Hellcats: You’re a Great Cheerleader Aaron, But Maybe You’re Not Boyfriend Material.

At Savannah’s old school, the cheerleaders are practicing and Alice sneaks up to film it. Does she think having footage of another team with get her back on the team? (I guess Savannah’s sister is okay.) A security guard stops her (apparently they have the authority to stop someone from filming in a public area) because other cheerleaders try coming to steal their routines. Alice sweet talks her way into being allowed to keep the footage (something about her church group, like Alice would ever belong to a church group) and brings it back for the Hellcats to look at. The Hellcats sure seem intimidated. Savannah’s sister can fly so high (though Alice says this is because the men on the team are beasts). Coach tells them not to worry about the competition, time to sweat.

Savannah’s too busy going on a date with Dan to join them for brunch at the pub. Louis compliments Marti on her skills, using the opportunity to ask her out…What about Alice? He said there’s nothing between them, they’re so done. She says she’s kinda slammed so she doesn’t have time. They’re still cool though.

At the pub, Marti’s mom has big news: she’s the new bar manager! It hasn’t officially happened yet, but the old one got fired. Whoever brings in the most cash will get the job. Her idea is live entertainment. Her mom suggests Marti do something. Marti asks where she’s going to put the musicians, how is she going to promote the event, etc. Marti agrees to help, enlisting Louis to build a stage.

Louis points out that Marti was trying to stay less involved in her mom’s life, but Marti explains that her mom left her office job to work at the bar so Marti could have her scholarship so she has to help her get the promotion. “Yeah right,” Alice says. She thinks Alice just wants her mom to have more responsibilities so she won’t have as much time to bug her.

Savannah and Dan are quizzing each other on movie trivia. All she knows is the old ones. People tell her she’s a terrible liar so he wants to see her lie. They’re a cute couple, though perhaps a little quickly couple-y. They lean in for a kiss when Savannah’s parents and sister spot them. Church is just down the block. Her dad suggests they come for dinner and she eagerly agrees (her mother is not so thrilled).

Savannah explains to Dan that she hasn’t had dinner with her family in over a year. Dan is more focused on the fact that she introduced him as her boyfriend. He tells her that he’s not exclusive with anybody. He doesn’t want to hurt her and thinks she knows that. She’s clearly shocked but pretends she’s fine with it. “Everyday I get thrown into the air and my head slammed into a Matt, it takes more than a scrawny Irish guy to hurt me.” Right.

Louis sees Alice about to take her illegal drugs. She says her wrist is weak but healed so if she hits it wrong it hurts (also known as not healed) and with Darlin she always does. She’s tentative with him which is dangerous for a flyer. Then she pulls the “my daddy and I bond over this” sympathy card. Cheerleading is all she can do. She asks him to help her get back into shape. She’ll flush the drugs if he agrees.

Savannah tells Dan he doesn’t have to go with her to her parents. Maybe she won’t even go. They probably want the old Savannah back. (Dan, are you really so clueless as to accept this excuse?) How is she different now? Secular school, away from home, co-ed house, kiss boys in public. Really, her parents won’t understand the casual relationship. Dan convinces her by guaranteeing that it will get her back on speaking terms with her parents. She goes to confirm. Marti demands to know why Savannah called their relationship casual. She doesn’t know how to do casual. Dan says they had the non-exclusivity talk and it went well. She warns him not to crush Savannah’s heart.

Work on making the pub live band ready have begun. They promote online, though Marti’s mom doesn’t get how it will help. Marti doesn’t want to complicate things by dating Louis and her mom reveals that Marti hasn’t dated in two years since Aaron.

Luis and Alice work on her flying. She says it isn’t too much on her wrist. He insists on keeping it serious. She insists on flirting. I’m not sure how it would be too much on her wrist since they don’t actual touch her wrist at any point really. She says they’re over but they might as well “enjoy each other’s company…no strings.” So being a guy, he thinks this is a great idea.

Marti spots Louis in the kitchen and takes the opportunity to say she’d like to go out sometime. She explains how her relationship gave her trust issues. If she can trust him to catch her, she can trust him to date. He’s awkward and hesitant as he asks.

Family dinner time. They seem to be having a decent time except for Savannah’s sister who is moody. Dan says he’s been helping out at home since his mother died a couple years ago. Charlotte asks Dan where he goes to church and he surprisingly manages an answer, though I’m sure it’s fake.

Marti’s mom puts up posters. Marti is angry that her mom is always so helpless and storms out.

Savannah’s mom says it’s so good to have her home. She’s been thinking a lot about family since Charlotte’s fall. She says she’s sorry. Her mother says she knows Dan isn’t serious about her. And she’s changing…kissing a boy in public! (That’s gateway to premarital sex after all!) Savannah says the conversation “sucks” and her mother insists she not use that word in the house. Her mother says we must make sacrifices to stand together. “We or me, ma?” Her dad tries to tell her to stop but she’s not listening. They’ve decided: she can stay on the squad and in Lancer, but they want her to move home and break up with Dan (specifically, to date “boys like them?”). Her mother tells her if she leaves there’s no coming back. Savannah says it doesn’t change the fact that she loves her and of course leaves.

Dan’s never had anyone disown their family over him. She says it was about her not him. They’re casual right? She invites him in but he uses the “it’s late excuse” to get out. Clearly he’s realized that the casual talk didn’t go as well as anticipated.

Marti’s having wi-fi issues and some girl on the team points out that she’s not supposed to be helping her mom anymore. Oh well. She can’t just let go. She’s got to let her mother learn to fly. (cheerleader metaphor…)

Louis tells Alice they need to talk. What happened was a one time thing. He’s done with “us.” He’s moving on. She tells him she loves him and doesn’t want to be replaced. She wanted to be with him. She’s still taking the pills. He walks away, she throws something, coach calls them each in to speak separately. Louis didn’t say much of anything. The coach figured out that she’s been taking pills. She’s putting the entire team at risk. She has to stop taking pills and she can dance but not fly in the video (part of taking it easy for two weeks). Otherwise, drug test. She tells Alice that she can’t be fooled and the look on her face tells me she wants to prove her wrong.

Dan is with some random girl, Rosalee, at the pub. She’s busy looking at how beautiful she is. He’s too busy being moody and finally leaves to go find Savannah. She seems to be in a study group of some sort. She’d been calling him but he turned his cell off to do some thinking. AKA dating other girls. She was freaking out that he was mad. What if he was dating some other girl (which he was). She lied (so apparently she can lie, or really Dan just didn’t want to see the truth), she isn’t okay with being non-exclusive. She won’t change herself for her mom, so she won’t change for him either. It’s all or nothing. Sold, he says. (Which means he’ll probably cheat on her at some point this season. With Marti?) They’re not each other’s types. He’s been thinking about this all day. She gave up a lot. He’s never seen monogamy as a viable lifestyle choice. Maybe he’ll have beginner’s luck.

Sure enough the event is a success (something about a frat party that she busted up) and she gets the job. They have a quick heart to heart about working together and go for a drink.

Alice says she’s done with the drugs (speaking to her drug dealer). She flushed what was left. She claims to have flushed Louis too. Clearly. Louis spots them walking out and then cancels his date with Marti. But then he apologizes. He keeps thinking he’s done with Alice but clearly he isn’t so he doesn’t want to move onto something new without figuring out. She’s impressed with his honesty though. Marti’s mom calls her up “best for last.” Well, we knew Aly Michalka would have to sing at some time during the show’s run. What point is there of having a successful singer as the lead otherwise? Don’t love the song at all but okay. I’m thinking Marti is too skilled for her own good: dancer, singer, guitarist, cheerleader (tumbler), and pre-law student.


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