Hellcats: What Are You Doing? Making Money From Guys Oogling My Goodies.

Documentary about Gemma Linkletter, a gymnast whose injury was used in a bid video in order to get the team to Nationals. The Hellcats realize what beat them and are upset because they are much more skilled. But they need a way to make money for regionals and nationals. Lewis suggests a date-a-thon.

Savannah wants to know why Marty has been sneaking out, texting all the time, and smiling. She thinks it’s the guy from law class but Marty says no. She’s been trying to avoid him because she doesn’t want him to tell the professor that she’s not doing the research she’s assigned. Marty insists there is no guy. In comes the guy from law class who wonders why she has been to the prison so often. Marty says she’s just been bringing him a guitar to make him feel human.

They discuss their date ideas. Lewis’s involves working out, Savannah’s involves a picnic, Alice’s involves a hotel room. Savannah tells Dan he doesn’t have to bid for her but he says he will. He then shares his thought that you shouldn’t plan for the future (an thus dislikes marriage). Savannah’s surprised by this and explains that she used to think she’d never have pre-marital sex. That might have changed not, but not if there isn’t even a possibility of marriage. Dan would prefer to take things one step at a time and not worry so much. Savannah is worried about the lack of plan but Dan prefers to keep things interesting.

Marty and Lewis are making out in the gym. Ok, that looks like more than making out. But they’re forced to stop when Vanessa comes in. This isn’t the first time they’ve almost been caught. Marty likes the danger element but Louis says the sneaking around can’t last forever. Marty doesn’t like everyone knowing about her life. At least they’re smart enough to head out before Vanessa coems back out of her office.

Time for the date auction which begins with a little dance routine. They’ve got quite the audience watching so in theory this should do decently. (Though I’m not sure this will make $5,000, each date starts at $50. How much money do the average college students have lying around?) The runway is a little slutty which is awkward but they also do some cool stunts. Odd how with Louis they suddenly start bidding but before that they just seem to magically have money. He gets bought by some old man, which is confusing. Alice on the other hand doesn’t get anyone but her boyfriend bids. No one would vote against him so she makes him go up to $300. Marty gets bought for $250 by that law class. Dan gets into a bidding war with some guy who then votes $500 for her. Dan obviously can’t outbid him and she shakes her head so he won’t bother trying. He doesn’t have that kind of money. It was her ex-boyfriend who doesn’t have that money so Savannah suspects her mother’s hand in things. The team is just short of the $5,000 and someone “bids” $825 for a date with her. The Hellcats need that money. Vanessa thinks it must be Red and she’s uncomfortable but her boyfriend seems calm about it. Vanessa and Marty’s mom Wanda share a bit of a heart to heart. Vanessa’s a little disappointed that her boyfriend wasn’t outraged at all. Wanda’s advice “don’t touch it and all’s well” (So many reasons why this sounds like a great plan. She’s right though, it was too easy to convince the bf.).

Vanessa shows up at home to talk to her mother in a fury. She didn’t want anything to do with her last time they spoke and now she’s butting into her life? Her mom says she didn’t mean it she was just angry but Savannah says she’s just concerned about her reputation in church. (Ah, the ex is the son of the minister.) Savannah says the plan won’t work. Her mother tells her to be kind to Noah because she’s already broken his heart once and Savannah leaves with a parting remark “good to know you care so much about everyone else but me.” (I like this backbone version of Savannah.)

Marty is unable to find information needed for the guy in jail that she’s helping. Louis comes in and they kiss but they are interrupted when Alice comes in. She doesn’t see anything but she seems maybe suspicious. Marty thinks it would have been a disaster if Alice had seen something. She doesn’t want people to know. But he wants to know if she’s getting cold feet. Meanwhile, Marty needs to go because Savannah needs her help. Apparently the house runs at her beck and call. Savannah wants to shock Noah so that he runs home and tells his father in hopes that her mother will hear about it. Marty says this is a bad idea if she wants to reconnect with her mother and Savannah looks doubtful but she gathers her resolve and goes for it in a “slutty” dress. Savannah acts like something of a jerk who is really into “irony” these days. She even pretends to be drinking tequila out of a flask. Noah doesn’t seem bothered and says he knows she’s acting. He also calls her Boots which is kind of cute. He says she isn’t a good actor. He admits that her mother sent him but she seems genuinely concerned. He wants to know what its like to be so unrestricted. Sometimes she feels a step behind like she’s being laughed at for not getting it. He makes her feel like she could say anything to him because they go way back.

Marty goes on her date meanwhile and she knows his game plan to try to get her to spill about the law class plans. He swears he won’t tell but he wants to help because then if they succeed they could be heroes together. It turns out Morgan wrote a bad check for the team and Marty storms out angrily.

Surprise, Vanessa’s secret date was her boyfriend! She’s dressed in sweats and just ran six miles because she thought it was Red and wanted to repulse him. They’re actually really cute together.

End of Savannah’s date. He still likes her and says she has a bad boy boyfriend but he has stability and a plan. Dating till graduation, a yearlong engagement, and kids. She stunned by this because it’s basically what she wants Dan to say.

Mrogan the law guy calls Marty up early. He found the home of the person Marty has been looking for. The moment they mention Travis, the guy in jail, she doesn’t look happy to see them. She insists her pay the $250 back to the Hellcats which they bargain down.

Savannah is in her room unable to answer the phone when Dan rings. She talks to Marty about it. Her whole life she was told she had to find a boy, get married young, have kids, etc or she’d be a bad person. She’s been putting so much pressure on herself to be a free spirit for Dan that Noah’s simple life is tempting. New relationships are scary. Marty admits to seeing Lewis. Marty is scared of love. Savannah is scared of the unknown. You have to do the scary things or you’ll be stuck.

Savannah makes another trip home to talk. She asks her mother if she has any idea how hard it was to leave. But she puts walls up whenever they try to talk. What was her mother hoping she’d accomplish by setting Savannah up with Noah. It’s not entirely clear here if the mother’s intentions are good or bad. She said she wants her to see that she can walk with god no matter what but from what we’ve seen Savannah has been doing this so really she’d judging Savannah’s lief and saying she isn’t “walking with god.” Her mother says God gives a clear path to happiness. But Savannah says she is happy, even if her path is scary at times. She believes she’ll be in the perfect place for her. Her mother says if she ever gets lost she has to promise she’ll come home. They hug it out and though that seems a little too easy it’s also a sweet moment.

Lewis and the team are in the common room so Marty takes that moment to kiss Lewis in front of everyone. Alice says he’s not relationship material but Marty isn’t bothered by it.

Savannah seems not to be upset with Dan if her kiss is any indication. He offers to take her on her dream date. She suggests just driving until they find somewhere. So…is this show saying you shouldn’t save yourself for marriage? That’s the message I took out of this. It would be nice if television could make this discussion into a dialogue not a hard-fast rule.

(This episode was a much quieter episode, sadly there was little to really make fun of. Which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. I’m not sure how I look at it…)


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