Lost: The End

We get an inter cut of the island and Alternate World, each person “going about their day.” And Jack’s dad’s body arriving of course.

Kate sits in the car in her party dress when the coffin arrives. Desmond offers to sign for the package. He has him take it around back. Kate asks who died. A man named Christian Shepherd. Kate wants information about the plan. Desmond says he’s her friend and he wants her to leave. Leave to where? He wants to show her.

Island Kate watches Jack stand in the water but it’s Sawyer who actually addresses him to see how he is. What the hell happened? Good question. Feel any different? No. Time to protect the heart of the island. There’s something he needs to put it out. Desmond… Jacob is worse than Yoda. Hugo has a bad feeling about “this.” (Sawyer going off on his own?–are the ex-candidates still safe?–the plan as a whole?)

Hurley takes Saayid to a motel? Saayid is handed a tranq gun. Remember this? No but ok, wait here. You’ll be happy if you do…It’s Charlie he’s after. Saayid wants more info.

Kate wants to know why Jack accepted. The island is all he has left. All that isn’t ruined. She seems to be trying to talk him out of this.

Ben finds Sawyer watching Lockster. Oh well, Desmond’s out. Sawyer reveals that they aren’t candidates anymore. Locke intend to sail away. There’s a dog… Vincent.

Rose and Bernard have Desmond and Vincent at their little hut. She doesn’t want him to stay though, their rule is not to be involved. Locke has found them though so too late. Locke pulls out his knife. He’ll kill them or Desmond follows. Desmond wants his word that he won’t ever touch them.

Locke and co set off. Where to? Bright light at least. Ben’s walkie talkie goes off. miles has found Richard. Richard wants to finish what they started.

AW Miles arrives at the same place as Hurley and Saayid are and he spots him. They go to check on Sun in the hospital. Jin is with her. They can’t keep running from her dad. In comes Juliette as the baby’s doctor. Oh, they don’t speak English. Keeps talking to her though. Sun remembers them doing this once before. He suddenly remembers the island as well. And their death. Suddenly, with the memories, they can speak English.

Sawyer runs to catch the others. Jack says they’re all going to the same place to end it all.

AW Jack is about to start the surgery. Jack is confident the surgery will work.

Richard and Miles talk and look, Richard has his first grey hair. He’s glad. He’s finally realized he wants to live. They start rowing. There’s a dead body beneath them and a call for help. It is the pilot. Survivor that one. But he wants to leave. He’s a pilot after all.

Smokester and co meet up with Jack and co for the great battle. Kate starts shooting at him in anger. Doesn’t matter though. Locke thinks it isn’t surprising. Jack was obvious. Jack says he wants to go with him and will kill him there. How do you plan to do that? That’s a surprise. (For who? Locke or Jack?) “Ok, let’s get on to it.”

AW Juliette finds Jack. Surprise, he’s her ex. Maybe they can take Claire with them. Sawyer arrives to check on Sun.

The gang goes to the light. Desmond is the surprise. He’s not sure how, but he thinks Desmond is a weapon. Locke thinks it should just be Locke, Desmond, and Jack for the end. They agree. Hurley has an added “I do believe in fairies” (or really in him) as a send off. They arrive, put a rope around Desmond’s waist. Desmond doesn’t think it matters, he’ll just go elsewhere in the light. Where he can be with the one he loves. Jack is there too. So Desmond actually remembers both lives. Maybe he can bring Jack there too. Jack says he tried. Desmond climbs into the light that should never be touched with the others coming after.

AW Saayid wants to know what they’re doing but Hugo says he can’t tell him. Trust. Hugo thinks Saayid is a good guy. Don’t let other people tell you what you are. Saayid isn’t convinced. Someone is getting beaten up. Saayid watches. It’s Shannon and Boone I’m guessing. Saayid rushes out to save her. They remember. Boone was waiting for him. They’re not done yet, this is only part of the plane.

The group are waiting. Miles calls Ben and he finally answers. Ben warns him not to blow it up. Out comes Claire with her gun. She shoots at the ground and they think they’re dead. She thinks Locke sent them to kill her. She doesn’t believe him. He asks her to come but she says no.

In the cave, they stare down a waterfall. They want to lower him down. He;ll go where the light is brightest. (There’s no way this “safety rope” would work properly.) Locke says this is like old times in the original hatch. Jack says he isn’t Locke and he disrespects him by wearing his face. Jack says Locke had been right about it all but Locke disagrees. Desmond heads to the brightest area. They look down and…

AW concert. Juliette gets a hospital call. Claire and David are all alone but he doesn’t seem to mind. Charlotte finds Charlie and wakes him up. She finds Daniel to ask where the rest of the band is. Daniel is playing piano. They don’t get a flash of memory!

AW David and Claire find Desmond and Kate at their table. Dr. Chang who we all know so well is announcing the evening. The music starts. Charlie sees Claire in the crowd and she wonders who he’s looking at. Suddenly she gets labor pains (or at least some kind of baby related pains) and excuses herself for the bathroom. Kate follows.

Desmond finds skeletons in the hole and then a stone at the center of a pool basking in light. A button/key like in the hatch? He gets in and the energy begins. Painful but still he pushes on to the rock. He pulls it out of the center. The light flickers and sounds like a dying engine and then goes out. And then… it looks like lava coming up through the hole that the rock was plugging. Desmond starts screaming. Locke thinks he’s right. Jack looks on in shock as an earthquake hits. Jack starts punching Locke and he starts bleeding. Fight! Fight! Fight! Lockester gets the best of him for the moment and runs. It seems they’re both right.

AW pregnant Claire is looking for the bathroom, Kate finds her. Mrs. Whitmore spots Desmond and is upset that he didn’t stop things. Will he take her son? Not with him. Of course Charlie comes along and Kate enlists him into help. Flashbacks of the birth last time around. Baby is born! Claire remembers now too. Eww gooey baby. Charlie comes with the blanket. Now that she remembers she wants them to remember. They touch and they do. How is Kate completely clean after delivering a baby on a couch? Desmond comes and asks if she understands. Now what?

EARTHQUAKE! Ben knocks Hugo out of the way and gets trapped. It starts pouring as Skokey predicted. Jack wakes up and goes in to search for Desmond. He pulls on the rope but…nothing. They try to really to help Ben but things aren’t working. Miles calls Ben and Kate finds the walkie talkie. They’re working on the plane right now. 5-6 hours. They plan to leave in an hour though. Locke has a boat they can take. Locke is at a cliff, there’s a Ladder. There’s a boat in the water. Jack finds him and jumps at him with a fist while non-Locke pulls a knife. Hmm, whose odds are better? Neither it seems. Locke does drop the knife which is a plus for Jack. More fighting. Jack chokes Locke. Now that isn’t the hypocratic oath! Locke gets the knife and stabs Jack. When he tries for a second time, at the neck, Kate shoots him from behind. Locke says he’s too late and Jack kicks him over the edge.

AW Locke is post-op. All’s well. Jack has a new sudden cut (correllating with non-Locke’s knife). Locke wakes up early. He tells him to relax. Locke is sure it worked, he can feel his legs. That’s kind of quick but he’s moving them so…flashbacks! Not for Jack though. Oh, yes for him too now. He wants to go and have Jack come. He tells Jack he doesn’t have a son. He hopes someone does for Jack what Jack did for him. Kill him or fix his legs?

The earthquake and storm seems to have righted itself. Though Jack seems to be dying a bit. Jack says he’ll be fine. The gang arrives. Kate says it’s over but we have another forty-five minutes and the earthquake isn’t really over. (And was Locke not where he landed?)

AW Sawyer is surprised to see them check out. Sawyer still doesn’t remember anything. But the Kwans are all happy and don’t want protection. “We’ll see you there,” they say enigmatically but Sawyer doesn’t know what he means.

Plane not quite working but Miles is sent to fix it. You may want to get away from the cliff. Jack says he needs to turn back on what Desmond shut off and they all need to get off the island. Kate wants him to come but he can’t let the island sink. Sawyer and Jack shake hands which is actually a nice touch after all of this. Ben plans to go down with the island. Yes captain! Hugo plans to stay too. He tells Kate she has to go and bring Claire. She’s all teary again. She wants to see him again but he can’t guarantee that. They kiss. (I’m sorry but this is the worst developed love story ever even though it’s the most predictable.) They do admit to loving each other now before splitting up. (I can’t wait to see Evangeline Lily do other things.)

Miles and Richard are working with duct tape. It’s one of the only things he believes in apparently. Pilot is in a rush and tells them to hurry. Time to jump. Kate doesn’t hesitate despite one weak arm and the height. She seems to be using her arm fine though.

AW Sawyer runs into Jack. So I guess Jack needs to run into Kate. And Sawyer? Juliette? At the vending machine, the thing Sawyer wants doesn’t work and as he tries to reach for it like a child, in comes Juliette. She says if you unplug and replug it, the camdy will just drop down. He does it and all the lights go out. But it worked. They touch and of course the memories come flooding back. Tears and joy and memories of death. (How awkward would it be if they were married to other people? Also think about in how many lifetimes/ways Jack and Sawyer have “shared” women.)

Jack gets to the concert as it’s over and Kate spots him. She tells him it’s over. He finds her familiar. The plane…Memories for him now, as predicted. She wants him to come with her so he can understand.

Hugo is helping Jack limp (I don’t actually remember them freeing Ben). They reach the cave and he intends to go in alone. How will he survive alone? He won’t but Hurley isn’t a fan of this plan. The island needs him! He’s not supposed to die. Jack says it needs to be Hugo, not Jack. He says he can’t. It was only supposed to be Jack for a little. Hugo should protect it. He believes in him. He agrees. Temporarily. They do the transfer ceremony yet again but shorter this time, just a drink. That all? Time for the suicide mission.

Pilot plans to try again and it seems to work. Perfect.

Jack is lowered into the well. Faster than planned. He unknots himself and finds Desmond unconscious. He says it didn’t work, he thought he’d leave. Jack helps him away from the circle. Desmond wants to put it back because he won’t die but Jack will. Jack says he’ll see him in another life.

Kate and Sawyer reach the island. They find Claire on the beach. The island looks to be sinking chunks at a time. The plane is moving nearby. Claire doesn’t want Aaron to see her crazy. Kate says she’s not alone, let her help. She convinces her and it’s time for a last run. But the plane is going already. Until they see them on the runway so he waits for them.

Jack struggles in the cave, getting the stopper into place. He drops it in and…nothing seems to change.

They get on the plane and it’s time. Poor Desmond. The earth is cracking and you can’t help but think that Kate has already had two plane crashes, how confident is she in being on a plane? They take off just in time and the question is, is the plane good enough to fly all the way to a real place? Claire and Kate hold hands. Sawyer just looks a bit shell shocked.

Jack cries at his apparent failure. And then…the water starts coming in. Victory! The light returns. Now it’s tears of happiness. Ben and Hurley watch in shock. They pull the rope and it’s Desmond not Jack who they rescue. Hurley is not happy by this discovery. But Jack looks ecstatic to be dying. Will he be the newest smoke monster?

AW gang is all together now at the mansion. Locke still has his wheelchair, but probably just for recovery’s sake. Ben is outside and Locke joins him. Ben apologizes for what he did, for being selfish. He wanted what Locke had–he was special. Locke forgives him. He says it does help. Matters more than he can say. He has some things to work out. Why still in the chair? Oh right, let me stand up again. So long.

Ben helps Desmond. Hurley mopes. Jack’s gone. Tears. Lots of crying lately. Hugo doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. Ben says, take care of people. It’s what he does best. Help Desmond get home. Ben says just because Jacob didn’t let people leave, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. Hugo wants Ben’s help. His experience. At least for a little while. He’d be honored.

AW Ben is still staring at the house when Hurley spots him and tells him to come in. Ben says he doesn’t think he’s coming. Hugo says h e was a great number two and Ben says he was a great number one. Up come Kate and Jack now. This is where Jack was going to have his father’s funeral. This is where he is going to have it. She’s going inside but he can go around back and come in when he’s ready. She’s waiting for him. When he’s ready to leave…

Jack wakes up outside, alive and bloody.

AW Jack goes inside and finds his dad’s coffin. He touches is and remembers more. Wow, he looked so much younger then. (Conveniently they don’t seem to remember Kate sleeping with Sawyer…) Jack opens the coffin and finds it empty. Because his father is apparently not dead. Or at least, he’s standing behind him. But…he died. Yes. How are you here? How are you here? He died too. Jack cries and his dad comforts him. They’re real. Everything. They’re all dead. So…this AW is what? Heaven? Some died before Jack, some after. This is the place they made together so they could find one another. (Oh, well that makes it clearer.) His dad says this was the most important time of his life, that’s why they’re all together now. They all needed each other. To remember. To let go. They’re moving on now. Where to? Let’s go find out. So not heaven, a gateway? They go out and find everyone hugging and talking.

Intercut these with Jack stumbling wounded through the jungle. (Boone is Damon, how weird.) There’s a ked shoe one a tree. All hugs around. Claire’s baby is there. (So not everyone is here, just a lot of them–Echo, Ana Lucia, Michael, Daniel, Miles, and that crew.) Jack collapses and bleeds out. Time for the funeral. Vincent lays down with Jack as he dies. I always did like Vincent. Jack’s dad walks through doors at the back into a bright light that fills the room. The plane flies overhead and Jack smiles.

The end.

So…what was with the polar bear?

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2 Responses to “Lost: The End”

  1. sarah Says:

    i’m glad you finally watched it!! i wasn’t impressed, i wanted more answers…aka the polar bears…i really kinda hated this entire season, i think they could have done soooo much more with it.

    • ax20 Says:

      i think there were a handful of great episodes and even more so-so ones. and it ended up being both strange and predictable.

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