Pretty Little Liars

Is it just me or does this imply that they do some grave digging?

ABC Family’s newest show, (based on a book) following a group of girls whose friend Allison disappeared (and supposedly whose body has been found) a year ago. They start getting mysterious text messages from “A” who knows secrets about them that only Allison knew. It also seems like “A” is stalking them (or has cameras hidden in their room?). They have kept some secrets from the police–like how a prank they pulled caused a girl to go blind, how they were drinking the night Allison disappeared, how Allison was dating an older boy, etc.–and I’m sure they are keeping more.

After seeing MIOBI and being thoroughly entranced, I found this show slightly disappointing, in large part because the actress come off as exceedingly stiff and unnatural. Lucy Hale (who plays Aria), feels like the biggest disappointment, if only because she’s the only one I knew beforehand and I actually liked her in Privileged. I was also excited to see Holly Marie Combs back on tv but she is barely on the show.

Each character has a sort of story:
Aria– caught her father cheating on her mom and kept it secret, made out with her teacher (before and after she knew he was her teacher)
Spencer– comes from an overachieving family, obsessed with winning to prove herself, makes out with her sister’s bf. twice.
Emily– has a boyfriend but becomes attracted to her new female neighbor
Hannah– shoplifts and got caught, the new queen bee (or so episode 1 seemed to claim but we haven’t really seen it)

None of the stories are particularly unique (maybe the theft but you can only do so much with that) and the characters are all fairly one-dimensional.

I’m expecting some much bigger secret to come out. Not sure I’m going to keep watching this, but I’m willing to watch a little more, at least until more summer shows premiere.


5 Responses to “Pretty Little Liars”

  1. sarah Says:

    Just finished watching the second ep…of course, it’s no MIOBI, but I am going to keep watching as of now!

  2. sarah Says:

    have you kept watching?? i’m liking it…

    • ax20 Says:

      i have. part good and part needs to get moving on the plot. the one thing i don’t like is i don’t know where they’re going or supposedly going (even if that isn’t where we think it is going initially)

  3. sarah Says:

    I hope you have still been watching, this is taking over as my new guilty pleasure and I am enjoying it much more than MIOBI this season…I never thought I would admit that! Tuesdays episode was great…I hope they can keep it up. It just got picked up for another 12 episodes too….I think from our last chat about PLL the plot has def. picked up-what do you think?

    • ax20 Says:

      I have been watching. While I find Aria to be the most boring character, I’m enjoying the rest of them (Hannah and Emily especially). I think a lot of how I feel about the show will come down to what the resolution is and how plausible it feels because I am still having a hard time believing Allison is still alive (based on the police and family positively identifying and burying her body) but can’t see how someone else would know all their secrets unless Allison kept a diary or specifically told someone. Definitely a guilty pleasure show though. I agree it’s gotten more exciting (especially this last episode).

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