Nikita…So this is it. This is where you steal their souls.

CW, oversexing Beautiful People didn't work. Maybe it's time for a new marketing strategy?

I know I saw at least a few episodes of La Femme Nikita, but as I don’t remember it very much, I’m going to stick to talking about this show on its own and not in comparison to its earlier versions. (She has gone an ethnicity change so while it’s theoretically the same character, it can’t really be anyway…)

I don’t really find Maggie Q as unbelievably sexy/attractive as they’re playing her, but for argument’s sake I’ll leave it be. She did a good job as the seductress/assassin bent on revenge. I’m not sure I feel bad for her, as she was a criminal before Division ever got hold of her, but without knowing her crimes, I don’t know. I hope they delve into that at least a little. Probably won’t. Anyway, she was trained as an assassin for the secret government organization and was a top spy until she fell in love with someone she was “working” and they killed him. She’s gone off the grid since (how?) and is bent on destroying the Division. (Reminiscent of Alias much?) The moment with her dad is kind of over the top, particularly when we don’t really see enough to hate him. Who was the guy she killed in the pool anyway? That being said, I believe her anger and revenge trip. Not sure I believe that someone so thin and not particularly muscled/toned could really take anyone in hand to hand.

Then there’s Alex, the new recruit. I like getting to see the recruiting process. She seems much more reluctant than some of the others (Jaden the bully and Tom the “experienced one”.) Lyndsey Fonseca has some good and some bad moments, but I think the bad moments are more the writing’s fault than the actress’s. There are a few moments of dialogue that come off as unnatural (though maybe it was her delivery). I buy her as the shaky, uncertain teen, who has also got a tough streak. There was a good bit of writing in the end with the online chat, which hit just the right teenage invincible mindset but that didn’t require any delivery from the actress so it doesn’t tell us much. Something I did notice though is that from scene to scene, she looked a little different. The way her hair and makeup, etc is styled really changes her look. A versatile look would be a valuable asset to a spy, so that just adds a plus to my belief in her as a chosen trainee.

This show managed to surprise me with their twists, which doesn’t happen very often. (Spoiler alert!) I did not expect Alex to be a plant for Nikita, nor did I think that Alex’s accomplice in the robbery was a woman, much less Nikita. Though I will say, what kind of experienced spy would keep the pig mask (much less leave it out in the open) when it could be easily traced back to a crime? Granted, there are bigger things to worry about, but still, should they find it, they would know Alex is a lie too right? (And I know it was done purely so the audience could see it and put two and two together, but the same could have been accomplished with a flashback showing her remove the mask and getting rid of it.)

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Shane West around, so this once-a-heart-throb is back and we’ll see if his character is interesting at all. Obviously he has feelings and a history with Nikita, but that’s about all we’ve gotten from his personality.

The biggest difficulty I have with the show is the moment when they think they’ve caught her and it’s really just a mannequin. Don’t they have satellites? CTU (24) had better surveillance and they got infiltrated and/or bombed nearly every season!

There’s also the question of how she knew to target/kill the person she and Alex did to get Alex in (note that Alex did not pull the trigger there so she is probably green in some ways, even if she’s the mole)? Of course it makes sense that they chose someone Division was following in order for Alex to catch their attention but how is it that they think Alex pulled the trigger? She had no gun when they caught her and the dead guy had hers…

I will definitely be following this for now. I hope they don’t get too invested in the procedural and remember to move the bigger story along because that is what will keep me most interested.


One Response to “Nikita…So this is it. This is where you steal their souls.”

  1. networkexposure Says:

    Great review! I definitely felt the same way about Nikita. I really hope that it doesn’t necessarily go on the mission of the week structure and focuses more on the overarching mythology.

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