Hellcats…In cheerleading we throw people in the air. Fat people don’t go as high.

This was a much better episode what with the actual story taking place. In large part, Ashley Tisdale brought out this episode. Where last week she was sort of neither here nor there, this week we got a little surprise and family drama that made her a “person.” Her family isn’t speaking to her because they’re religious and she’s…less so. The exact details aren’t clear, but we know her sister is a cheerleader at a school that comparatively, dresses completely modestly (long sleeves, no stomachs showing, still short skirts…) the entire situation was both a bit of a surprise (at first you thought maybe it was an old friend who resented Savannah for leaving, not that they were related) and a welcome addition to the show. And not so surprising…she used to be homeschooled. I’m not surprised at all.

It also had more believability, minus the many illegal/unsafe moves (such as lifting girls with no spotters). No bring it on references. Anyone expecting an episode where they decide they need to expand their repertoire by studying other dance styles? I also notice that cheerleading shows/movies almost always leave out one of the required elements of competitions—the actual cheering section.

I’m glad they showed a serious accident and discussed the high injury rate in cheerleading. After bring it on I learned a bit about the sports, including the fact that there are more cheerleading injuries than football injuries in high school sports.

I don’t know about anyone else but I could care less about the coach and her man troubles (dating the sports doctor and her ex who she’s pretending isn’t her ex is coming back to coach the football team—he intends to win her back)

Meanwhile, Chloe Kmetko…I mean Marti’s mom…is just plain irritating. More showing up where she’s unwanted, more getting drunk when she shouldn’t be, more housing issues. And of course Marti goes to help her for no good reason (other than maybe to be sure that her mom doesn’t become a permanent fixture of the cheerleading household…how embarrassing would that be?) Can a person be more clueless? And she’s showing more cleavage than any of the cheerleaders on the team. (And she’s facebook friends with half the squad…that’s not creepy at all.)

Marti and Savannah being best friends is weird. It seemed to happen so quickly. Actually, I find it strange that they’re roommates seeing as she is the captain. Does Alice still live there? (if not then maybe Marti just took her spot.) And does she still get a scholarship, not that she needs it? I’m also realizing that the cheerleading house is co-ed which seems like a strange mandatory choice for any school. Somehow it seems different than a dorm hall.

They must love Aly Michalka bike riding. Was that a prerequisite for the job? Marti, if you want to be a lawyer, you might want think about changing your wardrobe…

Separate note, Ashley Tisdale is really short. Aly Michalka stands nearly a head taller than her. (NOTE ADDED AFTER: She is 5″3′ making her taller than me so I take it back. Aly Michalka is 5″8′.)

The only thing that was silly was making the regionals competition in episode two. Was there any doubt that they would win? There’s a reason glee had it happen at the end of season one.

The little moment in the end with Savannah and Marti’s friend (I want to call him Ryan?) was really sweet. I care less for the “developing” relationship of Marti and her flyer (I wanna call him Joe or Louis?) because he basically has no personality and brings nothing to the storyline. (I say “developing” because I still think Marti and her friend will end up together eventually.)

Overall, I hope people stayed for this week because it revealed a show that is much more promising and has much more potential than that thing we saw last week. You really never can tell with a pilot.


One Response to “Hellcats…In cheerleading we throw people in the air. Fat people don’t go as high.”

  1. sarah Says:

    I really was questioning my mental sanity when I tuned in for the 2nd week of this show, but I totally agree-it was MUCH better than the pilot.

    Like you, I really dug the Savannah back story and the fact the addressed the injury issues in cheerleading-I wonder if her sister will be more seriously hurt or if she will recover MIOBI style from that nasty fall? Yeah, and how did her and Marti become bffs so fast??

    I could also care less about the slutty coach who screwed the football coach when she was a Hellcat-yawn. The Chole Kmetko 2.0 is tired too. Marti and the flyer? Don’t care either…she is too tall to be a flyer anyway, isn’t she?? I think she will pry get jealous when she sees her friend all up in Savannah’s grill…

    Overall, they improved this week-but, yes, it was totally obv. they would win regionals, althou I wouldn’t have been too disappointed if they lost and next week they yanked all their scholarships and the show ended…not gonna lie 😉

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