Lost: What They Died For

I figure it’s about time I finally check out the rest of this show, considering that I only have 2.5 hours left of it as a whole.

I still have an issue with Jin dying with Sun instead of living for the baby but ok.

AW Jack awakens to find blood on his neck. His son has “made” breakfast. He has a concert that night. He and his mom are both planning to come. In comes Claire, who is apparently staying with them. She says she’s feeling pretty good. Jack gets a call from Oceanic Airlines to say they’ve located his father’s coffins. It’s Desmond calling…

On the island, Jack stitches Kate’s bullet wound. It’s gonna hurt but it’s necessary. Kate’s crying but it’s not the pain, it’s about the baby they have that Jin couldn’t seem to stay alive for. She’s furious at Locke, she wants to kill him. He agrees.

Sawyer watches things wash ashore–life jacket–and Hurley and Kate join. Kate looks incredibly awful (the rims of her eyes are like white). Jack joins last and suggests they get going. Time to find Desmond. If Locke wants him dead, they need him.

AW Desmond is watching Locke in the parking lot. He’s back and about to start and Ben sees. Desmond starts beating him up (I can’t seem to catch what he says he’s there to do, despite watching a few times).

Ben, Miles, and Richard are walking back to Othersville. Miles seems to be having a convo with the dead. Alex is “with them,” buried where they are. Richard buried her. They get to Ben’s house and go to the room where he was told he could summon the monster. Until he realized it was summoning him. There’s lots of explosives left. They hear the door open, it’s Whitmore and his lackey (the woman). Whitmore seems to think they’re survival depends on him. He’s had the plane rigged for a long time. He says Jacob invited him and told him what he needed to know. Locke is coming. He tells her to run back. They have to hide.

AW Ben is treated for his wounds. Locke finds him. While he was beating him up, he “saw” something. He said he was trying to get him to let go and for some reason, he believes him.

AW Desmond goes to the police station to talk to a detective. Sawyer specifically. He turns himself in. Naturally they lock him up. In the cells are Saayid and Kate. Crafty.

Jack and crew search for the well. Hurley and Kate are walking pretty far apart. Sawyer wonders why Locke didn’t kill Desmond. Jack says he’s been wrong. Sawyer blames himself for the Kwans’ death but Jack says it was Locke’s fault. Hurley sees boy Jacob who demands the ashes from Alanna. They’re his. He takes them and runs. Hurley tries to give chase but let’s be honest what are the odds of that working? Instead he finds adult Jacob burning the ashes which will make him disappear for good. He says he should get his friends; they’re close to the end.

Locke spots Whitmore’s boat. They go to Ben’s hidden room. Ben doesn’t want to hide. Miles wants survival. Ben wants Whitmore’s walkie talkies, one for himself, one for Miles. Richard intends to talk to Locke to get him to leave. Miles runs. Richard and Ben step out and…there it is. Smokey slams into Richard and sends him flying. But is he dead? Ben sits in a chair on the porch and Locke walks up. Just who he was looking for. Locke pulls out a knife and says he needs Ben to kill some people for him because once he leaves, Ben can have the island all to himself. Ben says all right. Locke asks where Whitmore is. Ben tells him.

AW Ben is having a rough time and Alex runs to help him. She offers a ride, he refuses, she insists. Rousseau agrees. Alex wants him to come for dinner. Her mom insists. Rousseau is glad to have him over. Ben asks about her dad who died when she was two. She says Ben is like a father to her. Funny how that works out. Ben gets all weepy about this. They have a moment.

Ben goes inside with Lockster who wants Ben to wait while he goes in but Ben wants to see. Door opens and…dun…dun…Locke kills Zoe and I can’t pretend to be sorry. He told her not to talk to him, making him pointless. He wants to get what he wants so he plans to motivate him by saying he’ll kill Penny when he gets out. If he helps, he’ll give him his word that she’ll be fine. Oddly it is Ben who he is hesitant to speak in front of. He starts to whisper to Locke so Ben shoots him. He doesn’t get to save his daughter. But luckily he said what he needed to. Who else is there to kill?

Hurley is in the lead. Kate seems to be having a tough time. Now they all can see Jacob. She blames him for everyone’s death. She wants to know why. What did they die for? He invites them to sit down and hear why. Why he chose everyone and what they need to protect the island because when the fire burns out one of them will have to do it. Which one?

AW Jack is met by Locke to talk . He’s decided on the surgery…apparently Desmond has done his job. Desmond said the same thing to Ben that Jack had said to Locke. Fate!Jack thinks it is all coincidence. But either way he’s ready.

Around the fire. Starting with bringing them all. He made a mistake a long time ago. The monster…he made him that way. He’s been trying to kill him since. He killed him and now someone needs to replace him, which is why he brought them. Sawyer wants to know why he thought he could mess with their lives. He says none of them were in good lives before. He chose them because they, like him, were alone. Looking for something bigger. They needed this place as much as him. Kate was crossed off because she became a mother, she had something else. Not to say she can’t have it if she wants. The light at the center of the island must be protected from him and do what he couldn’t. Can he even be killed. How to pick the replacement? He won’t. He wants them to choose, which he never could. And if none of them do. Jack agrees to do it. No surprise there. We’ve sort of set up for this all along. It’s time then. Hurley is just glad it isn’t him. Jacob tells him where the light is. Locke is trying to go there. He needs to protect it, now he can get there. Cup? Jacob performs some sort of water chanting ceremony thing and has Jack take a drink. How long does he have to do this job? As long as he can. (So, this is just a cycle really.) Jack drinks. That’s all? Seems to easy. Now he’s like Jacob. Is that a good thing? The others watch.

AW Sawyer are sending the jailbirds away to County. Kate says he can release her, he knows she’s innocent. Flirtatious Kate. Desmond suggests breaking out of the car. He says they have to trust him. He will need something from them. They promise in a “yeah whatev kind of way” but Anna Lucia opens the door to release them. They’re bribing him. A little disappointed. She was way more awesome before. Hugo brings the money. She’s apparently not ready to come yet because they let her go. He sens Saayid with Hugo and takes Kate with him to go to a concert.

Ben wants to know why Locke walks when he can be smoke. He likes the feel of feet on the ground. It reminds him that he was human. Locke leads him to the well that Desmond was in. He isn’t there so clearly alive. Desmond is a fail safe of Jacob’s. He intends to find Desmond and help him do the one thing he can’t. He’s going to destroy the island.


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