Fresh Meat: Episode 7

No surprise that Ev is going in. Though I do admire the persistence of trying to get someone on her side, I feel the need to point out to her that Jenn and Ryan, considered the two weakest team, would be the two smartest teams to keep around through the finale because they would be the easiest to be and as such, it is most logical to keep them in rather than send them to exile. Though who knows, maybe Kenny will remain loyal to Jill and Pete.

The challenge was beyond ridiculous. I was trying to explain it to a friend and I was watching and she just kept being like “what?” “they hang around and just swing?” I don’t like team challenges where one team member doesn’t actually do anything. Like Jen was so proud of the win and I wanted to say Jen, all you did was hang from your ankles, you didn’t win anything. Noor did all the work!

Ev needs to calm down a little. No sense in pissing your partner off now is there? But she probably feels overwhelmed by all the hate directed towards her. (Perhaps she should have allowed for more group discussion rather than unilateral decision making.)

Finally, the exile. Landon and Carley vs Ev and Luke. It’s hard to say what the real time frame is since it’s done by TV. It seemed like Landon and Carley finished the puzzle only moments after Ev and Luke left, but there’s no telling if that’s the truth or not (also, I was surprised by how weak Ev was in the beginning, it seemed uncharacteristic of her, but she seemed to pick up). I wonder if Carley can make it to the end at all. She didn’t look good. I wish they hadn’t cut it off right before we find out. That seems unnecessary…

Based solely on the fact that Carley looked like she might not finish the competition at all, I’m going to guess Luke and Ev won, but in truth, for the first time, I’m not really sure.


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