Hellcats: Well that’s why you’re the captain, captain.

Dan-Savannah-Alice-Marti: Marti awakens to find Dan sleeping on her floor and is none to pleased. (Would Savannah really let him sleep in her room and not make him say, sleep on the couch in the common room? That’s what common rooms are for in college, especially when you’re as inexperienced as Savannah.–this seems out of character for Savannah but seeing as she tried to slap Marti in the first episode, which seems EVEN MORE out of character, I suppose we can’t hope for too much consistency in her character) Marti once again warns him not to hurt her. He suggests trying to be more innovative with the bid video and whether she actually thinks its a good idea or she is too distracted by love, she agrees. Alice on the other hand is none too thrilled. She wants to play it safe and do it the way it’s always been done. She riles up the team and gets them to vote against Dan’s idea. (Even Marti voted against her but that’s because she feared that she would get blamed for Dan should things go wrong. Still, traitor!) Savannah trumps the vote, using her captain’s rights. So Alice takes it to the Coach Vanessa who agrees with Savannah. She tells Alice to be a team player and warns Savannah that she’s losing the team’s confidence. Read: lost it. (Savannah gets a little mean and says Alice is not captain because no one likes her, which is true, and when she tries to apologize Alice shrugs it off.) The video footage is awful because no one was confident in the idea. There’s no time! Alice wants to call a no confidence vote in Savannah to get herself elected captain. But Savannah and Alice reluctantly team up to re-shoot the video and fly it down to the selection committee just in time for the deadline and the team votes to keep Savannah as captain. Marti also tells Dan she misses having him all to herself. That’s a little bit inappropriate. Waiting for Savannah’s heart to get broken…I kind of wish they hadn’t rushed into the Savannah-Dan thing and had let it take long than episode two to develop.

Vanessa-Derrick-Red: the storyline no one cares about…Red tells Derrick he intends to win Vanessa back, earning him a punch in the face. Vanessa begs Red not to ruin Derrick’s career so he gets Derrick a promotion to full time staffer (which means working closely with Red). Vanessa doesn’t want him to take the job for fear of what would happen if he and Red spent too much time together but Derrick decided she really had no say and accepted. Interesting, causing tension by doing something nice. Red can’t really come out looking worse in this situation.

Marti-Inmate: Marti goes to the jail to visit the inmate whose sentence they are working to reduce. The guy insists he’s innocent and Marti wants to help him but her professor says that isn’t what they’re working on right now and that’s what everyone says anyway. She decides to help him on her own and start by bringing him her guitar so he can play again. It’s nice but also a little weird. I hope they don’t end up having a thing…

So that was it for the episode this week. Marti’s mom was MIA (which is more than okay by me) and Lewis was sort of irrelevant, but considering that he still likes Alice (actual feelings not just “I think she’s hot” feelings), he’s a moron and not worth the time. Maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe she has some good qualities. If we could see some though (it’s like Lauren on MIOBI but worse because we don’t see ANYTHING redeeming–though to be fair, so far Lauren has done the more despicable things).

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One Response to “Hellcats: Well that’s why you’re the captain, captain.”

  1. sarah Says:

    LOL-yes, Alice is sooooo Lauren, Marti is Emily, Savannah is Payson…I was also a-ok Chole, I mean Martis mom was MIA this week too.

    End the Vanessa love triangle already.

    Why do I watch this?

    I can see this being a one season show too…

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