Make It Or Break It: Rock Bottom

Lauren is furious with her father who insists there was nothing wrong with funding Emily. If there was nothing wrong, why did you keep it a secret? Because of this reaction. He says a little extra money won’t change things but she points out that the money funded the choreographer Lauren wanted. Emily comes to give back the money she could manage to return. There’s no forgiving Steve’s lies, Emily says.

Payson is still staring at the gold medal. There are pictures of Sasha up all over her room. You just know this is going to end badly. In the kitchen Kim we learn that Mark is not happy about the parents’ board news. She made the decision without her. In comes Payson all dancing and happy. Mark notices the gold medal and he seems to have the same reaction I did.

Austin and Kaylie arrive at about the same time at the Rock and Austin notices that Kaylie is not the most sure on her feet. And her hands are cold. (He’s with a fancy new car on loan from a potential sponsor.) Kaylie says the kiss meant nothing to her, just so he knows. Right…

Chloe is waiting for Lauren at the Rock to talk about the Carter-Lauren thing. Secrets do more harm than good. She can’t keep it a secret for them. Lauren thinks she’s trying to punish her. Chloe gives her an ultimatum, Lauren tells or she does. Like it will ever be that simple with Lauren.

Payson is doing her routine and thinks she’s getting the hang of it but Sasha says thought technically proficient she’s missing the connecting fiber. He wants to feel the deep emotion behind the experience. Payson doesn’t think she has deep emotions brewign anywhere.

Kim and Summer discuss parents’ board. Kim doesn’t think she can because of Mark. Summer says Steve has an agenda, this is what’s best for everyone. They’ll get rid of Sasha easily. Summer says her professional feelings aren’t coloring her personal ones. He’s the right coach.

Austin is filming himself work on parallel bars and Kaylie comes over to talk as always. Kaylie asks for him to share the training cam. If he’s done looking at himself. She agrees to let him film her doing vault. He notices that she’s all shaky as she sets up and unsteady when she’s done. (Cue dramatic music.)

Chloe and Steve meet up to talk. Emily feels like he made a fool out of her. Chloe thinks what he did was wrong but his reasons were sweet. So no break up for the time being. Emily can’t see it that was because of her hubris. (Emily, check it, that’s a fatal flaw.)

Carter and Lauren discuss Chloe’s plan to expose them. Carter wants to talk to Steve together. She points out that he won’t say he loves her. Hopefully he’ll respect them. Carter says otherwise, if Steve goes to Sasha, he’s out of the Rock for good. Summer comes to talk to Lauren who takes the opportunity to say she wants Summer and her dad to get married.

Emily on vault…and lands on her knees. Again, that spotty, inconsistent gymnast. Kaylie and Emily talk about the whole scholarship thing. The scholarship made her believe in herself and feel for real (Emily, that is not actual belief in yourself). Kaylie assures her she is.

Sasha has decided to work on Payson’s dance routine with paint on a canvas outside. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t come out very nicely because that is not actually how the routine works. He tells her to think of something that makes her feel, can you feel it? Now dance. Magically, it seems to work. She somehow switches paints throughout and creates a fluid picture (despite the jumps and such in the routine). She’s created a beautiful picture (in reality pre-painted by an artist, Ayla Kell says the actual painting she created was not so pretty).

Emily searches the cushions for change because she needs one more quarter to get on the bus to work. Chloe reveals that she’s still seeing Steve. Emily’s furious of course. She brings up all Chloe’s crappy guys. “Has it ever occurred to you to date someone whose daughter isn’t out to get me?” Emily says she should get a second job so she doesn’t have to carry the family (which is fair). As a matter of fact, she has a second job she’s starting tonight.

Mark and Kim discuss the ramifications of running for the parent’s board. If she loses? If Sasha gets fired? Payson intends to follow Sasha, he’s the only reason she hasn’t given up. She asks to borrow the car so she can go to Kaylie’s. Ellen Beals already sold Payson out, they need Sasha for balance. “Is it so wrong to save the Rock, it’s our home?” “I thought Minnesota was our home.” This speaks to an interesting and even bigger issue that may or may not come to light eventually. I hope it does.

Sasha and Summer are eating outside his trailer. He’s apparently only good at salads. They discuss the parents’ board of course and Sasha doesn’t want to discuss Steve. No more mention of he who shall not be mentioned. She goes in to get the wine and finds a book about Christianity. Awww. And to ruin the aww moment comes Payson with chicken and grilled veggies, and potatoes for him. She’s devastated. They try to cover by inviting her to join but Payson makes a lame cover and hurries out as quickly as possibly. Sasha doesn’t think anything of it other than “Payson’s onto my poor eating habits.” Summer thinks it’s sweet that she’s fond of him. They’ve been through a lot together. Summer takes the opportunity to say Grace for the kind, beautiful, thoughtful man in her life. Sorry Pay…

Payson and Sasha are working again and Sasha applauds. He’s still looking for who she is. He wants STORY! Take everyone on a journey. Sasha you’re pushing things here. Her favorite story is Romeo and Juliette. As he talks about the story you see her beaming in her love for him.

Austin asks Kaylie to go for a drive to give her opinion of the car. She agrees.

Carter wants to come over later to talk to Steve. He cares about Lauren, not just about getting kicked out of the Rock. He loves her. She doesn’t look all that thrilled to hear that. Lauren sees Summer and asks to talk to her. She reveals her relationship with Carter and says Chloe knew about it the whole time. She even said Chloe encouraged it, even took took her to the doctor for the pill. Summer is shocked, Chloe knew and didn’t tell her father! Lauren asks Summer to tell him, you don’t have to mention Chloe. Summer can’t promise that though.

Austin pulls up by the water and Kaylie looks all grumpy. He pulls out some food and a blanket to have a picnic. But Kaylie’s not hungry. But you worked all day in the gym. He ignores her and keeps dishing out food. She sits rather uncomfortably. She says she just ate lunch and plans to eat dinner with her parents. Come on, one bite won’t kill you. He says she had lunch five hours ago and had a grueling practice. He’s concerned. She hesitates and takes a bite to prove him wrong. Happy now? She insists he take her back to the gym. He does, but not without some last words of wisdom. His sister was a gymnast (trying to follow in his footsteps) with an eating disorder and it nearly killed her. No one ever suspected that for her. It ruined her gymnastics, her life, and almost their family. She’s ok today but he worries about the tomorrows. Kaylie apologizes for her reaction. She’s been thinking about her eating and training, but it stops today, she promises. She knows he’s right. Why does he care? He doesn’t know, there’s just something about her. He leans in for another kiss. NO BOYS COMMADANT CRUZ!

Chloe finds Steve looking very unhappy. He found out about Lauren and Carter’s relationship and Chloe’s knowledge. Chloe says she was going to tell if Lauren didn’t. Summer told her. What if it had been Emily? What if he knew something damaging and didn’t tell her right away. He feels like he can’t trust her, Lauren is the most precious thing he has. If he can’t trust Chloe with her well-being, when can he trust her. Chloe thought it would be better coming from Lauren, it was an error in judgment. He says he can’t forgive her. But she forgave him! She gives back the key and runs out. Lauren was listening in on the conversation and she doesn’t look as pleased as you’d expect.

Emily comes home to find Brian in the dark. Bill is unpaid. She begins to rant about how she’s sick of things but stops when she notices that Brian’s arm’s tingling. His anti-seizure meds weren’t refilled and Chloe is out at her new job. Emily takes charge and heads to the pharmacy to get him more pills. (So will we ever find out what happened to him?) She’s told it will be $200. Emily doesn’t understand, it’s a $15 copay. It’s a mistake but there’s nothing he can do. He can’t give her just two pills for the time being (call your doctor dude, they can talk to the pharmacist to make an exception, it’s been done). The pharmacist steps back to double check so she grabs the pills and runs.

Carter arrives and Lauren lets him in. She tells him her dad’s not around, Summer already told Steve. Carter can’t believe she told Summer. What if Summer told Sasha? Lauren thinks he only told her he loved her because he was afraid to get kicked out of the Rock. She’s not stupid. She gave herself to him but still he couldn’t tell her he loved her, whereas he fell in love with Kaylie right away.

Kim and Mark sit tensely, trying to make amends. Mark comes back to feel like they’re a different family he returns to. Kim says he’s in their hearts. Is Sasha worth “falling on the sword for?” She trusts him with Payson who is going through so much. She’d be devastated to lose a coach she feels so safe with. (ANOTHER coach.) Mark says she can run with his full support. They’re so cute.

Sasha films Payson as she does her floor. Payson’s dancing seems to have come along and really flow. “That was it!” A hug and…a kiss from Payson. Which he automatically repels. Mortified, she runs out.

Brian looks better, just a headache now. They caught it in time. (Apparently the medicine makes you better ever before you take the pills.) The neighbors lent them light. Where’s mom? There’s a knock at the door. It’s the cops to arrest Emily.

Kaylie writes in her journal, she’s eaten a whole 120 calories today. She comes back in and gets on the treadmill for another session. Some promise, eh Kay?


5 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: Rock Bottom”

  1. sarah Says:

    Hey girl, glad you are back! I missed the updates terribly!! Glad you had a good vaca thou!

    Ok…wow, lots to catch up on, clearly.

    Yeah, we saw a MILE away this kiss with Payson and Sasha…it was all awkward and creepy, and that painting scene could not have been cheesier…I’d love to see Valeri Liukin try that…

    Anyway, thank god we have one REAL gymnastics story line….good old EDO Kaylie…LOL-Some promise, Eh Kay?? You know in magical fairy MIOBI land (since back fractures are no biggie) she will faint and eat a sandwich and she’ll be just fine like it never happened….I’d like to see them get deeper with this, but I am seriously doubting it.

    • ax20 Says:

      Thanks. Once I finish my MIOBI recaps, I’ll do a more general thing about a bunch of shows. If you’ve got any specific ones in mind let me know. (I’m thinking Leverage, Project Runway, SYTYCD, Psych, Rookie Blue, Rachel Zoe Project, Melissa and Joey, Weeds and, if I get a chance to watch it, the Big C. I’ve also just started watching Brothers and Sisters, so I’ll be writing something about that as I catch up from season one.)

  2. sarah Says:

    You know, I haven’t watched anything you listed this summer(I’m behind in Project Runway)other than Weeds and the Big C is great, btw…I would make time for that one. I have heard Brothers and Sisters is good too-that is on my list of shows to start from season one. Also, I ended up LOVING Pretty Little Liars….

    • ax20 Says:

      Pretty Little Liars, Drop Dead Diva, and Huge are also go on the list. A part of me really like PLL (it’s so addictive) and the other part of me was frustrated, but I’ll get to that when I write about it.

      • sarah Says:

        I am looking forward to your PLL recap then!! So addictive-can’t wait to discuss further(I’m a little bored @ work today lol)I watched the first 2 episodes of Huge and thought it was boring so I threw in the towel…I watched another episode recently and felt the same way.
        I’ve been watching Royal Pains and have yet to start Covert Affairs on USA

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