10 Things: Revolution

Sexy car wash plans by Bianca and Chastity. Chastity thinks Bianca should be the new vice head president. It’s up to her anyway. They have an awkward moment when they run into the other girls they’re talking about. Chastity thinks they’re planning a coup. She wants to take them down.

Kat is at the University fair and goes to Brown. The brit kid pushes himself in and it makes Kat decide to run for Student Body President.

Bianca is unhappy because she wants to hang up posters for the car wash and Kat’s posters are in the way. Dad’s out of town, perfect time for a bikini car wash. Patrick is nearby, looking super buff (as Bianca says) and Kat decides to talk to him. She claims she didn’t go abroad because of Bianca. She also says they should be civil. She’d like his vote but he doesn’t “vote in these stupid elections.”

Bianca and Chastity and Dawn want to fight out what to and Dawn suggests a fake fight.

Kat has some girls helping her with her campaign. Meanwhile the brit is going for outrageous promises about parties.

Car wash time. Bianca and Chastity stage a fight. Problem…they diss each other but the disses get progressively meaner. Which means water girlfight. To a crowd watching. Chastity kicks Bianca off but the girls decide to vote Chastity off for throwing a sponge at Bianca. That didn’t seem to go so well…

Bianca and Dawn look over her injuries. Joey is on TV doing the Biggest Poser. It’s a weird animal shoot. The girls are mean to each other and Bianca says she hates how girls are mean to each other. Dawn says Chastity was mean first. Bianca wants to be better than the reality TV stars.

Kat tapes a video but she’s not very good. They suggest she smiles and needs a more interesting speech. Cam takes it and tells her to talk from the heart. That seems to be even worse. He comes up with a new idea. It involves making a mid-video where she raps…it’s weird and she kinda looks like Kelly Clarkson.

Blank has sent the girl to beat Kat and he thinks Kat might win with the video. Tabitha just wants to be in charge of prom.

Bianca says maybe they went too far, they should forgive Chastity. No one agrees. The new girl in charge says she’ll “try and forget the conversation.” Bianca and Dawn quit, hoping they can’t find anyone to replace them before the game.

Video time. Someone plays the video that had her being mean. Kat gets boo-ed. Blank stops her to say he had nothing to do with it but she doesn’t believe him. It was Tabitha, who is very pleased with herself.

Bianca is sure they’ll be asked back. Michelle comes for their uniforms, they have new girls. Uh-oh. They find Chastity to make a plan. Chastity has transferred because she was in the school only to be head cheerleader. So much for that plan.

Kat’s car has been trashed. But Patrick holds up a sign saying he voted for her. He comes over and gives her a hug and offers her a ride home.

Bianca is upset about everything that happened. Cameron says there are some cool things about being unpopular. Free time to hang out, lower cell bill. Dad arrives.

Something for Bianca to watch. Joey is in the hot tub with the girl who had a baby. She’s clearly flirting but he doesn’t get it, then she leans in to kiss him. End of episode.

Kat and Pat are in bed. Post-sex. No fights. Things are better for them. (Umm…dad’s coming…) She asks him a favor: don’t break my heart. He agrees. Before he can ask his favor, in comes dad. And he’s not leaving.


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