General Recaps

I know I’ve been incredibly remiss with my recapping, but I will have free time next week to catch up on the important ones. Meanwhile, I’ll give a short recap on a few different shows:

So You Think You Can Dance– The guys are by and large stronger than the girls, but I’m happy to see Lauren and Ashley still in the competition. I think the two of them have really done well. What is there to say about Jose other than the fact that he doesn’t deserve to be there. He may have “accepted the SYTYCD challenge” as Nigel says, but so have all the other contestants, and where Legacy excelled, Jose is only so so. Kent has also gotten away with more than he deserves but I will say I loved his dance with Lauren this week. Something about Billy bothers me but I’m not sure what. I think he’s an excellent dancer but something…Robert doesn’t come off as arrogant so much as a bit corny (though Nigel and Mia, you should know that one of the reasons he comes off as arrogant is because he hogs the mic a lot), but I don’t think he’s deserved bottom three. AdeChike I think has also been criticized more than deserved, but I wouldn’t be too upset to lose him. (And poor Alex!!! I’m so sad for him. Let’s be honest, he’ll be saved from the bottom three and they will bring back whoever is voted off this week most likely, unless they were planning a double elimination or something, then this would prevent that from happening.) Overall I’m finding that the judges are really harsh on people who don’t deserve it as much as less harsh on those who do, which is frustrating to watch.

I’m also regretting Mia as judge mostly because I feel like we are missing out on a great opportunity for choreography. I know, she’s done some of the group dances, but it’s not the same. I like some of Tyce’s stuff but so far I have yet to really enjoy a Broadway routine, which is frustrating because I love Broadway. I will say, having seen West Side Story this week, the show could use an update, preferably done by Sonya Tayeh! I’m also finding that the hip hop choreographers (with the exception of Nappy-Tabs) are sub-par.

Also, Cat is such an awesome host and I wish she’d get recognition for it for once (though better hair and wardrobe and less corny puns would be nice).

I love the all stars and hope Allison is okay, but it was awesome to have Katie on. There are some others I’d like to request: Jeanine, Kayla, Brandon, to name a few. I like that they’re changing things up each week to figure out just what does and does not work with the all star format. I do wish we started with more competitors (fourteen maybe?). Notice how in the beginning the all stars walked off stage right after the performance but now go with the other dancer to stand before the judges? Particularly loving that the contestants are dancing with the all stars AND with each other.

Natasha Beddingfield’s performance was eh, but I was thrilled by the all stars joining her on stage.

Secret Life of the American Teenager– I will say that I’m impressed that they were able to take a storyline we’ve already seen (teen pregnancy in high school) and given it a new spin (abortion). I’ve always thought that Ashleigh and Adrianne are the best parts of the show so I’m glad we have two story lines focusing on them now. I don’t love the Ashleigh-Ricky storyline, but I’m not surprised either. Though her 180 from Griffin was perhaps too sudden.

I still find that this show has too much TALKING without enough CHANGING in each scene.

I’m still a bit flabbergasted by Jack’s parents leaving without actually talking to whoever would supposedly be letting their son stay with them. That just seems like an obvious step. But maybe that’s just me.

I am not sorry to see Amy mostly out of the way but it’s interesting (and a little sad) that everyone think she’s pregnant (she didn’t leave school the first time so why would she the second time?) and that the program she’s attending is for pregnant mothers yet somehow she didn’t know that until she had already missed a day. (I also want to point out that in college, freshmen are picked up for orientation and to be given a tour, what are the odds that a bunch of high school students would not be? And also, the streets in NYC are all in alphabetical and numeric order, you kind of have to be a moron to be lost for more than ten minutes, particularly when there are how many million people there for you to ask?)

Make It Or Break It– I still just don’t buy that Kaylie is as good as they claim. Working hard last minute just isn’t going to push you beyond the people who worked hard with no distraction all along. I could almost feel bad for her for the way Lauren’s taunting her, but she’s such a prissy holier than thou personality that I’m sort of like, well, sucks but whatever.

Meanwhile it’s funny that Lauren got away with framing Emily, which only adds to my point that Emily isn’t the best character. Anyone with a brain checks their tickets (BOTH of them) before they leave to make sure they have both. But it’s clear that if she spent more time on her gymnastics and less time on her scheming, she’d probably be a much better dancer. Maybe eventually she’ll break top two. But doubtful considering that she can never seem to take a break from her full time job of harassment and sketchiness.

And then there’s Payson, who used to be smart and is suddenly a moron. Yes, you are anxious to get back to the top, but no, you will not be ready just a month or two after serious back surgery. I find myself frustrated watching her because I was such a fan last season and this season I just find her to be a bit self-righteous. (Like why was she part of the debate about listening to Ellen Beals or Sasha? She’s not affected one way or another. She can give her opinion, but partake in the final vote?) And again, why wouldn’t Payson wait until MUCH closer to Worlds before petitioning? It would also have been nice to see more of her tryouts to see why her petition wasn’t granted.

I can’t even feel bad for Sasha for being betrayed, if only because he’s been so smug lately. (Though I do respect this very real, very serious aspect of gymnastics–the politics and the control. Think Stick It but more detailed.)

The only person I really felt a ping of sadness for was Kim, who made a whole speech defending Payson only to hear that the petition failed. (And maybe sad that Chloe isn’t intelligent enough to realize that Steve is embarrassed to date her publicly.)

Work of Art– I enjoy watching this, in part for the creative process involved and in part because it’s cool to see the final creations (and I love competition), but I don’t find myself particularly invested in the majority of the contestants or feeling the emotional impact that we are supposed to feel from the projects. A surprising number of works come off as amateurish. It bugs me that they are given such short time constraints since it really limits what the artists can do. It is also unfortunate that they get such small budgets, as that too really limits what they can do.

Huge– This is the newest ABC Family original show to air and I’m finding that the channel seems to really be hitting its stride. This is yet another show that focuses on a somewhat unusual area (teen pregnancy, gymnastics, and now weight loss camp) and manages to work just right. Of course, having Nikki Blonsky is just a massive plus and I’m hoping they will make some good use of her singing ability. She looks so much heavier than she did in Hairspray and I’m wondering if she was actually asked to gain weight for the role.


One Response to “General Recaps”

  1. sarah Says:

    I was waiting for your MIOBI recaps!! I couldn’t have been happier Lauren screwed over Emily…seriously who doesn’t check BOTH tickets especially in a foreign country and who doesn’t carry around ANY money either? please. Emily not competing was the best part of the episode. I am also annoyed with Payson….girl is delusional and we both know after back surgery she wouldn’t even be jogging yet, let alone competing…you don’t need to see more of the routine to know why her petition wasn’t granted-she’s clearly OUT of shape too. It will be interesting to see if Kaylie hooks up with this new guy too…but agreed they are showing the real politics of gymnastics…at least they are getting that part right…

    Huge….I liked the pilot, but I thought the most recent episode was boring and too lovey dovey…I wanted to see some cat fights with nikki blonskey and hayley hasselhoff…Idk if she had to gain weight for the role, but it does seem like IF they did, it might have been a little too much IMO.

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