The Gates

I watched this show knowing that it aimed to combine vampires and werewolves with something akin to the Stepford Wives. My sister, on the other hand, had no idea about the supernatural element and at first, she was disappointed to discover it. But by the end, she was won over, as was I. Her reaction to the end of the episode was “it’s over already!” She came downstairs the next day to ask when the next episode would air. My point for telling this little anecdote is that even if you start watching the show without the intention of watching a new vampire flick, it’s still pretty good.

The Players

  1. The new police chief has moved his family to the Gates after he shot and killed an unarmed man at his previous job. (I assume there were extenuating circumstances because we’re supposed to like him.) He’s also presented as too obsessed with his job, much to the chagrin of his wife. His children are none-too-pleased about the move but the boy is lucky enough to find a cute girl at school while the daughter maintains a false peppy attitude.
  2. The Radcliffes have a big secret. They’re vampires, with a daughter. I’m not entirely certain if the girl is supposed to be a vampire or not, but I think she’s human. The wife in particular is having a hard time handling her cravings.
  3. There’s also Peg and Devon, witches who seem at odds with each other because they work with different mentalities. Peg seems of the “help people” school of thought while Devon seems like the “use people” school of thought. She also used to be Peg’s student but is more interested in being the master.
  4. And don’t worry, we’ve got some werewolves, in particular, the boyfriend of the girl that the police chief’s son is crushing on.

I’m not entirely clear where this show is going, but I found the first episode quite enjoyable. I couldn’t decide if I want the vampires to get caught or not (and what would happen if they were?).

One thing that seemed like an inconsistency (and if anyone can explain it to me that would be great)–Mrs. Radcliffe seemed to be out in the sunlight in the beginning of the episode but later when she’s washing up, she steps into the light coming in from the window and gets burned. Maybe she has a really good sunscreen?


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