Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

In need of a new design oriented show to replace Project Runway (it seems that the Fashion Show didn’t cut it), Bravo has created an artist competition (I think this is Sarah Jessica Parker’s brainchild–at least she’s good for something!). Each week the artists are given an artistic challenge of some sort and then the judges select a winner and a loser, the loser is sent home. The prize: a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and a cash prize of $100,000.

So far the contests have been 1) create a portrait of a fellow artist, 2) create a sculptural piece from an appliance graveyard, and 3) create a book cover for a classic book.

I’m not sure how talented the contestants are overall, but it’s fun to watch them create–sometimes art and sometimes just a mess. The contestants aren’t quite as out there as the Project Runway gang, but still enjoyable. All it’s missing: Tim Gunn.


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