General Recaps

Ghost Whisperer- well, I’m not sure how I felt about this series finale. It sort of felt like things were rushed to a resolution that was all too easy. It was nice to see how Aiden’s powers were important, but it seemed like there was no final battle. Everyone just held hands and then all was well. I wish it had been more of a struggle, that it had felt like they might actually lose Melinda, some sense of danger for Aiden and the rest of the gang. It was like in one moment we got everything we needed to know, rather than learn it gradually like we should have been.

Grey’s Anatomy- this double episode was both good and bad. On the one hand, there was so much happening. You could really feel the shock and terror of the characters. You felt Lexi’s panic, Christina’s uncertainty, Arizona and Callie’s love…As far as acting goes, it was really some of the best. I even grew to appreciate April here. And Mandy Moore did a pretty good job as a guest star. And I wasn’t sorry to get rid of most of those Mercy Westers (not saying this is how I was hoping to get rid of them…) The episode had it’s downsides too, like some over the top speeches and the question of why the doors weren’t locked anywhere. The gunman seemed to hit every wing of the hospital with unrealistic ease and speed. But, I thought emotionally, the episode hit it right. I twas possibly one of the best episodes (2 episodes) in quite a few seasons.

Bones- Anyone else feel sad at the end of this episode? The case itself was nothing special, but there were so many great people moments. (“I taught you about eye contact, you taught me about evolution.”) I’m not entirely sure where this will lead things to start next season (something going wrong on Bones’s trip and calling Booth in?) but I can’t wait to see how they are pulled back together.

Glee- Talk about an episode of awesomeness. Idina Sings! NPH guest stars! Joss Whedon directs! And the music! They’ve made an obvious play (SPOILER: Idina’s character is Rachel’s mother!) that I didn’t even consider until now and it leaves me to wonder if this is setting up yet another twist (she’s faking it to get into Rachel’s head) or it’s true (and maybe she’ll become a regular on the show–fingers crossed). I can’t remember the last time I was so pleased with an episode.

V- it keeps getting better. No question about it, the show has found it’s footing. It took some time but they’ve finally managed to balance character, story, and action. I’m a little sad we didn’t really get to see the baby and I can’t help but wonder if Ryan is just a really good actor or if he’s really been taken in.

Parenthood- I’m so glad this show is on TV. For one thing, the way they handle all the complex familial relationships is skillful. The adults are like overgrown teens in some moments and true parents the next. You feel for both sides of every argument and every issue. (Julia’s character is the least multi-dimensional and I hope for more from her, but the others are pretty well developed.)


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