Make It Or Break It: If Only…

We watch Emily’s booking and see her sitting sadly in jail. She makes a call to someone “out of the blue” and it turns out to be Razor. He’s baaack. Razor can’t get her released because Emily’s a minor and must be released to a legal guardian. On a list of things a police station would never do: bring the person in jail out into the hall to chat with another teenager (uncuffed at that). In rushes Chloe, who couldn’t be reached. She says she was working on an emergency response line and had to turn her cell off. What were you thinking Emily? I couldn’t reach you and Brian needed his meds, what was I supposed to do? (Call his doctor, call the insurance company, call an ambulance–just off the top of my head…) Razor wisely suggests taking things outside (so she doesn’t incriminate herself more?). Have I mentioned that Razor has become something of a smug snot? I REALLY dislike him.

Kayley is packing (what for?_ when her mom brings her some food. Ronnie says she barely touched her dinner, she must be starving. So Kaylie points out that she’s awesome and doing awesome things so does that sound like undernourished? Ronnie can’t see any way to argue with that. (Really Ronnie, falling for that deflection? Cal Lightman would be very disappointed in you.)

Payson tells Kim she’s freaked and embarrassed and how can she face Sasha after she kissed him? (And really Payson, don’t you know that you should always let the guy initiate the kissing, especially when he’s your coach? Though I suppose she wouldn’t since what experience does she have with guys?) Kim says Sasha is a well adjusted man and will handle this in the best possible way. He called Kim immediately. She’s told no one else. Payson insists her crush is over, even though they don’t disappear over night. Payson let herself get caught up in the stupid moment. Kim thinks she will look back and laugh. Payson doubts it. If anyone finds out, she will die.

Lauren is dropped off at the Rock early. She seems pissed, but Steve is taking no risks, he will be chaperoning her everywhere. Why because you are suddenly concerned with being a good father? Lauren says letting Summer to break up with him ruined her life because she almost had a mother. She can’t give up. Inside is the practice cam and you know where this is going…She sees the kiss and takes the tape. What is she cooking up now?

Lauren, Kaylie, and Emily stand around the beam while everyone else is actually rehearsing. Lauren beams about Chloe being dumped by Steve (wasn’t she not so proud last we saw her?) and Emily isn’t in the mood to deal with her crap. Kaylie actually gets the best line here: “So do you rehearse these little evil performances or do they just come to you on the spot?” (Kaylie, you just went up a little in my regard for you.) Lauren finds herself alone.

Sasha and Payson awkwardly dance around each other.

Kim and Sasha discuss the situation. Address it, give her space? They decide to talk as a group. Summer interrupts to say she’s done a poll and sees that she Kim and Steve are close. They need to win, so Summer has an idea. Get Alex Cruz’s endorsement. He’ll carry a lot of weight. Kim would rather cover herself in paper cuts and cover herself in lemon juice than schmooze Alex Cruz, which is why Kim is so awesome.

Kaylie does her beam routine and Sasha notices her fatigue. (It’s taken you long enough, but I suppose symptoms take time and he isn’t around when she eats.) He tells her she needs to stop losing weight. She doesn’t need the move to win. Kaylie says Ellen Beals thinks everything she’s doing is perfect. And there she goes down in my regards when she gets rude to Sasha.

A woman shows up at the Tanner residence with a letter to Lauren. It’s Leslie, Lauren’s mom. She was hoping Lauren would be home, she has a right to see her daughter. Steve kept her from nationals with her threats. She won’t be scared away. Steve points out that there’s a restraining order against her and her will send her to jail if she does. He says he’s already given her a second chance and she failed then. Leslie begs, she doesn’t want to wait until Lauren is 18, that’s two years of wondering and hating. Leslie says he’ll regret it and she knows what it feels like. (I actually feel for both sides, I kind of wish we knew more about that backstory so we could connect to it more.)

Chloe tactlessly says Emily’s court date is coming. Emily is all panicky. Everything is screwed up, she’s such a loser. And then Damon shows up. She’s seems happy and they kiss (once away from the gym). (He’s wearing skinny jeans?) Damon reveals that he got a record deal. He records in ten days but he wanted to celebrate with her. They’re both on the way to the top of the world, he says. And Emily suddenly becomes less happy.

Payson doesn’t want to talk about it but Sasha wants to clear the air. Payson insists she has no feelings and just wants to get on with her training. That’s what Sasha wants. So, we’re all in agreement. Good.

Lauren tells Summer Steve is free so they can get together like old times. Summer reveals that she’s seeing someone else. Lauren insists on a name. Lauren thinks she’s lying so Summer says it’s Sasha. Lauren is furious, she was almost her mother, that’s wrong. Summer points out she’s not her mother. Lauren thinks Summer lied about being there for her and Sasha isn’t Christian and he’s keeping her from being her mother. Leslie is outside in her car and sees Lauren crying. Leslie starts crying too. She tries to get ahold of herself and plans to go talk to Lauren but before she can Steve comes out and the opportunity is lost. Leslie starts crying again (this is a really great story line and I wish ABC Family wasn’t about to ruin it, as you know it will).

Steve calls Chloe because it would have been their four month anniversary. He leaves a message about how this is all for the best. Meanwhile Kim puts on some skimpy outfit with the name tag Bambi (waitress at a sleazy place, bartender, stripper?). She tells her kids she’s working at an office and is making good money. She’s going to make sure all works out.

Emily and Razor talk at the Shack. I like how Emily pretends that last time she saw Damon everything was going well for her. Wasn’t the last time when she couldn’t compete because she broke the rules? Razor summarizes that Emily doesn’t feel good enough for Damon. She begs him not to tell Damon about her failures. She doesn’t want to bring him down.

Lauren’s got her scheming face on. She edits the video so the part with Sasha pushing Payson away isn’t there. Then she sends the video to Ellen Beals with a note “Sasha isn’t the man everyone thinks he is.” Not caring that she may ruin Payson, she sends it off. Lauren, couldn’t you just blackmail Sasha or something? Why bring evil Ellen into it?

Kaylie is working out when Sasha comes in with her family. He’s worried about her weight. Alex doesn’t think Sasha’s fears are warranted but he has her weigh in. She shows up as 106, right in her target range. When everyone leave though, we see that Kaylie was wearing weights on her thighs, which means she really weighs 96. I’ve seen girls weigh 96, she doesn’t look like she weighs that little, but that’s fair since it would mean she would actually have to be unhealthy in real life.

Emily is all distracted at their date and Damon notices. She tells the truth and Damon doesn’t see why she didn’t take the money. So Emily says Razor gets it. (Emily, I already don’t like you. I don’t even like Damon, and yet, you’ve made me feel bad for him.) She yells at him about showing up when they weren’t supposed to see each other for two years. Maybe she just needs space. Is anything else going on? he asks. She avoids and walks out instead.

Payson and Sasha work on floor and he tells her to fully extend her arms but when he goes to demonstrate he pulls back awkwardly. He knows he’s made a mistake there but she runs out anyway. He goes outside to talk to her. She thinks she’s ruined everything. Sasha brings up his coach (not his dad, who got upset when he won the gold for England instead of Romania) who was the most important person in his life. He loved his coach who taught him what it meant to be an athlete. If he was a girl, he’d have tried to kiss her too. A coach and his athlete is intense and intimate and confusing and complicated. They can overcome it, as long as they communicate and trust. He trusts Payson. She trusts him too. See, no ruining here.

Alex isn’t sure he’s pro-Sasha. Kim says she will listen to all sides, she wants to do what is best for ALL girls.

Razor sees that Emily’s upset and she tells him that Damon doesn’t understand her. He points out that Emily and Damon have the same situation in reverse. She insists she can’t tell him about her jail time. She doesn’t want to feel small in front of him. Razor says he’ll help her feel big. Food fight! Damon sees.

The great parent debate. Steve compares Sasha to Hitler. He wants to take control of the gym. The parents seem not thrilled by this. Kim just says Sasha is a great coach but she’ll listen to everyone’s concerns about Sasha or otherwise. She’s a mom. The parents seem to like this more. Alex, Ronnie, and Chloe all endorse Kim before the vote. But just when it seems the vote is clinched, in comes Ellen Beals with some information for the parents about their coach and his inappropriate conduct. She has clear evidence that she pretends to not want to reveal. Of course, Kim insists she reveal it since they deserve to know what it is. We all know where this is going…”You leave me no choice…” She holds up a picture of Payson kissing Sasha for everyone. Kim tries to explain but it doesn’t come off well (especially when Ellen continues to twist her words–she basically says Kim is so invested in Payson’s success that she is willing to turn a blind eye). Steve calls for the vote. Once a president is elected the board can deal with the matter.

Damon mopes and Razor comes to talk to him. Damon wants to know what’s going on with her. Razor says she needs fun with all the pressure she’s under. (I’m sure this is said solely out of concern for her.)

Payson is surprised to hear that Steve won. (She’s not wearing purple! Though she is folding a purple shirt.) Kim tells her what Ellen did. Payson figures it out right away and “wants to die.”

Steve and Lauren discuss their success. He thinks he’d have won even without it (right…) and plans to get rid of Sasha asap. Lauren thinks Summer will break up with him and now they can get back together. (Lauren, keep dreaming.) My question is why anyone would ever let him have any power at the Rock after almost destroying it not too long ago. Father-daughter dinner to celebrate? She goes to get changed when he gets a call about Leslie.

Ronnie comes into Kaylie’s room and finds her sleeping. She spots Kaylie’s stash of thrown away food.

Emily and Damon talk (isn’t it incredible that with a possible interesting storyline about Emily we instead get stuck with her love fest?) about how they shouldn’t see each other right now. He doesn’t want her to be lonely while he gives her space so if she wants to be…well, they’re both free. He thinks she’s been acting weird because she’s into Razor. He says it’s cool, so he’s leaving Boulder tonight. Thank you for the wake up call. And Emily, obsessed with her pride, doesn’t correct him or stop him and instead just cries (which she does not look good doing).

Steve looks distraught and has to break news to Lauren. Leslie was in a car accident, through no fault of her own, and she was killed. Lauren seems a little upset, but instead she says that she feels nothing. Clearly her mother didn’t love her, she stood her up at nationals, she didn’t want to see her. So why should she care? She was already dead to her? (Cassie Scerbo, this is some of your best acting yet.) So now can we please go to dinner?

Summer and Sasha talk about Payson’s career and how he won’t let Ellen ruin it. Payson will be devastated. Why didn’t he tell Summer? He wanted to protect her privacy. Sasha insists the facts will win out. Payson is strong. You’re right, Payson is strong.

Payson is crying in bed.


5 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: If Only…”

  1. sarah Says:

    first off-thanks for the explanation of the beals/payson thing…that was the week or 2 I wasn’t paying attention and clearly missed what she did…I am pretty dumb for not figuring it out but anyway…oh and if Emily outright makes that world team I will lose it.

    What a effing mess everything, right?? God…this episode was a trainwreck…too much personal drama this season IMO. The only real ‘gymnastics’ story line is Kaylie and the EDO…

    Ok what also pissed me off, anything Emily, you know this…she’s not worth talking about. I also hate Razor and Damon in this ep. was just SO SO annoying.

    I am so so so so mad how they totally screwed up the Lauren/mom story line…bring her back and kill her in the same episode??? WTF ABC Family???? We knew they were going to screw it up, thou. Also, I normally defend Lauren but she really didn’t need to bring Payson into the whole emailing Beals thing-agreed.

    Tonight should be interestingly bad, as usual 😉

    • ax20 Says:

      Seeing Lauren deal with her mother’s return and sobriety and working to forgive her and get to know her, etc would have been exactly the human touch we needed to see from Lauren. (This is the one case where though we saw no body or even the accident itself, I think she’s really dead. Unless Leslie planned this as an elaborate ruse to teach Steve a lesson, but somehow I don’t think so…)

  2. Chloe Says:

    this is a great show and the actors are looking better each episode esp. ayla and cassie – they both toned up and slimmed down quite a bit, and the outfits look more interesting (- like more thought is put into them)…but i feel that the storylines are getting more and more pointless.

    hate the whole emily storyline – unrealistic and silly at the same time.

    only kaylie’s storyline is more gymnastics-related though typical, but it shall hit home with many young girls i guess. a fainting episode should be coming up i guess.

    enough of the awkwardness between payson and sasha lol…i want nikki russo to come back to set things straight!! this episode needs more excitement.

    leslie’s death – totally agree with what you guys said!

  3. Nancy Says:

    Long ago, Steve kept Lauren’s mom away from Lauren because he hated Lauren’s mom while Lauren’s mom was still using. The reason Ellen Beals have a picture of Payson kissing Sasha because the training camera was recording. Kaylie’s mom finally found out about Kaylie after she found the bag of foods that Kaylie threw away.

  4. beverley henderson Says:

    IT WAS LAUREN TANNER SEND IT TO ELLA Beals to lauren email with have a picture of PAYSON kissing SASHA lauren steal training camera kiss video to ELLA BEALS it was wrong do this to payson and sasha and pushed payson away from lauren father steve looked in lauren computer with her email to ELLA BEALS

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