Lie to Me

The one thing I think this show is missing is the big picture. I like when shows, even ones that are procedural, have some bigger storyline going so that it feels like there is some importance to actually catching each episode rather than just random ones (for example Bones had the grave digger). Not to say that every episode should relate to this, but that way there can be small bits here and there that add up in the end.

That being said, I thought this episode was a great episode. Well, at least half of it was a great episode. The Tores Locher story was a little “whatever” to me, but I thought the Foster Lightman storyline (which they then pulled Tores into) was excellent. Not surprising. The guy who played Mark had a super creepy smile so anyone could pick up that there was something off by the time he got done describing the first picture. While the suspense in regards to “who did it” was lacking, there were certainly enough anxiety to make up for it.

The one thing I’m not thrilled with is the girl escaping and her being the one to “solve” everything. It was both a little too easy and also a little out of character for Mark. He seems too organized and careful for something like that to happen.

If the show keeps raising the stakes, this should be a really interesting season. They’ve clearly set up (even more so than before) the beginnings of a Foater-Lightman relationship that I’m not sure how I feel about, but I suppose it depends on how they develop things. I think we need to know more about Foster (more than her bad relationship with her husband).

I would like us to delve further into Locher and Tores’s backgrounds, so here’s to hoping we see mroe of them.


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