The Secret Life: Do Over

Ben still looks shocked. He spots Adrian and she lets him know that she’s not pregnant–she started her period. They’re both thrilled. She leaves and Henry and Alice want to know what’s going on. Nothing. Well…she thought she was pregnant, but she’s not. Alice thinks Adrian might be lying. Grace and Adrian discuss and Adrian says she doesn’t want Grace to say anything to anyone. She doesn’t want people to talk about it. What if Grace told Jack who told Madison who told Amy. Adrian sees Ashleigh and assures her that nothing happened. Did she tell anyone? Ashleigh told her dad. She used her as an excuse to get birth control pills.

Ricky sees them talking and tells Ashleigh not to be friends with Adrian. She’s a bad influence. Ashleigh points out she’s got a mind of his own and he’s not a good influence. That’s what he likes about her. Ashleigh says she doesn’t want Amy to pay attention to her and her sex life. With who? Wouldn’t you like to know? She walks away and he says “yeah, maybe I would like to know.”

Amy wonders why Ben hasn’t been returning her calls after saying he loves her. Madison clearly knows something but they think it’s just Jack problems. Amy thinks Lauren had sex, but she didn’t. He walks by, sees them, but doesn’t say anything.

George and Ashleigh talk to the doctor about getting her on the pill. The doctor is concerned about them not telling Anne. She wants to talk to Ashleigh alone. She also thinks George’s hair plugs might be infected.

Amy took John home because the other kids at nursery are sick. Anne wonders if maybe it’s a bad idea to get back together with Ben. But Ben is Ben…Is Ashleigh going out for track? That’s what George said. Amy’s sure it’s a lie. Why would they lie about that? Birth control pills…

Ben calls Adrian. He wants to talk to her. In comes Grace with cookies. She got her license and came right over, just like he did when he got his. He has work now though. She wanted to celebrate him and Adrian’s good news. Grace says she wants to be more than friends with him. He says he has to go. He makes an excuse so that he can’t see her car. He’s acting weird but she still gives him a kiss on the cheek. Still no answer from Adrian. He calls Bunny to take the afternoon off for “personal reasons.” She gives him grief but agrees. Bunny wonders if Adrian is in trouble. Ricky thinks something is going on. Ricky says he doesn’t care about Adrian but he does care about Ben and Amy.

Madison and Jack make out. Madison is afraid that Amy will hate her for not telling her about Adrian’s scare. Jack insists she keep it a secret. She’s open to “the same kind of sex they were having before.” He told her he loves her and he really does. He’s not just saying it to get her to do something. She didn’t think he’d ever say it to her. She needs something to prove that he told her he loved her. He doesn’t have anything.

Ben calls Adrian and she finally answers. He’s outside her house and wants to talk to her. He says he doesn’t know if he believes her that she’s not pregnant. She lets him in. He asks if she had an abortion and she says no. And if she’d wanted to, it would be her decision not his. He disagrees, but it doesn’t matter because it’s irrelevant. He’s still not sure. He would feel really guilty if she “made the problem go away.” She tells him they should move on. They made a mistake, but they’re friends. She hopes. He does too. They apologize to each other. She understands how Amy felt a little better now and she hopes things work out between him and Amy. She knows Ricky will never forgive her though so nothing’s happening there. Maybe someday she won’t care what Ricky thinks.

Anne is there when Ashleigh and George come in. Ashleigh claims she made it on the team but when Anne asks her about what specifically she made it in. Hesitation. She says she hopes he believes her. Then he says he got his hair plugs taken out by the pediatrician’s nurse. Anne thinks that’s strange.

Tom makes fun of Grace for having no friends. Her mom suggests she take Tom for a ride. He’s upset because she doesn’t want him to ride. She seems upset now. Is she in a fight with Grace? She got a text from Adrian that said: “Remember not a word to anyone.” What does it mean? Grace goes through it all. She suggests Adrian talk to her mom. Grace wasn’t even supposed to tell anyone. She suggests that maybe Grace should meet some new guys but Grace doesn’t want to.

Ben is putting away his socks when Ricky comes in to ask why he missed work. He’s all happy and giddy. Ricky thinks they had sex again. He assures them they didn’t. Ricky says it’s time to talk to Amy. Ricky sums up all the girl relationships Ben has–Grace, Adrian, and Amy. Ricky wants him to go talk to Amy now. Let’s go!

Jack’s parents come in to talk to him. They have a huge decision that they wants to talk about. He’s in a fight with Madison right now. Their news: they’re moving. They want to. To Phoenix. He’s been offered a job now. Jack doesn’t want to miss his senior year. They suggest he stay with a friend for the year. Is there any friend that would let him do it? This could only work if he can find a friend. Jack is sure it will work. He insists they take the job. Jack starts making calls. He calls Madison to apologize and ask if he can live by her.

Ricky comes to talk to Ashleigh while Ben and Amy talk. He says he doesn’t want to go back to Adrian because she tried to hurt Ricky and Amy and he’s over people trying to hurt him. So, what now? He still wants to have a companion(s). He thinks she’s too young to talk about this. She’s the same age as when he slept with Amy. How are things with her and Grant? Want some advice? No. Don’t have sex in high school. Don’t be like everybody else. She says she isn’t and he says he hopes not.

Ben and Amy talk. John was glad to see him. He’s sorry he didn’t call her back, he scared her back. He loves her but, how can they make it work? The last two years have been hard on both of them. Why not forget everything that happened? They kiss. Of course. He says he won’t hurt her again. She says the same. This seems like a poor decision.

Madison asks her parents about Jack moving in. They say no.

Ashleigh’s mother wants to go for a run with her. She needs to train for the track team. She wants to spend a lot of time with Ashleigh now. She hasn’t spent time with her at all. Ashleigh comes clean. Anne reveals that she knew and maybe they all handled things poorly. George admits they were wrong to lie. Ashleigh says she doesn’t plan to have sex but she wants a back up plan to be protected. Ashleigh says why could Amy be on the pill but not her? Oops, no one knew that. Amy says she’s sick of being reminded of her mistake. Anne says it’s time to start talking as a family.

Leo and Betty talk to Ben about Amy. Leo suggests he take things slowly.

Adrian’s dad comes in to talk to her. He doesn’t like her mother’s traveling. But he says he’s glad she found him, she changed his life for the better. He asks if everything is ok. Fine. She’d not speaking to Ricky, but that’s ok. Casual sex is really not all that casual. Next time she wants to have sex with someone she loves. He points out change isn’t easy and he’s there for her. When he leaves, she calls a clinic to talk to a counselor.


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