Fresh Meat II: Finale

So it’s Jen vs Ryan (oh you mean there’s also Noor and Theresa involved, you kinda wouldn’t know it) and let’s be honest, we all knew who was coming back. No one seems to manage the blackout challenges well, even though they’ve been in the daytime with far less problems. In the end, Jen and Noor win, as expected. Also not surprising that everyone hoped Ryan and Theresa would come back in so that things would be easier. (As though Jen and Noor are going to be challenging in the end.)

Final challenge. The thing I hate about the final challenge is that 75% of it comes down to size. 20% is luck. 5% is heart. In this case, the size factor comes into play with the row boats and the climb. The luck comes into play with the boats and the bikes (if you don’t know how to ride a bike like Jillian or you are uncomfortable with boats like Jen, you are at a disadvantage). And heart is how hard you can yourself.

The truth is, this race came mostly down to luck. Landon and Carly started in the best position in the boat race while Jill and Pete collided with Laurel and Kenny, which put them behind. I truly believe that was the moment that caused the unexpected outcome of a Landon-Carly win. Sure Laurel was dragging a bit on the mountain, but so was Carly, so you can’t really blame it completely on her.

I will say, Kenny was nice than he has been in the past when yelling at a partner during the finals and someone should point out to him that the yelling is not likely to motivate his partner into doing better. As Carly said, Landon’s kind motivation was what helped her keep going. When you like your partner you want to step up for them.

I’m hoping that this show learns how to create more balance both in teams and in challenges. They really should take a look at Survivor to see how to make the challenges less gender-specific and maybe create fair teams based on past performance and some sort of series of challenges (like the obstacle course for the newbies).


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