Hellcats: Male cheerleaders, enough said.

The Hellcats are working out and the coach is arguing with someone about how her cheerleaders work just as hard as the volleyball team. What is this about?

Savannah is cutely insecure as she prepares for her first secular date. Usually they’re organized by the church and they’re done in groups…Savannah doesn’t get out that much. Marti’s surprised that she’s dating Dan of all people. She’s not the kind of girl he normally dates. He’s more party, she’s more relationship. (Marti, what are you trying to say? That she shouldn’t date him?) Savannah thinks Marti has feelings for him and offers to back off but Marti insists they’re just friends. Before the conversation can go further there’s an emergency meeting to tell the squad that their funding for regionals has been pulled because the volleyball team needs the money since they qualified in their region as well. Cheerleading isn’t recognized as a sport by the NCAA so they don’t get priority. So they have to figure out how to pay for it all themselves. (Colleges do have some money put aside for club teams, can’t they try to get at least some money there? Maybe not $10,000 but the rowing team at Brandeis raised more than that ever year.) So, the two options: 1) raise the $10,000 and go step by step (regionals, sectionals, nationals or whatever) building up their routine as they go or 2) submitting a video directly to the national committee to win a bid and get a free ride. Why don’t they do that right now? Alice says it’s because the competition is tight and Marti isn’t qualified. Coach and Savannah say Marti’s the reason they qualified to regionals in the first place but Alice says they’re just waiting for her wrist to heal. Alice pretends her wrist doesn’t hurt anymore. Marti has to run though because she has a legal seminar. Alice says Marti’s just using them for scholarships.

Marti screeches up to her seminar which is already in progress. She gets called out about how being late hurts her credibility for the judge and jury. The professor has a “lost cause” case to get a man out of jail who is supposed to be going in for life. It’s the kind of project that looks good on your resume to grad school. Better have the time to do it, he warns. So Marti angrily signs her name. (You show him!)

Alice tries getting up for a stunt but it hurts her wrist too much. What’s her name says she’s pushing herself in order to be with Louis. If you can’t fool me how are you going to fool a doctor? So naturally she has a BRILLIANT solution. Alice goes to flirt with some guy on the football team. She says she broke up with Louis. He and Louis used to be best friends but something happened that she doesn’t know about. She wants his help to pass medical. He can get her what she needs, they’ll discuss the cost over dinner. Sex for drugs?

Marti discusses the case with her professor. Though she’s clearly done her homework, he dismisses her because she’s a cheerleader. He thinks she’s overextended. It would be too risky to place her on his team. She promises she’ll impress him. He’ll give her one shot. A side assignment that must be kept quiet.

Vanessa unhappily runs into the football coach but he’s not letting her get away that easily. Is this a game for him? She was a student having an affair with a faculty member, that’s why she didn’t tell Derek. He thinks she’s keeping her options open. He’s such a sleaze. I don’t find anything even mildly attractive about him.

Savannah is panicking and wants Marti to cancel the date for her. How could a player like Dan be attracted to someone like her? Marti says she’ll help. She needs a break from her assignment which she can’t seem to manage. Solution to her knots? The whole team came. (Savannah, you are not wearing the dress you tried on earlier.) Dan looks a little shell-shocked but is nice enough about it. Marti tells him to behave and not hurt Savannah. Savannah’s so awkward it’s cute. Louis decides to solve the problem by giving her alcohol.

Football coach, Red, and Vanessa BF “run into each other” at the bar and Red suggests a couple beers together. Serious creep. (Smarmier than Carter.)

Savannah is getting drunk. Dan tries to warn her to slow down. Then she starts to talk about how sexy Marti is so Marti decides it’s time to get away from the alcohol.

Vanessa has something to tell Derek, interrupting his exciting talk about getting a job at the university. The school found out about their affair and made him resign back then. Derek feels like an idiot, trying to get a job from Red. Does Red still have feelings for her? Well, either way she doesn’t have feelings for him! Why’d she lie? Embarrassment. (Does anyone care about this storyline at all?) His response is: apparently you have no problem deceiving people. Really? It’s not like she is currently sleeping with him or something.

Breakdancing on a random street corner conveniently located outside of where they are. Marti of course knows them and pulls some tumbling moves. Savannah you are too drunk to attempt this safely, please don’t. They pull some lifts which are SO dangerous on concrete. (This is really the most absurd scene, the kind you only ever see in a bad dance movie. Theoretically, there isn’t even music playing.) Sure enough Savannah does attempt a basket toss but luckily Dan catches her. Louis meanwhile spots Alice with the Lancers quarterback, taking drugs. Alice tells him she doesn’t intend to hook up with him. Louis runs after them so she kisses him anyway. Which ends up leading to a bar fight. Savannah tries to break it up and gets thrown over. Which means Dan steps into the fray. (Party’s still going outside and Marti kinda looks like a moron.) But Savannah comes running for help in time to see the guys getting arrested. What do we do? Marti has no idea.

In the cell. Dan is worried about the fine. Louis could lose his scholarship for the Lancer Athletic Code of Conduct. They may be in jail all weekend. Louis used to play football. He loved it, but he quit for personal reasons that he doesn’t want to talk about. Why switch to cheerleading? He needed a scholarship. Plus. you get to look up girls’ skirts. We learn that where Dan comes from you’re only important if you jump into fights quickly. Red gets Jake out of jail and Jake takes the opportunity to tease him about being a cheerleader one more time.

Marti and Savannah are trying to help the boys and save Louis’s scholarship. They need a lawyer to get them out before they go into the system. They go to her professor, naturally, for help. When he shows up at the jail, he’s such a big deal that he clearly scares the officer on desk duty. (The case he’s making is that he’s holding Louis and Dan but not Jake.) Sure enough, the officer releases them without a charge.

Savannah apologizes for being so weird and for getting into the fight on her account. She impulsively jumps up and kisses him, which is cute. Then she gets sick and runs off. Louis makes sure not to let Dan see because Savannah would be upset.

Marti and the professor talk for a moment in which he imparts some House wisdom: everybody lies.

Derek is sore because he slept on the sofa so Vanessa gives him a massage. Derek has second doubts about moving in together. Vanessa insists no. She made a mistake. It was awful of her, Red had a wife (and she’s the reason they got divorced). Derek wants to know more about it.

Marti’s still worrying over her assignments when she talks to her mother who points out another student working on a private assignment. It’s the same one she has. She realizes it’s an impossible assignment intended to see how you deal with failure (Star Trek reference). She doesn’t do failure. So they concoct a plan to “kick some ass.” Basically they create a fake law case. Sure enough, this is like proper lawyer work and they’re in. (Who is the guy in star trek who passes it?)

Louis demands Alice give him the drugs. He warns her that trouble follows Jake. She takes his warnings as him caring about her. She ignores the warning of course and takes more pills. What are the side effects to these drugs? Did you check that?

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One Response to “Hellcats: Male cheerleaders, enough said.”

  1. sarah Says:

    Gwad, I thought this episode sucked….Savannah is the only character I like-I am assuming her sister is ok??? They really need to bring that point back up.

    and no, no one cares about the coach being a slut when she was a Hellcat….

    The breakdancing was unbearable to watch as well-I also thought of Savannah being too bombed to perform any lifts…

    Ridiculous show and sadly, I will still watch this week….digging the drug storyline-Payson, what?

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