Make It Or Break It: What Are You Made Of?

More exercise for Kaylie, along with the other girls. The national team Rock girls are working out while Payson is doing weights. She tells them she doesn’t want their pity. They’re getting ready for the last national team practice before picking the world team. And Marty’s coming back. Kaylie says she’s ok with that. Payson has ballet class while they have their practice, which she is not even remotely excited for.

Summer and Sasha commiserate on Ellen Beals’ supply demands for the practice. Kim is still furious with Ellen Beals for screwing Payson over. They have to suck up to her so that the National Committee will like the Rock more. He may not trust Ellen but he trusts Sasha as coach.

Lauren tells Chloe not to tell Steve about catching her and Carter in bed. Lauren pulls out the “I don’t have a mom and can’t talk about this stuff with my dad.” Chloe insists she think about all the precautions, etc. Lauren seems sweet and genuine but you’re just waiting for something to happen. Steve is happy to see them getting along AND he gives Chloe a key to the house.

Emily is all miserable (the girls keep reminding her of how poorly she’s done) when Chloe gets home. There’s no hot water again. Emily’s mean again because she’s super stressed. Chloe’s understanding though.

In comes the national team. Kaylie suggests welcoming their teammates but Kelly Parker points out that the Rock girls are rebels and the national team couldn’t care for them. Well, at least there are three of them. Ellen Beals thinks Kelly is the best because she”s the most consistent. Marty stands up for Kaylie. Ellen says Kaylie’s becoming a controlled gymnast, as is Lauren. But Emily Kmetko…she breaks the rules over the place. She won’t become a refined, elite, obedient gymnast. Emphasis on obedient. Marty still thinks she has it in her but Beals is not so sure. Conditioning is first for practice. Kelly smack talks Kaylie while in handstand mode. Another girl does the same to Emily but when she says she won’t talk to her, Beals catches her talking and makes her do another set.

Payson’s teacher compares her to the hunchback of notre dame, which is interesting considering how straight she stands (gymnasts generally stand quite straight). It is fun to see Ayla Kell do ballet/fumble through ballet. She does a good job of making Payson look inept and awkward. Payson is told she is moving like cement. Payson says she’s just trying to fix the artistry in her gymnastics but her teacher is not interested in gymnastics–there’s no artistry there!

Marty and Ronnie have an awkward catching up. She reveals her pending divorce and Marty feels bad. She says their fling isn’t the reason for it. Marty says he loved her, it wasn’t a fling for him. He still does. He won’t cross that line again. Well. That’s interesting. She doesn’t know what to say. Most of me likes him.

Ellen Beals makes Emily do extra ropes exercises and then asks Kaylie if she’s been upping her game. Kaylie reveals the move she’s been working on. Beals is thrilled while Marty and Sasha are not so happy. Sasha tries to talk to Ellen but she doesn’t care about his opinion. Ellen wants to know why he brought Austin to the Rock when Emily was caught with him after curfew. The best line by Beals: “sorry I didn’t tell you Belov but the girls trust me to keep their confidences.” I don’t think the girls trust her for anything. Then she kicks Sasha out of the gym. Can she even do that? He does go though, probably just to keep the peace. The girls are none-to-pleased to see him go.

Emily works on beam and Ellen continues to deride her. Arms straight like when you carry those pizzas around. Stay in the moment, I know that’s hard for someone like you! It’s so inappropriate that for one moment my dislike of Emily is beat out by sympathy. There is nothing more pathetic than a grown woman bullying a teenage girl (even if she looks too old to actually be a teenager).

“Since when did you get creepy Madonna arms?” Kaylie is asked by Kelly Parker. So glad she’s back! (It’s tough to really hold this storyline because Kaylie doesn’t really look much thinner now than she did before. (Though sometimes they do a good job with the cameras to make her look thinner.) Kelly realizes what’s going on and tells her she’s hurting herself. I love how Kaylie says “you don’t understand because you’re not the national champion.” Wasn’t Kelly national champion last year? That was certainly the implication that the show gave last season. Kelly sounds genuine when she says she understand the pressure to stay small and will keep her secret but that she should be careful. Not sure that’s a good thing though, since she probably should tell anyway.

End of practice and Emily still gets double sprints.

Payson tells Sasha she was humiliated at practice and it’s easy for him to be inspirational when he doesn’t have to do it. “And another thing, who eats cereal for dinner!”

Kaylie tells her mom that Kelly is trying to “game” her. Ronnie thinks she’s just jealous.

Emily whines about Ellen being mean to her and Chloe responds with a comment on her clothes. “Mom this is serious, sometimes I feel like a big fake and everyone’s going to find me out.” Funny you should say that Emily, as you are an impostor (or more accurately, your storyline is) and we have all found you out. (Clearly my sympathy doesn’t extend far enough to forgive a plotline that is impossible.) Chloe says you can’t fake your way into all the things she managed. And what about her private sports endowment group? They chose you! Mhmmm. Chloe stops at a nice house that she plans to buy with Emily’s scholarship money. (Didn’t they just run out of like hot water or something?) Emily will even get her own room! Watch her imagine it…in comes her little brother. She was always planning to get them a house when she made it but everything is happening so fast. All of it in a year. She was goof at dreaming it, but living it…she feels like she’s under attack from all sides. Too much pressure, what if she lets them down? She doesn’t want to disappoint him. He says she’s his hero, she can do things he can’t because she’s got heart. (Weird pep talk.) It’s not just him who believes in her. The Endowman group… Something funny, he’s her hero too.

Steve and Ellen talk about the need for getting rid of Sasha (he’s sure he will be head of the president’s board). Ellen pretends it’s a meeting about Lauren when Chloe barges in. Chloe thinks he’s cheating on her. He’s just using influence with Ellen to get her to support the girls. You told her to be supportive of Emily too?

Day two of practice. Now they’re doing routines. Only ten go onto trials for the worlds team, because it totally makes sense that you should cut two girls. She also kicks out the parents.

Payson is at ballet class when Sasha comes in. He says it’s easy for him to give advice without doing it so here he comes. She says he’s officially the worst student. He’s here for Payson every step of the way. They’ll get there together. She calls on Payson to show him how it’s done. Which makes me think she just likes having someone to pick on.

Marty is supportive of Emily and Beals does not look happy. Emily lands on her ankle and rolls it. Ellen wants her to begin again and Marty wants her to take a moment. “What would happen if she rolled it in the Olympics? Would we say take a break or do it again?” Marty calls Ellen out on her bullying and says she’s trying to get Emily cut. Ellen says she’s dangerous because she’s streaky. She’ll do poorly five days in a row and then suddenly do well and take the rightful place of a girl who “listens to authority and follows the rules.” (Look Ellen, your two points are actually fair ones, to a degree. And those are things they should take into account when deciding on the final team. But, you should still let her compete. If she always pulls it out on competition days, that’s something important too.) Marty says he’s the coach and he doesn’t want Kaylie to do the difficult move and he wants her to give Emily a break. Ellen doesn’t want him to get girly. “Girly? Maybe you should get a little more girly.” Ok Marty, maybe not your best move. But he does put his foot down about this obsession with getting perfectly obedient girls in order to be the best. “It’s not your will that will make the best gymnasts, it’s their heart.” The committee comes in and Ellen excuses herself to talk to them.

Chloe and Summer discuss Emily’s standing with Ellen. Chloe reveals Steve’s connections with Ellen. Summer is not as reassured by this as Chloe is.

Done with her meeting, she calls Marty over to inform him that he is fired. Kelly looks incredibly upset which is interesting. He takes the opportunity to encourage Emily one last time. She is “it.” (If she wins gold at any point, I will be pissed.) Beals announces that she will be taking over as coach…that seems like a good idea. Does she even have coaching experience? How does the committee not think this is sketchy?

Vault first. Kelly, Lauren, and Kaylie do it and then Ellen stops Emily from doing it. She wants her to do beam instead. Kaylie tries to put in that vault is one of Emily’s best events (uh huh, since when? what happened to that fear we never dealt with?) and beam is her worst. She performs it well nonetheless. (It doesn’t make sense that she wouldn’t do all because for Worlds, they choose gymnasts for each of the events, few gymnasts are equally good in all events and beam is never an event where they are lacking in talent.)

Payson meanwhile is reading Sasha’s autobiography with that look on her face that tells you “uh oh.”

Beals tells Lauren she’s set and then gives Lauren an envelope with the endowment group stuff for Emily. Lauren of course opens it, sees what it is, and rubs it in Emily’s face. Emily storms out and Chloe runs after her. She thinks Chloe knew, but she realizes Chloe didn’t. (After all the emphasis on this endowment, you knew this was coming today.) Chloe tells her to get back inside. It’s easy to think you are going to make it when everything is easy. Do you believe in you?

Beals wants Kaylie to perform her new move. She says it isn’t competition ready but it’s just to show she’s working on it. Funny thing though, we don’t actually know which move it is. Kelly steps in to point out that Kaylie is getting to thin but Beals dismisses it. It’s Emily’s turn now and she’s missing. Emily comes in all “I’m here and I feel great.” She’s a little snippy with Ellen which, though deserved is not the best move in front of the whole committee. That was the longest tumbling pass I’ve ever seen. Is there even enough room for all that? Great job though.

Payson made Sasga Romanian stuffed peppers, based on something she read in his book. He suggests she sit to eat with him.

The top ten are announced. Kaylie Cruz, number one. Kaylie Parker number two. Lauren Tanner, number four….and finally, Emily Kmetko in number ten. Two weeks for the final decisions for worlds.

Payson looks sad about not being inside but Sasha says what she’s doing will get her there. He gives her his golf medal to hold until she can replace it with her own.

All come out thrilled but Lauren is too angry about what happened.

Emily wants Chloe to break up with Steve because she can’t trust him. She wants to give back the money. Chloe isn’t sure. Emily knows what she has to do.

Summer, Sasha, and Kim discuss Beals and Summer reveals Steve’s ploy. They decide Kim should run for the parents’ board. She’s the most trustworthy parent in the gym. Remember when Steve brought him in?

Lauren is crying and tearing up a photo. Kaylie is still checking out her body. Payson puts on the gold medal. Emily is at the shack, starting work again. Without the endowment, not even working at the shack could keep her in the rock from what we know but you know, this show has never been about consistencies.

Do you think this is the last we will see of Marty? It’s weird that Emily was the one he felt most protective of when he had zero relationship with her as compared to the other girls.


3 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: What Are You Made Of?”

  1. mode20100 Says:

    A+ would read again

  2. Brooke Says:

    As much as I like this show, it still makes my blood boil watching it. I guess because Lauren and Beals are such b!tches … ah well. Anyway, love all of your reviews on the show, however I felt I should point out the reason Marty felt close to Emily is because he discovered her. In the beginning of the show, they show that bond, where Emily doesn’t think anyone believes in here except Marty. It’s only obvious that they would continue that bond when he left again, since he left her the first time as well. As well as, we may think he has a close relationship with Kaylie, Lauren or Payson, but really, he wouldn’t go near Kaylie because of the affair … Payson isn’t there anymore and Lauren … well who likes her anyway? So there you go. The reason why he went to Emily. Not also because of the fact that Beals was being hard on her and he stuck up for her. Okay! That’s my two cents.


  3. Nancy Says:

    The reason Emily didn’t get to compete in France because Lauren was responsible for Emily’s royal screw up in France. In this episode, Ellen Beals is such a BITCH because she seems to have it out for Emily.

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