Hellcats: All In Favor Of Winning?

Just to prove how different Marti is, she’s the only one wearing a little black skirt instead of the little blue shorts. (By the way, how do they have both Alice and Marti performing? Wouldn’t that throw off the numbers and dynamics?) More issues with the volleyball team, in this case it is that the volleyball team wants to practice and the cheerleaders are still working. One girl seemed to be digging it but the seeming leader of the team was a jerk and actually threw a volleyball at Alice while she was at the top of the pyramid. (I will give it to Alice for landing in an awesome superhero pose.) I may not like Alice, but that could actually kill her. What would the girl do then? Apparently she’s super jealous because the cheerleaders get their own gym, dorm, and name while the volleyball girls had to sue to get funding for nationals. (Which was taken from the volleyball girls’ budget.) The volleyballers don’t think the female cheerleaders are athletes, which sets Savannah off and gets Alice to convince her that a flag football competition is the answer. (Savannah, flag football is about speed and endurance, just run around the giants…) Savannah looks particularly midget-like in this scene, but Alice looks about the same size as the volleyballers (what are the odds that she would be a flyer then?). There’s also that larger girl on the team who should be well suited for gymnastics. Things I don’t believe about this scene: I doubt any mere college student would ever attack a girl while in front of a staff member in the athletics department, NCAA or not. I doubt a college girl would speak the way this volleyball girl did to a staff member. I doubt that the coach would just let it go that the volleyball girl threw a ball at a girl on the top of the pyramid who had just come back from an injury, simply because the girl said she was fine. I mean, there are other things, but these are really big issues for me.

The volleyball girls are apparently intramural flag football champions. Even Savannah’s mother knows that. If the cheerleaders lose, they have to cheer for the volleyballers in their underwear. Same in reverse. Savannah felt that she had to back Alice because of what happened with the bid video. Savannah remains optimistic. If they beat them, no one can say they aren’t athletes. Marti’s mom likes to think of them more as special dancers.

Lewis coaches the girls (its girls only). Alice can throw. Marti can catch (because naturally she must be skilled at everything). That’s about all the talent they have. (Isn’t it weird how Marti starts doing some cheerleading?) Lewis says they have things the volleyball girls don’t have: trust and focus. That obnoxious footballer comes to interrupt and Alice goes off with him. Alice tells him to stop provoking Lewis. He says he can’t help it. Alice was glad to see her come out. Her boyfriend, meanwhile is coaching the volleyball girls. Alice is upset and wants him to quit. He says it’s a stupid game. She cares! He says no one else cares about the game. She tells him if he’s not with the girls, he’s not with her. She definitely comes off better in the exchange and you can’t help but appreciate her.

Lewis arrives at home to find…his father chucking a football at his face. He catches it so no worries. An envelope of money was in the mailbox. Why now after two years? Lewis thinks it’s Red. His dad says he’ll take care of it but Lewis says he’ll handle his own mess. I’m not entirely sure what the problem here is but I guess we’ll find out. Lewis goes to talk to Red and says he won’t come back. Red says he doesn’t want him. Red claims he knows nothing about it. Lewis says he quit because of dirty football. Lewis believes that he had nothing to do with it and they go to Bill (head of the athletic department?). They are pissed. Bill implies that Lewis’s dad has something to do with it and Lewis storms off angrily. Red wants to know what’s going on. He wanted to play football clean. He wants to know all the first in the program, which apparently requires a drink.

Marti is riding around to her lawyerly friends. The teacher is not as charming as he thinks he is, he’s like overly smooth. (It’s like a bad imitation of Nathan Fillion.) Naturally, something lawyerly conflicts with Marti’s flag football game. It’s a career building opportunity! Marti says she promised and she’s needed. She’s told to “sick out” and to stop thinking like a cheerleader because that is all she will ever be.

Lewis comes to talk to his dad about what Bill said. His dad gets defensive, which means he’s guilty. His dad reveals that his hours at work have been cut back. The neighborhood is having issues. His dad had been the one who told him to quit the team when the pay for play program began. Lewis says his father’s been blackmailing the team–being paid to keep quiet. His father challenges him by asking him what he should have done. Lewis says he doesn’t know but he’s knows this is wrong.

Marti pretends to be sick when Savannah comes in for practice. Savannah is awesomely supportive and wants to bring her tea with a parting comment of “we’re dead without you.” Of course, Savannah spots Marti packing and she claims to be going to her mom’s. Savannah is more observant than that. Marti says she’s never seen Savannah crack a book, she doesn’t understand. Savannah says she plans to open a cheer camp and pass the spirit on to kids. This is what she wants to do with her life. Marti says this is just a scholarship for her. Savannah says they need her to win. “What happened to positive outcomes only?” Savannah’s best line yet: “I’m an optimist, not an idiot.” (She really has, surprisingly, become the most multi-dimensional and interesting character. Hurray Ashley Tisdale.) But even so, Savannah covers for Marti and remains positive in front of the team (which Marti overhears.)

Alice shows up at her boyfriend’s to seduce him into cheating in some way. Get his plays? Get him to throw the game? Well, she waits until he’s asleep and then takes pictures of his playbook. (FYI, it’s not so easy to take quick pictures of a bunch of lines on a piece of paper.)

Vanessa is dancing by herself in the half dark gym. And she’s quite seductive about it, considering. Naturally, Red sees her and comes over to watch. Music magically stops the moment she sees him. They discuss the dirty football issues. Lander is on probation but the boosters are concerned that they’ll lose players without it. If football dies, so does cheerleading. Bill is too arrogant to think he’ll get caught. Red wants to win on a level playing field. Vanessa says he should surround himself with people he can trust. He has her…as a friend.

It’s raining but Savannah insists they carry on. Alice wants to cheat but Lewis and Savannah refuse. It wouldn’t prove anything to cheat. She forces Alice to agree. Flag football always seemed harder to me than tackle football; grabbing a little flag seems more difficult than tackling someone (I say that as someone who is about Savannah’s size, probably a bit shorter). The girls are easily getting crushed as no one can catch but Marti. At the end of the first quarter it is 14-0 volleyballers. In comes Marti which boosts everyone’s confidence. Marti didn’t choose cheerleading over lawyering, she chose Savannah over lawyering because she’s a good friend.

With Marti, they kick butt. Lewis calls the play…throw to Savannah because Marti as their best receiver, will be triple teamed. Savannah hasn’t caught anything all day but not seems as good a time as any so she does. and then she just stands there until the other girls remind her to run. In that one moment, the girls win and it’s even kind of cute to see Marti, Savannah, and Alice hugging. Red comes to compliment Lewis on his coaching skills. Lewis’s dad has asked Bill to stop spending cash, Red shares.

Lewis is staring over his computer looking for a job to help his family pay their bills. They used to have everything. But then life happened. It got bad right when he got accepted to Lancer. He must have known what was going on and looked the other way. Marti helps him feel better because she totally gets the allure of Lancer. (Does this mean she regrets not doing the lawyer thing?) She leans in to kiss him but he’s not into it. And then he decides he is. Cue Alice walking in. No? That would have been more awesome.

Alice and the quarterback walk and he tells her he saw her taking pictures. Had she cheated, they’d have lined up wrong because the quarterback switched the plays.

Lewis goes home and talks to his dad. His dad is sorry he had to see him desperate. Lewis says he will get a job to help out. He wasn’t there for the family and he intends to be now. He has a job idea…which is? Football coach? Sure enough, Red is watching video tape when Lewis comes in to tell him how to read the players. (Another thing I don’t believe: Red is supposedly one of the best coaches in the game, but Lewis, who is like twenty and has maybe played a year or two of college ball, is giving him tips?) But you know it would be awesome to see Lewis coach thee QB. Lewis’s idea it to get hired to log tape because Red doesn’t have time for it all himself. Lewis watches from the sideline anyway.

The volleyball girls do their cheer in their underwear, which Alice tapes. Vanessa isn’t there because she’s waiting for the bid winners to be announced. Savannah can feel it that they’ll make it. In comes Vanessa…who doesn’t look thrilled. They placed sixteenth, just outside the number of available spots (see, this is what should have happened to Emily when it came to the National team…or at the very least, the world’s team). The girls wonder how they will pay for nationals and I say, start fund-raising like people on other college campuses do. So as the volleyball girls cheer for them, the Hellcats glare back.

So far I am left with one question: will they have Ashley Tisdale sing on the show? They had Aly Michalka sing and allegedly Tisdale can sing too…


8 Responses to “Hellcats: All In Favor Of Winning?”

  1. michael Says:

    Lewis/Marti FTW

  2. sarah Says:

    “They placed sixteenth, just outside the number of available spots (see, this is what should have happened to Emily when it came to the National team…or at the very least, the world’s team).”

    -AMEN SISTA. I was thinking the exact same thing…

    -You know Tisdale singing is coming up, they will have a sing off or something with a campus band-ala the flag football. Let’s be honest, there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell Tisdale sized cheerleaders are beating girls 5’10” and above in flag football…Ever.
    -Totally dig Alice/Lauren 😉

    -any word on how this show is going? Are they going to get a full season?

    • ax20 Says:

      it is doing better than some of their other shows (Life Unexpected, One Tree Hill, and 90210) and is tied with Gossip Girl for ratings. No official word on any CW shows (other than Smallville of course being in its last season). tvbythenumbers.com predicts Life Unexpected to be canceled as well as 1-3 others (including mid-seasons) so it is really impossible to tell. They also predict that Hellcats will likely be renewed. I’ve found them pretty accurate in the past.

  3. Simms Says:

    I heard the CW just ordered a full season for this show. It’s doing better than other shows in that past that have aired after America’s Next Top Model: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/10/the_cw_gives_full_season_order.html

    That’s cool. I’ve also been keeping up with the show here too:

    And Michael, you’re right…Marti/Lewis FTW.

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