Todd gets back from manager training to find his entire department fired. He’s informed that he will be sent to India, where the call center he is to be managing is being outsourced. Among the regular crew is the sexy Aussie girl (love interest, at least for now since I think one of his Indian employees ultimately takes on that role), the abrupt tough-love American, the awkward Indian, the easily offended Indian (he walks out at even the remotest slight), the too shy for her own good Indian, the sex-obsessed Indian, the easily insulted Indian, and the overly ambitious Indian (among others). There isn’t really a particular character I found myself loving, other than maybe Todd himself, who was sort of charming but also sort of had a sad (if not at least somewhat accurate) view of American culture.

I didn’t think I would like this show in the slightest, mostly because I’m not the biggest fan of stereotype based jokes. The concern that the show was racist started long before it was on the air. With those concerns in mind, I was surprised to find myself not hating this pilot. Maybe not the funniest comedy out there, but at least it didn’t just make fun of foreign culture but also of American culture. I think it had a few funny moments but nothing so great that it’s worthy of the comedy block. (The Manmeet joke about the guy’s name was kind of lame.)

I’m willing to try it for a few weeks before deciding how I feel, but I hope it gets funnier in coming weeks. Right now shows like How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Modern Family, The Middle, and The Big Bang Theory easily outstrip it for top spot in my viewing list.


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