Hellcats: Cheerleaders Are Dancers Who Have Gone Retarded.

Cheerleader disco dance? Or a go-go spirit party…Marti isn’t a fan. Alice meanwhile is all dressed up because she’s going to get a picture in a magazine as part of a piece about football players’ lives. Jake, Alice’s boyfriend, kind of looks like more of a tool than ever. The reporter makes a comment about Alice being a pom pom girl and Alice says they’re not pom pom girls. She uses the opportunity to talk to the reporter about the squad’s lack of support. The athletics director pulls her out and starts threatening her but Alice is not one to back down. Jake witnesses the entire event but doesn’t step in to defend her. Alice gives in once he threatens to “rain holy hell down on her.”

Louis wants to stay the night in Marti’s room because his roommate has someone over. Savannah wants Dan to spend the night too. Savannah gets uncomfortable when Louis gets in bed with Marti (at least they don’t have plan to have sex with everyone in the room together) and Dan unwisely makes the comment “at least you achieved mattress statement.” Savannah feels pressured into letting Dan into her bed. He considers going back home to his shared room with his brother and fiance. Ultimately, Savannah insists Dan take the bed and and goes out to sleep on the couch.

In the morning, Marti and Dan discuss Savannah’s intensity. He wishes she’d lighten up on the sex issue. He would even be okay with not having sex, he’s just tired of talking about it. He thinks she expects sex to change her life forever, it’s a lot of responsibility. But Savannah is good people.

Marti is back at the prison to talk to the guy. They show him about the woman he used to date who was supposed to be his girlfriend. She was homeless and now has a house, it seems she was bribed. They’re suspicious so they go to the guy to talk about the house he was renting to her. He attempts to bribe them when he offers them U2 tickets and asks them to leave the ex-girlfriend alone. Hiding something!

Alice throws a fit about the guy who threatened her. Jake is too busy working. Alice is upset that he isn’t sympathizing with her. He says he is in a position as an ambassador and her job is to support her. If she doesn’t feel like doing that job…

Savannah has made a decision, she’s ready to take the plunge, find out what all the fuss about virginity is about. Marti is not so happy about this plan. So they talk about Marti’s first time in an attempt to say just let it happen. Don’t plan it. But it’s too gigantic for Savannah, she can’t just let it be an accident. Marti says this plan will scare Dan. It’s too much pressure. Lighten up, let it go. Savannah asks Marti if she’s been talking to Dan about this and suspects that there might be an ulterior motive for Marti’s advice. (I expect Marti and Dan to go out eventually, but at the moment I think at the moment any ulterior motive is subconscious.)

Marti sneaks them into the costume department for outfits for the party dance thing (which guarantees a montage of dancing and trying on clothes). Savannah takes the opportunity to tell Dan of her plans (though not in detail). Marti wishes her a happy night and they more or less make up.

I’ve never been one for costume parties, but I will say that college costume parties (at least non-Halloween ones) never look like this. How many people have money to spend on all those fancy costumes? Alice has invited the reporter to come check out the party. Jake is not happy about it but Alice is not listening. Anyone else find it weird that Vanessa is involved in the stafe dancing? (And even that she’s at the party.) It’s a pretty good rendition of “We Got the Beat” though. Alice gives a teary little speech about how the cheerleaders being a family. The reporter informs her that she plans to scrap the football piece to focus on the Hellcats as underdogs. Jake is unhappy and says the athletics director will be pissed. He thinks she’s stabbed him in the back. She says maybe he’ll treat her with respect next time and stick up for her.

Marti is told that her lawyer class partner’s laptop is missing. As a warning! Marti’s is still on her bed but it’ll probably get stolen soon. Dan dances with Marti’s mom who says she always expected Dan and Marti would end up together. She says Marti is in love with her and has been for years. Dan doesn’t believe it. Really Marti’s mom, do you really think this is a good idea in any way, shape, or form? She bets they’ll be together within the next ten years. Dan goes to have a private conversation with Marti about what Wanda said. She denies it. (Though that moment of hesitation says it all so she admits to maybe.) Is there any reason he shouldn’t go down the road he’s going down with Savannah? She has nothing to say. Got it? So that’s a…yes? Alice wants to introduce Savannah to the reporter but she’s out getting her stuff for the big night. Dan wonders if he’s made a mistake he couldn’t fix. Alice doesn’t believe in regret. Her dad says there’s no such thing as mistakes, only new opportunities. Her advice is actually excellent for the moment to talk him into choosing Savannah. Marti of course gives that last moment glance after them and is all moody with Louis. And she is less than receptive to his seduction, even saying she’s not feeling well and cutting him off. Then she notices that her laptop is gone. She realizes someone has been in her room. Of course, the moment she runs out of the room to discuss it with Louis, someone comes of the closet and leaves.

Savannah has something to tell Dan before going any further. She wants to hurry up and get it over with because she’s a 21 year old virgin. She knows it was the right decision to wait because he’s the one she’s been waiting for. Dan is not quit as smiley as someone thrilled with the idea. The hotel room is filled with flowers and roses. She wants to know what his first time was like. She does. (By any chance was it Marti and Dan?) He avoids actually telling her about it by going into the bathroom. But Savannah is persistent and when he tells her the story she puts it together and runs out. Dan runs after her.

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One Response to “Hellcats: Cheerleaders Are Dancers Who Have Gone Retarded.”

  1. sarah Says:

    Oh boy, drama!!! I am finally caught up on this hot mess of a show…thanks for the recaps. I cannot wait for some serious hate bet. Savannah and Marti….Savannah is the best character on the show BY FAR and she gets shit all over with this. Why do I feel bad? I do thou!

    Don;’t even get me started on the costume party, I went to one of the biggest colleges in the country and there was never a halloween party catered with a full far that is for DAMN sure 😉

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