Nikita…Hey I could whip up a love slave any day I wanted.

It seems like an extremely good idea when trying to kill someone that’s looking at the guns you sell, to leave the guns that are lying around loaded right? That can ensure the possibility for them to do something shocking like say, picking up one of those guns and turning them on you. I mean, really?

It also seems like a good idea to allow the recruits whose lives you’ve wiped out to have unsupervised internet access when you’re teaching them hacking skills. it seems unlikely that any of them might, say, hook up with a rogue agent to bring you down. Just saying.

They also decide to start pimping out the new recruits who they are training to be assassins to people they’re trying to protect. That also seems like brilliance. Even more brilliant not to tell them you’re pimping them out and them expecting them to go along without a problem.

So the story for alex and nikita is that nikita saved her from being raped while she was trying to buy drugs? That seems a little coincidental. How could she have possibly know about that? Maggie q did a great job in that scene though, with the detox. Ah, I thought that didn’t sit right and of course they explain more. So Division presumably killed alex’s parents. Now the question is who were they that they were killed?

Lyndsey Fonseca is unbelievably thin (as is Maggie Q but even more so)

Why does security never wear bulletproof vests? It seems like the most obvious thing in the world. If you need a gun to protect someone, you wear a vest to protect yourself since you will likely be targeted. Same question goes for nikita, going to rob armed people as well as the police coming to confront the armed men as well as the men themselves who were going to get a gps to locate nuclear weapons.

Wouldn’t it be easy for them to track the phone call Alex made to Nikita?

The techie Michael talks to is a less cool version of Topher who nicknamed his hacking computer program shadownet. I’m not sure what Topher would have called it, but it would have been even cooler. Like ninjanet or something.

Michael, if you’re to play the hero, maybe you don’t want to make a kill shot at point blank range. That seems like an obvious lie if forensics is even mildly skilled.

Even with my myriad of complaints, I’m really enjoying this show. I just like complaining.


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