Brothers and Sisters

This the newest show I’ve picked up, courtesy of my college roomie, and I’m absolutely loving it.

Quick summary: Follow a close family as they try to deal with the ups and downs of their lives and relationships.

What I love about this show, is the way even though so many things happen to the family, you don’t feel like it’s just drama for drama’s sake. Many of the incidents logically leads to another (sort of) so it doesn’t feel like it’s completely out of nowhere. The family dynamic is probably the best I’ve ever see on TV (hysterical, ridiculous, over the top, excellent) and the show really thrives when it revolves around the family issues.

The Family and What I Think of Them (spoiler warnings):

    Nora– starting to like her, even if her every storyline is something being kept from her until she finds out and gets angry. Sally Fields is pretty good. I can’t believe how nice and open she is to Rebecca, it’s so weird.
    Sal– I’m still missing who he is, like how he came to be Nora’s great protector and how he interacts with the family. I like him but I want more.
    Sarah– I don’t know what it is about Sarah that I like, other than she’s the most human feeling. Her treatment of Holly is kind of awful but kind of exactly what you expect of someone in her situation (and it’s sort of shocking that everyone else is so much more fine with her). Her relationship with Joe is sad–that therapy session where Joe turned to the therapist and was like “why aren’t you helping!” and then the session with just her and the therapist. I also find the Nora-Sarah dynamic interesting, how she took her anger out on her and expects more from her. (It does kind of make sense that Sarah’s the oldest.)
    Tommy– the story about getting his brothers to donate is weird and it would be nice to delve more into the whole sterile issue (since for most men that feels like a threat to their manhood), they definitely could do more with him but I think they did a bit of a good job with the whole “did my father believe in me or not” issue. And the actually episode where they had a baby was excellently sad.
    Kevin– I’m just okay with him, I’ve never been a fan of a character whose entire storyline basically relies on love interest issues, which is how I feel about Kevin. He’s gay and yet though he says he’s felt like he was on the outside in his life, we never see any examples of it.
    Kitty– even less interesting than Kevin to me. Her story in the beginning with her dynamic with Nora was interesting but now it’s all love issues with the Senator and nothing else. I’m also just no t a fan of Callista Flockhart so I’m not loving it, but I do like her dynamic with Nora and with Rebecca.
    Justin– the rehab issue is interesting and I’m sad about Tyler. He’s supposed to go back to the army in six months so I’m curious to see what happens then. Also that moment with him helping Paige was so awesome. He’s so much younger than the rest of the family so it would be nice to see a bit more about that. (Like was he an accident or something?)
    Holly– pushing herself into an active role into the company is ridiculous and every thing she does is so inappropriate. How can she possibly expect people to just be okay with her and treat her nicely when her very presence is a reminder of all the lies their father told and committed? But it’s interesting anyway, so I’m not sorry about it.
    Rebecca– I like the conversation she had with her mom where she points out how much she’s missed out on and I think her dynamic with the family is interesting. Otherwise, I’m not sure how I feel about her specifically, but I like the drama that happens around her.

I’m only starting season two but so far, everything has been really good and I have not found myself disappointed. My one remaining question: What is the order and age difference between the family?


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