$#*! My Dad Says

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even understand the premise of this show before seeing it. It doesn’t really help me to be told that it was based off of a popular twitter feed. That’s not actually a premise. But now that I’ve seen the pilot, I understand.

Henry’s lost his job and burned through his savings. Having nowhere to turn, he goes to his father to ask for a loan. The problem is he hasn’t had much of a relationship with his father (his parents got divorced when he was five) and he only ever seems to disappoint him. Ed, meanwhile, is an outspoken, grouchy old man who doesn’t know how to “build his son up.” The series, from what I understand, follows the Henry, Ed, and his brother Vince as they attempt to bond.

Seeing as I didn’t understand the show, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations. In the end, I sort of liked it but also didn’t feel like it was unique and funny enough to warrant all that much attention. It’s sort of average. Good as filler when you have nothing else to watch, but not replacing anything as a front runner.


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