is Dr. Janet Frasier of Stargate SG-1, she does look a bit older with all that gray hair.)

Marti meets her annoying law partner in the jail. Their professor has been in before them. Oh no! He knows! What if he decides to expel them! Annoying law partner is not willing to go to a safety school for them. The guy in prison covered for them, but be more careful. They’ve found some inconsistencies and changed stories. He was clearly set up. But why?

Dan heads to Savannah’s home and Mrs. Monroe says Savannah isn’t interested in seeing him. “Don’t take it the wrong way Dan but don’t come back.” Savannah goes outside looking for her sister Charlotte who seems a little more friendly now. They bond over their squads qualifying for sectionals but needing to make money to pay for it. Charlotte invites her to come watch them perform and Savannah agrees. Charlotte knows there is something more. What is it? She was planning on losing her virginity. Cue Charlotte looking shocked, not because Savannah was going to but because she did! She’s pregnant now. (Surprisingly, didn’t see it coming.) They didn’t use protection and their mother doesn’t know. Savannah says it’ll be ok but Charlotte isn’t so optimistic. Savannah got away, she couldn’t. She had to sneak behind their parents’ backs. She needed her and she was gone! Savannah didn’t know she felt that way. Savannah wants her to tell their parents but she makes Savannah swear not to tell. Mom’s made sandwiches now so they have to stop crying.

Marti and law dude, Morgan, go to talk to the guy who’s statement seems to have changed (been replaced after the original was “lost”). They claim to be working off the first statement which he denies remembering. They wait to see who he meets up with.

Dan has finally caught up with Marti. They figure out how Savannah realized that they lost their virginity to each other. He suggests going drinking and offers to join her on their planned stakeout. Yeah, that seems like the best plan. Marti tries to go into the gym but it’s locked.

Vanessa is working on getting a space for them to practice. Bill (that’s his name!) has put out the word that the Hellcats can’t practice on campus. Apparently the football team is the mafia and they can do anything.

Savannah doesn’t want Charlotte to perform while pregnant but Charlotte insists. She doesn’t have a choice! Savannah offers to take her place (I assume that’s what “suppose you did have a choice” means).

Marti and Dan are on the stakeout. Odd that Morgan the law dude isn’t there. Dan finds some alcohol and naturally starts drinking. Which means you know they’re going to make out or more before the night is over. I love how random their conversations are. Time passes, Marti leans her head on Dan’s shoulder, they discuss their first time…She doesn’t know what she’d do without him, hand on cheek, and…the expected kiss. They kinda look like a little blond gap ad. They just need the white shirts and khaki pants. (Marti you have become an even worse friend!)

Red comes to talk to athletic head Bill about ruining the Hellcats. He won’t let that happen, he’s making it his business. Return the gym. As a favor. Bill might be able to help Vanessa if Red helps him. There’s a prospective student who wants to get money to play. The team is on probation, Red isn’t willing to do it. And Red needs to be there when they pay. Apparently this was always a plan to get Red to help him. “Pay for play is a way of life.” Apparently the team on probation isn’t problem enough.

Sure enough, Marti and Dan are topless when someone shows up and they pull out the camera. But when they try to follow them they can’t find the keys. (They do at least recognize the guy as the one who threatened them and stole their laptops.) Marti takes the occasion to rehash their six months of not talking. He was scared. What if she’d gotten pregnant! The condom broke. They were sixteen, she had no one to go through it with. They got past it, he felt bad. But maybe that’s why she buried her feelings for him. Being sorry doesn’t help.

Sure enough, Savannah is in Charlotte’s uniform. She’s not breaking any rules but she’s nervous because there are a lot of cameras. What if her teammates find out? They’ll have to understand. They’re not happy to have Savannah but that’s their only chance. (Mean girl on their team is Lacey from Caprica.) Charlotte talks them into accepting her. A part of me expects Savannah to fall in the middle of the routine. But then, it’s Savannah what are the odds that she would screw up? Sure enough she does it perfectly and they get sponsorship for the whole season. Mean girl needs to get in one last evil word.

Dan wants to talk to Marti about “what happened.” Marti said he’s dating her roommate who has done everything for her, she’s not going to make a stupid mistake. He doesn’t think it was a mistake. She does. Louis interrupts to talk to Marti and apologize. Louis! She deserved it! She needs to talk to Savannah. (Why do guys think it’s cute to say “I’m buying” whenever something is free?)

Savannah’s mom thanks her for helping Charlotte and then tries to talk her into staying. It’s only a half-hearted attempt at least. Mom wants to know why Charlotte’s been so angry and depressed. Savannah lies about it (after saying it is never okay to lie!?!? this will be the reason she forgives Marti huh?) and then goes to the cheer house to talk to Savannah. She doesn’t want to be mad at her. She lied to her mom to protect Charlotte so she understands how maybe she thought she was being a good friend by lying. It was five years ago, ancient history. Who cares. Marti insists she doesn’t deserve it (but doesn’t say she kissed Dan). Louis brings in Dan who apologizes for not telling her everything. She forgave Marti so how could she not forgive him. Group hug! (Super cheesy! Nice little uncertain smile from Marti.)

Fefe Dobson sings Stuttering, which has perfect lyrics for the show. I am surprised to find myself quite liking it since I often don’t like CW music.

Red meets Vanessa in the club and she’s all happy that she got everything back. He claims not to know how it happened which makes me think he’s actually not such a sleaze. But he has agreed to do the pay for play thing…


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