Project Runway

Is it just human nature to make things about boys vs girls? Like why did the women left in project runway decide it was time for more men to go home. How is gender relevant here?

Who calls her Jacqueline kennedy? And what does she have to do with sportswear? I would never think of what she wore as sportswear. Doesn’t that involve like…athletic clothes? But I’ll take tim’s word on it.

Ps judges, it’s not throwing someone under the bus if you’re telling the truth about why something got ruined. It’s called explaining. Of course, if you were using them as the sacrificial lamb and lying about them in the hopes that they get sent home that’s a different story but if it’s just to keep yourself from going home by explaining the truth, I don’t consider that throwing someone under the bus? I am also officially tabooing that word from the show. Really judges, you cannot say it again.

What was the advice tim gave Gretchen? “leader, you’re leading” while in the fabric store.

Some people may think Monday saying fabric speaks to him is weird but I have a friend who says the characters she writes speak to her, so I guess it’s comparable.

I think it’s funny how everyone complained about gretchen’s meddlings but they still all seem to ask her opinion. She seems to actually be helpful though and it seems less bothersome now. (So much for her strong start she’s been meh since the first two challenges. That’s the rule though, you can never start as the front runner and actually win. That’s like reality rule number one or something.) anyone else notice though that she always seems to be talking. Does she ever actually work?

Can something be too edgy? One of the designers worry about whether or not their design is “too edgy.” Can’t remember her name, she’s the one who has been in the top but can’t seem to win. She’s also the one who Michael said has been using a bad color pallet which makes me wonder how she’s been in the top each week then. (Oh, Valerie.)

The models have been all but forgotten this season which tells you just how badly models of the runway must have done.

I love how Gretchen says she doesn’t think ivy is one of the more forward designers but that’s ok not everyone has to be. The designers all seem to smack talk each other more than any other season. I don’t know if that’s just because they’ve been cutting it in more or if they’re actually just meaner. (most reality shows do seem to get meaner and more cut throat as they continue. Just look at survivor, they want to vote out the girl with the artificial leg in the beginning for fear that she will garner sympathy votes in the end)

Why should ivy have to make a jacket to go over a jacket? That doesn’t seem right?

Michael C, you and Gretchen can use the same fabric, there’s not any problem with that. I’ve never thought his designs were win-worthy but it’s also hard to see on tv how “unskilled” he is at sewing.

What is that outfit mondo’s wearing on runway day that makes him look like a five year old boy and why do the other designers like it? I’m beginning to question all of their taste.

Camel toe is the lewdest term ever. Too descriptive for its own good.

This was something of a disappointing week with very few of the designers delivering anything making them worthy of being called designers.


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