Fresh Meat II: Episode 9

First to discuss the results of last week’s challenge. Ultimately, Carley and Landon made it back in time to win (with the five minutes taken off their time because of the puzzle). While people are saying “well if Evelyn had agreed to do the puzzle they would have won,” this isn’t necessarily true, it is just a possibility. How long would it have taken them to do the puzzle? How long did it take Carley and Landon to do it? (They seemed to have been working on it for a bit before getting it.) I don’t know that there was much of anything they could have done better other than not fumble in the very beginning. Luke did do awful on the challenge leading up to the exile, but there’s no saying if he should win or not. I understand why Ev was so upset and she did act like a bit of a baby, but TJ was also out of line. Luke saying “be gracious” couldn’t possibly have helped things. Think about it, you tried everything you could to win a game (after many a heartbreaking shows–remember, she was bullied and betrayed constantly in past seasons) and you lose and you feel like your partner doesn’t care (whether that is true or not is a separate question of course) and you need to blow off some steam and someone says “stop crying, you’re being ridiculous.” How would that make you feel? And how would that help things? What she needed was to be left alone. And maybe Luke, knowing that she felt so awful and felt like he didn’t seem to care, should have grinned a little less and said “we tried really hard, I’m proud of what we did, I wish we could have gone further” and then just stepped back.

Anyway, on to the next challenge before the final exile. There is no voting, it comes down to this obstacle course, whoever finishes in the last two spots will be going in and to no one’s great surprise, it is Jenn and Noor vs Ryan and Theresa. The truth is that while it sucks to go in so close to the end, at least whoever comes back will have seen an exile before the finals. (By the way, have Laurel and Kenny ever actually been to an exile?) At least one of them would have gone in anyway. I’m not sure why no one ever thought to throw Kenny and Kaurel against Jill and Pete (though seeing Laurel pushing around Jill was so funny–Laurel’s reaction in particular) in an exile. There were a couple of weeks where they had the chance and while it may not have been the “admirable” thing, it is the best strategic thing.

I hope next is back to regular team divisions and is less obviously dominated by a single team. Match them up evenly for once! (Maybe forget all this theme garbage…)


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