Disney Princesses and Gone with the Wind?

The designers are thrilled by the long amount of time and money they are given for this challenge. My immediate thought, of course, is what else will they be asked to make. Because never are the designers given a gift like that without a catch. Sure enough, Tim comes in to tell them they must make a second outfit to compliment their high end look. The designers are inexplicably shocked by this news. Guys, this is season seven! This isn’t exactly unheard of. In fact, had there been no second outfit, I would have been shocked. That being said, I do feel like it’s time someone told the producers that giving the designers such a small amount of time doesn’t really make the show exciting. If anything, it frustrates me that they never have enough time to actual execute their ideas. (Not to say there should never be challenges with time crunches, but must there always be one?) I also don’t like how little time they get with their models. Why can’t they have some time with them earlier on as well? (And why can’t they properly measure their new models on their own rather than just receive cards that never seem to be quite accurate anyway?) It’s funny to see how much Michael C and Gretchen loath each other. All they do is bash each other to the point where it’s hard to know who to trust. After such a lame showing last week, I’m at least hoping for a better runway showing this week. (The $20,000 prize and ad feature might have inspired them at least.)

It feels like April has finally hit her stride. I guess she learned after the awful diaper. She might want to watch all the black because it will get her in trouble in fashion week though.

Mondo’s look is interesting but his ready to wear look is SO plain. Couldn’t he have used colors at least?

Ivy’s dress looks like the prom dress Tim warned her about but I do like the colors. Her ready to wear look is a little better at least. Why is she here though? She’s not really put anything good out yet.

Michael C’s look is well fitted but the train is a bit of a train wreck. Ready to wear is stronger.

Christopher, what is that couture look exactly? Not sure the ready to wear look is really connected to the couture one, but it’s definitely the better look.

Gretchen, the looks it so OLD. She thinks it’s her best work ever but I’m with Michael C here. The ready to wear is equally sad.

Valerie’s isn’t as bad as she’s making it out to be though what is the connection with her ready to wear look which is sort of dull and not super flattering. (The more you see the white dress the less you like it though.)

Andy’s look is an experience. There’s no other way to describe it. Not sure I love the ruffles but it’s certainly got a point of view. Ready to wear is sort of basic but I could see Heidi in it.

Christopher and April are safe. I kind of though April would be in the top and Christopher in the bottom but the judges clearly didn’t agree. Ivy, Valerie, and Michael have the lowest scores. I’m a little surprised that Michael C is in the bottom but not surprised about Valerie and Ivy. Gretchen in the top is surprising though I expected Andy and Mondo up there.

Gretchen’s Critique- Kors thinks Gretchen’s couture look is ready to wear. He doesn’t like the hair though because it is costumey. Heidi likes the back best and wishes maybe it was the front. Garcia liked the makeup. Effortless look. (I really didn’t love this one…) Slits were “Heidi-high.”

Andy’s Critique- solid detailing. Kors like that the metallic isn’t so obvious and he loves the boot-pants. As does Nina. Heidi loves his craftsmanship but not the high fashion look. Plus it’s unique because it’s pants!

Mondo’s Critique- (got a kaleidoscope inspiration) Heidi loves the hat. Compliments on the makeup. Kors thinks the gown was too short and Nina thinks the fabric choice is inexpensive. Kors thinks the back is surprising and dreamy. Nina loves the color. Skilled at construction.

Ivy’s Critique- (Hawaii inspired) Kors thinks they look like bridesmaid under the sea. Nursey looking cut on top. (Watch out for dagger stares from Ivy.) Nina thinks she made her model look ancient. Heidi likes the back better but it’s messy.

Valerie’s Critique- (Audrey Hepburn inspired) unimaginitive and forced. Kors said it was too structured for such soft silks. Nina thinks it looks like Ms. Guatemala from a beauty pageant. She questions her taste. The only possible accessory she can use with the couture look is a wand. Valerie doesn’t even fight it.

Michael C’s Critique- he worked well with the fabric but the proportions need a lot of work. Choose boobs or legs for the cocktail dress! Kors thinks his skills were well done but the bottom of the hem (which I did not notice before) is weird and the train and style are Scarlet O’Hara-like. Dress is salvage-able at least.

The Winner…Mondo! (Which he earlier said he wanted for alcohol but really it’s to go into the bank account that had only $14.)

The Loser…(and this was a close race for most hideous…) Ivy. (It’s about time really.) For a moment there, I almost believed they would kick Valerie out too! Wouldn’t that have been exciting and shocking! They’ve never done an unannounced double elimination before.


One Response to “Disney Princesses and Gone with the Wind?”

  1. sarah Says:

    OMG, they TOTALLY should have kicked Val out too…IDK why they didn’t…I was surprised to see Michael C in the bottom, but I don’t think Christopher deserved to be in the bottom…I thought April should have won it all….

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