90210: have you learned nothing?

This is my conversation with my college roommate, that more or less summarizes this episode (we were actually talking about brothers and sisters but i was watching this at the time and couldn’t help but comment):

me: you know, if someone told me that a guy was a rapist, even if i didn’t believe the person who told me, i probably wouldn’t go over to that guy’s house all by myself. especially if they’re a teacher
because a teacher inviting just you back to their house is sketchy in the first place
(sorry, i’m watching 90210 and one of the characters is being so incredibly stupid)

Lilo: haha i was just soo confused by that haha

me: basically, naomi was raped by this teacher (she’d previously spread lies about him attacking her so no one would believe her about him raping her when it actually happened). she warns silver about him because he’s silver’s adviser. he preempts her warning by saying naomi is obsessed with him. current situation: he invites silver to his house to check out this documentary he’s making and she agrees. Silver, really? I don’t care if you believe Naomi or not, doesn’t this strike you as dumb?
and silver isn’t a naive, sheltered girl. her mom was a neglectful alcoholic and she’s got a mood disorder (though she’s been fine all year).
and her sister was the school counselor! (who was almost raped fyi, back in the day of beverly hills)

me: you’d think she’d be a little smarter

Lilo: haha

me: and he’s about to drug her with tea

Lilo: oh lovely

me: oh, but she might have realized. (slash a video she saw of naomi makes her think twice so she “accidentally” drops the cup)

Lilo: haha well there you have it

me: but had she not been the editor for this video capsule, it wouldn’t have occurred to her at all

The rest of the plotlines:

naomi overdoses, which we knew would happen (didn’t you learn anything from adrianna?)

the guy who is staying at ivy (you know, the one sleeping with laurel and trying to sleep with ivy) is out for revenge because laurel ruined his parent’s marriage.

ivy revealed to dixon that her father walked out on her. (this was to explain her intimacy issues and why she’s still a virgin and lied about it)

annie’s employers asked if she wanted to sell them her eggs (well, she–and i–thought they wanted to have a three way–actually, i thought they might want to have her be an escort or something)

adrianna is caught for stealing javier’s song. i can’t believe she thought she’d get away with it! (what are the odds that NO ONE heard them?) also, this whole issue with adrianna being a bad songwriter, well so what. if they think she’s talented they’ll just have someone else write her song like most people. (at the very least they’d help her by getting her a co-writer)

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