My sister loved this pilot episode but I’m not sure how I felt about it. There was a lot of mystery and a question of what’s coming, but at the same time, it felt like all we did was watch a guy solve a strange crossword with an odd clue.

According to wikipedia, the series is about an intelligence analyst at a national think tank who discovers that his employers may be part of a secret society that manipulates world events on a grand scale. I didn’t get any of that from the first episode. And I’m not sure how much I care. What is the tension or challenge of the show? I assume it is bad that they manipulate events and odds are there will be some particular thing he will have to stop, but it just felt like there should have been more.

And where was the heart of the show? I’m not sure I’ll be watching another episode, but maybe if I get bored enough. Sorry AMC.


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