10 Things: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Kat and Pat see each other and…ignore each other awkwardly. Bianca whines about missing Joey, he’s only been gone two days. Kat suggests she call him but they only have one phone in the model house. Kat says she’s done with Patrick. Then they see their dad talking to the guidance counselor and realize they’re dating. Bianca freaks. Kat suggests calming down, maybe they aren’t dating. Bianca is sure. Kat says they support dad, they’ve been wanting dad to date forever. Dad denies when he gets home and then admits it. It’s something special, maybe…Bianca tells him not to date her. Kat insists so Bianca agrees to have her over for dinner.

Kat’s doing some weird yoga thing when she sees Pat flirting with a girl. The person leading the group welcomes Kat but she’s distracted. Kat volunteers to go with the group to Nepal.

Bianca gets a call from Joey and she tells him about her dad. What if she becomes her stepmom?!? Before they can talk the phone is pulled away from Joey by another model.

Cameron is trying to open a locker. It’s a love poem for Dawn. Pat sees Kat smiling and laughing and he’s sad.

Dinner with the guidance counselor. Kat tells her dad about the program she wants to go on. Ms. Tharpe supports Kat’s idea, her dad is not so into it. Bianca asks Ms. Tharpe if she’s been married. No, but she’s been engaged 4 times. She was arrested once. Bianca gets a call from Joey but her dad hangs up. She storms off.

Ms. Tharpe goes up to talk to Bianca who just wants to be alone. She knows how she feels. They go shopping together and exercise and pedicures…Basically, they become besties and it’s kind of weird.

Kat keeps pushing the Nepal thing. He basically says it’s up to her without saying it.

Bianca gets a call from Joey while in class. He’s been doing well on his go-sees. The teacher takes her phone away.

Kat and Pat run into each other. She reveals that she’s leaving for three months. He tells her to have fun. Dawn is thrilled about Cameron’s poem. It gets Patrick thinking, maybe I should show her.

The trip doesn’t sound so great with all the things that could go wrong.

Bianca interrupts one of Ms. Tharpe’s session because she wants to get her phone. Ms. Tharpe says in school she’s the guidance counselor not her friend and then Bianca is angry and runs off. She then insists her dad stop dating her. (Bianca!)

Kat finds out that the person she thought was coming to Nepal isn’t. Pat approaches and he has…her earring for her.

Bianca and Joey are talking. Joey is nervous about make over day. Bianca gets off the phone mid-conversation and goes to sit with her dad who is miserable. She says she was being selfish and says she’s switching guidance counselors.

Kat has all her stuff and she’s all sad and lonely as the only one without a significant other. Kat goes outside to try out her equipment. Bianca says she’s so brave. Kat says she doesn’t want to go but Patrick didn’t try to stop her. She starts crying. Bianca says she’s stopping her.

As far as episodes go, this one was pretty mediocre. Nothing actually changed.


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