Make It Or Break It: Party Gone Out Of Bounds

I know that I have been completely remiss about my recapping duties. August has been my month of travel (Florida, California, Illinois, to name a few places), making it difficult to write anything. But have no fear, I’m back and picking up–more or less–where I left off.

I’ve also successfully turned another friend into a MIOBI fan, making for an incredibly successful visit.

Lauren’s sleeping alone! She’s got no messages from Carter either. She catches Chloe sneaking out of the house and uses the opportunity to be mean to Chloe AND lie to her dad about sleeping with anyone.

Kaylie is still exercising too much. If she wants to weigh less, maybe she shouldn’t wear sneakers when she steps on the scale. She eats a whole half a banana.

Chloe tries to pretend she was home all night but the kids already know she’s sleeping around and give her the safe sex talk instead.

Summer and Sasha are awkward and kind of cute. Sasha finally asks her out “to avoid any more missed opportunities of greatness.” They agree to keep their dating secret though.

Kaylie wants to do early morning running to give them extra conditioning to edge out the rest of the national team. Lauren doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Austin invites the girls to come but Kaylie says they’re not coming. He says Olympians will be there, which Lauren and Payson perk up at. Lauren says she’ll be there. Payson wants to meet Shawn White. Kaylie says that the last party they went to got out of control. Payson points out that Kaylie was the one who got out of control. Sasha wants the girls to take a day off this weekend to be ready for the grueling week coming up. Kaylie says Sasha is just testing them. She also points out that Lauren needs to raise her difficulty, Emily is inconsistent, and Payson is struggling with Level 7 and 8 skills–seriously Kaylie, insensitive much? It’s her job as team captain.

Summer tells Kim that Sasha is taking her out to dinner, but she shouldn’t tell Sasha she told her. Then Sasha comes in and tells her and says not to tell Summer he told her. Kim doesn’t want to get involved though, since they’re working together.

Lauren asks Carter what happened. He didn’t think she’d want him after their fight. Her bad behavior is a turnoff. So Lauren gets snippy, naturally. That seems like the best way to get him on your side.

Chloe and Steve give the safe sex talk for the sake of the young audience. STIs instead of STDs nowadays, by the way. Steve suggests a romantic dinner. It’s their three month anniversary so he made a reservation for them at…the same place Sasha plans to take Summer.

Austin tells Emily his feelings are hurt that she isn’t coming to his party. Emily says she can’t. Kaylie tells him to stop pressuring her girls. The old Kaylie wasn’t national champ or team captain. They bet that the girls will go to his party, loser cleans mats.

Kaylie suggests a Worlds watching party and sleepover. Emily can’t come because she has to help Brian. Lauren tells Kaylie she thinks Emily is really planning to go to the party.

Chloe comes to talk to Lauren to explain she fell asleep. Chloe says she ran Summer off but Lauren says that’s not the case, Steve dumped her because she came first. Lauren then goes to tell Summer that if Chloe and Steve can have sex, why can’t she? Summer says Lauren committed to wait until marriage for the next time. She tries to convince Summer to get back together with Steve.

Payson suggests that Kaylie is overtraining. She doesn’t want to get a serious injury and have to start all over. Payson says the old Kaylie would be dying to go. Kaylie thinks Eimly is lying so she calls Emily. Brian answers the phone and says she just went to the store. She thinks Brian is lying, especially because her cell went to voicemail. They should go check. She’s just going to shower and change. Because she’s sweaty! Not because she’s trying to impress anyone or anything.

Date time! Summer feels guilty about fibbing about not seeing anyone. They agree not to talk about their exes. In comes Steve and Chloe. Whoops.

Really with those sunglasses Payson? Does anyone believe she would own something like that?

Kaylie and Payson get to the party (Payson is in purple, as per usual and Kaylie’s sunglasses are pink–why doesn’t Emily get a color). Payson doesn’t intend to come in if all she plans to do is sneak around. Inside Lauren is taking advantage of a hot tub and boys in bathing suits. Kaylie tries to peak in but it’s hard to see so she goes to climb over a wall and promptly falls into a thing of garbage, which Austin of course sees. To point out, this is so irresponsible, if there had been no dumpster, she might have ended her career right then.

Summer and Sasha are trying to hide. Chloe thought Steve and Summer had a mutual parting of ways. Steve reveals that Summer dumped him. But he assures her, he’s over her. Sasha sent over some alcohol for them and tells Summer to trust him. Chloe and Steve wonder if they’re on a date. Chloe can’t believe he went for Summer over her. And Sasha’ plan…it’s a business meeting! He called Kim over to help with their cover. So much for their date.

Austin passes Kaylie some alcohol and she accepts it. She claims it was to prove that the fun loving Kaylie is still alive and well. Is Emily here? No, she said she couldn’t come. Lauren sees her and takes a picture, which she sens to Emily who receives it as she returns from the store. Emily’s tempted to go just to spite Kaylie anyway. The text from Lauren clinches it. Lauren meanwhile confronts Kaylie. In comes Payson, who gets starstruck by Shawn White. Kaylie thinks they should go but Payson wants to meet the two time Olympic gold medalist. Kaylie is pissed that everyone keeps bringing up her kegstand when Carter cheated on her with Lauren. He asked why he chose Lauren and he said it was because Lauren wanted him and Kaylie wanted control. In comes Emily to confront Kaylie. She says all Kaylie does is control them. Kaylie turns to Payson for support. As former team captain, tell them what a captain should do. “A leader is supposed to lead by example. She councils but she doesn’t command.” So Kaylie leaves. Payson wants to meet Bodi Miller first though. Emily and Lauren get cajoled into twister, winner makes the loser do whatever she wants.

Summer and Chloe have an awkward chat in the bathroom. Chloe has a scarf from Steve. Summer has a drawer full of them, it’s his go to gift. Summer has an issue of Chloe sleeping under a man’s roof when he has a teenage daughter there. She’s sending a message to his daughter and her own. Is that the example she wants to set? (Yet another Summer lecture.)

Kaylie is upset. Austin says she’s under a lot of pressure. The pressure to stay is worse than the pressure to get there. Everyone is trying to take your place. Many champs don’t care about their teammates as long as they secure their own places. She tries, especially to look the other way when the girl who she looked at like a sister talks in detail every day about the only man she ever loved. (For me, this is Kaylie’s best moment. It is the one time I really feel for her.) Austin tells her to live a little and gives her a kiss.

Emily loses at twister (as they do ridiculous gymnastics moves that make no sense for the game). She gets to choose what Emily has to do. She’s about to choose something mean when she spots Carter and instead asks to be forgiven. In comes Kaylie to warn them about the cop car that just pulled up. Lauren runs up to get her purse. Payson doesn’t want to leave her and suggests they cause a distraction. They begin doing flips for everyone, giving Lauren a chance to escape. Boxed in, they end up diving into the lake to get back. Hope none of them had their money or cell phones on them.

End of the awkward Summer and Sasha date. Maybe being discrete is a bad idea. Is it really better for Lauren to think there’s a chance for Summer and Steve. Sasha points out that not everyone can live up to her high values. Sasha does intend to respect hers though. Summer wants to kiss him. (Back when we were all ruminating on who Sasha might end up with, I hadn’t really considered Summer, but they are kind of growing on me.)

Why can’t their parties be normal? If they want to go to the Olympics, they can’t have normal things. “Like friends,” says Kaylie. “We’re not friends?” Payson asks. Kaylie thinks it’s complicated because they’re competitors. What are friends beside people who have things in common. They have a dream in common, isn’t that a better bond? They discuss Kaylie’s recent drill sergeant mode. She’s just trying to be the leader Payson was. She was so strong and sure of herself. Sasha said she was responsible for everyone’s failures. Payson says they’re all responsible for their own failures. So, they throw the promise rings away, since it’s only a promise you can make to yourself. Kaylie says she will lead by example and not try to control them. They link arms and you almost, almost forget that they all hate Lauren.

Chloe and Steve are having an intimate evening. Chloe doesn’t think they should be “carrying on.” Casual sex is a bad example for the kids. t should be for people in love and exclusive. Steve says he is exclusive and he hopes she is too. How about carrying on at a hotel from now on? Chloe suggests fried ice cream, she’ll make it, she just has to get the wok from the attic. Where she discovers Lauren and Carter…


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