The Secret Life: Accentuate the Positive

Ben is glad to be back with Amy. Alice says the tests are almost always accurate and thinks Ben should demand she get a test that he can see.

Ashley and Amy are still upset with each other. Amy doesn’t want her parents thinking she’s having sex with Ben. George doesn’t like what Amy is wearing (bra showing and all). The new family plan: dinner together. But Amy wanted to eat with Ben. Ashley goes to get a ride with Adrianne and realizes that Adrianne is pregnant. She takes charge right off to clean up and offer to stay with her for the day.

Grace talks to her mom’s bf about how accurate the tests are. Grace thinks Adrianne could never have had an abortion. Tom comes in to tell the bf should take out the garbage next. The bf also suggests he get a job.

Alice, Ben, and Henry discuss dinner plans. Alice suggests he tell Grace that he’s with mom. He’s still sure Adrianne isn’t lying. And geez, how unintelligent are all of these kids? Ben tells Grace the truth. He hopes they can still be friends though. She says she understands. She wants him to be happy. She thinks he’s such a nice guy which is hard to find. They wonder where Adrianne is and if she’s ok since they haven’t seen her. Grace offers to talk if he needs, if Adrianne is not ok.

Ricky is looking for someone. Jack comes over to ask to stay with him and Ricky says no, he won’t risk his shared custody. He’ll pretend to stay with him. Griffin reveals that he’s coming to school next year. Ricky tells him to stay away with her. Griffin thinks Ashley needs her. He’s transferring for her. Ricky calls to ask Ashley where she is and she says she didn’t feel like going to school. Adrianne comes in while she’s on the phone.

The guidance counselor wants to call to Amy with news. She starts singing New York and neither she nor I get it. She’s been invited to attend a summer musicians program, it’s four weeks long. Amy gets upset because she has a baby so she can’t go. The guidance counselor insists she can, she has a lot of people around and this can change her life. At first Amy’s opposed but then “oh my god, new york!”

Madison and Lauren and surprised to hear about it. Lauren says she should bring John with her. Ashley says she’s more responsible than that now. Ricky of course overhears and wants to know what she’s talking about. He offers to keep John. He also reveals that he pushed Ben to make up with her. He sounds hesitant about it. Amy clearly wants to go even though she pretends it’s decided. There’s Ben though. She tells him the news. Ben is thrilled for her. She tells him about dinner and he says he’d love to come. They hope to someday be a family.

Grace comes home unhappy, revealing that Ben broke up with her. Her mom is wearing her jeans though she denies it. Grace insists Adrianne can’t be pregnant. Jack comes over, she says she won’t ever date him. (Oh right, Grace’s mom got remarried.) Jack came to talk to her about staying. He can’t…sorry.

Ashley says its the best school day ever. She thinks it’s worth the trouble. They have some things in common. Ashley doesn’t care what anyone thinks as long as she feels like she’s doing the right thing. Adrianne intends to get an abortion and she doesn’t want to tell Ben about it. He’s a rich kid and he’s been to sheltered to deal with things like this. She saw he was heartbroken when he saw she was pregnant. She’ll tell her mother. Ashley gives her to take her a hug. Ricky knocks. Ashley offers to get rid of him but Adrianne says she’ll do it. He asks it she’s pregnant (sounds like he’s crying), she doesn’t respond and he leaves. She cries.

Ben is doing busywork at work. He’s nervous about dinner. Ricky comes to talk to him, not so subtly talking about Adrianne. He says Adrianne is pregnant. Ben doesn’t want to listen.

Dinner time. George arrives. Anne says they won’t be having family dinner tonight. She says he should have told her so he should order Chinese. Anne isn’t happy that Ben is coming because he’s not part of the family. Ashley comes home and they know she stayed at Adrianne’s all day. She didn’t come get her because…Ashley thinks she’s too grown up so she can be responsible for everything in her life. George doesn’t like this new approach.

The bf (who is really a husband) is still at work but Jack is staying for dinner. Tom is still mean to Jack. He goes up to get Grace and she wants to ask him something. Does he think Adrianne is lying? He says she’s certainly capable. But why would she? He assumes she wants an abortion and Grace wouldn’t be supportive. Jack says people don’t know and maybe no one should. It’s not for them to judge. They don’t know and maybe that’s better. Just be there for her now so if she wants to talk about it one day she will.

Anne and George are arguing again. He thinks Adrianne is a bad influence. Ashley comes in with news. Amy wants them to stop. Ben comes before they can resolve anything. Awkward all. Ashley gets a last “and so it begins” which is probably the lamest thing she’s ever said on the show. (What’s funny about this is Anne is right, generally speaking Ashley totally would go to school on her own.)

Dinner is super awkward. Ben decides 6:15 is a good time to go. Amy is embarrassed. He says all argue, even if not as enthusiastically as the Juergens. He says all families have problems and they work through them. He says he loves her, no matter what. She suspects he’s hiding something.

Ashley is eating by herself so Amy comes to tell her the news. Ashley says she should go.

Ben finds his dad wanting to have dinner but he’s already eaten. His dad realizes something is wrong so he offers to talk. Ben is hesitant. There’s nothing he can do that can’t be fixed somehow. He’s afraid of it getting fixed. He realizes Adrianne is obviously pregnant.

By the way, anyone else surprised that Adrianne of all people doesn’t use the morning-after pill?


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