90210: Confessions

Jen gets an ultrasound. Naomi is stuck with the parking. When she rummages through Jen’s things she finds a paternity test.

Jenny and Liam talk about the coins. What to do? Liam is afraid of his life ending–his step dad might send him away or press charges. Annie suggests making it right some other way, like helping the housekeeper. Annie says at least he can do something, you can’t always.

Ad is performing in NY and people seem wild about the performance. Amazing! So amazing! The limo is full of gifts from fans. And he gives her the bracelet he receives. That’s…almost romantic?

Ivy jumps on Dixon and wants to go to the Pass the Torch on party. She’s not so into it. Ivy says all that matters is that they’re honest with each other and she can’t wait to go to Aussie with her. But he looks longingly at Silver and I just want to say “stop it!”

Naomi sends Ryan (teacher) “congrats dad” balloons and leaves the paternity test results. Surprise!

In school they learn about the universe and space. Dixon has something to tell Ivy…about the two minutes they were broken up? He kissed Silver. It didn’t mean anything but he doesn’t want to keep the secret from her. Ivy says she’s done playing second fiddle to another girl. Good for you Ivy! Someone who actually learned from their mistakes!

The Principal tells someone he is about to fail a grade but the kid says he will get Harry in trouble for covering for Dixon.

Naomi falls behind in gym and spots Liam. She finds him to complain about gym. He doesn’t seem interested. How is she feeling? he asks. He tells her to stop lying, it’s over. They never had much in common. All he needed was to talk and she pretended to have the flu. She tries to point out that he’s not perfect either but he stands firm. (Yeah, Naomi, great way to win someone back…)

Silver interviews Ad about her career. Naveed watches unhappily and then spots the bracelet. It was the one he left her. Naveed cuts the live interview. He has a couple of personal questions, like where he got the bracelet. He points out the significance of each charm and she realizes it is from him. Whoops Naveed, you’re still live. He asks for the bracelet back. She doesn’t want to. Silver tries to warn them but he’s not interested. She didn’t know he liked her. She says no one can compete with him. And kiss. To the awes and cheers of everyone who then realize everyone was watching.

Jen is at the beach club tasting food when Ryan arrives to talk. He asks if it’s true about his baby. Who told him? He saw a paternity test. She got his DNA from a hairbrush. It’s true. He doesn’t want to mess it, he’ll get his life back on track. He wants to be there. He may not make a lot of money but…he wants to do what he can. She says she doesn’t need his help. He says this is his baby, he has rights, which she will fight him for in court.

Teddy asks Silver for an explanation and she tells him about his dad. Teddy is furious. She explains that his dad may be a jerk but he was right about Teddy’s career. He says he needs her in his life. He can do both. She kicks him out again. Though it hurts her.

At the Pass the Torch party, Silver and Naomi arrive in the requisite red for juniors. Everyone seems to be coupled. Silver wants to leave, Naomi insists on staying. Why is Naomi in a good mood? She says she’s fantastic and she’ll meet someone better. Silver is not in the mood and spots Teddy. Naomi asks why she broke up with him. She points out that Teddy should make his own decisions.

Ad is inside and Javiar spots her. She has something to tell him. He wants her to open for him on tour. She tells him about Naveed. Why? She loves him. Laurel spots him and he reveals that it’s not over.

Annie goes to Liam’s boat, in red. He says he told his mom. And he plans to tell his stepdad too. He seems thrilled. He wanted her to see that his boat is sea-ready. Time to find out how it sails. They’re kind of actually a good couple, despite my dislike for her.

Ivy moans about wanting to leave when she is called to the planetarium (ps- that outfit is way short for her). She gets there to find it seemingly empty. Apparently, Dixon has managed to get controls (I saw this show!) and does a little thing about how she’s the center of his world and the only one for him. Mr. Reed has some connections. What does she say? Okay. She’d like to be back with him and it would be nice if he still came to Australia. For real. They leave tonight.

Javiar sings for the party (because all A-list singers sing at high school parties). Naomi urges Silver to go to Teddy and finally she does. She tells him it is his decision. He asks her to dance.

Ryan spots Laurel at the party and he seems drunk. He was excited to be a father. She tells him to go home and sleep it off. (Wow, unlike her.)

They do a literal passing the torch ceremony. Naomi looks upset and wanders out alone. She gets on the mini school bus. Ryan just misses the bus and asks to be driven. He wants to go now even though the next shuttle leaves in fifteen. So he steals the bus. That seems like an excellent plan…

Annie and Liam are still at the party. He hasn’t named the boat yet because he doesn’t know what to call it. Annie can’t believe he’s going to tell the truth. He says he’s made a lot of mistakes but he’s changed and he wants to do the right thing. He doesn’t think he could live with himself otherwise. She tells him he’s a better person than her. He thinks she’d do the same thing. She says she wouldn’t. She’s done worse and kept it secret. So she comes clean now…She cries. He hugs her. So he’s not appalled. Jasper meanwhile is watching, of course. And he is not happy.

Naomi goes to her car. Is she about to be hit by Ryan? The car won’t start.

Dixon is trying on hats. Aunt Becky tells him he can’t go to Australia. She said yes when she didn’t know what happened. The decision is final. Harry comes home and says he was just fired. Aunt Becky’s only response is maybe he shouldn’t have lied. More yelling. Dixon overhears the fight and takes his bag and leaves. Aunt Becky says they have nothing now. No savings, no jobs, no love. Can either of them say they still love each other.

Ad and Naveed are kissing when in comes Javiar (to July Flame!) and he says he still thinks she’s talented and is still offering her to go on tour with him. Naveed tells her to do it. He can come. Javiarsays it isn’t a summer tour, it’s a year. She says she’s still in school. Why go to school? To get a job. This is her career.

Naomi goes into the school to get help with her car and there is Mr. Canon. She’s looking for a phone to borrow. He asks if everything is ok. She says it isn’t and starts crying that everything is wrong and it’s all her fault. She says she’s terrible, he says she isn’t. He offers her some water and she accepts.

Ryan makes it back without killing anyone and leaves the motor running as he goes to his car and hits Naomi’s in the process. He backs up and hits the school sign, which causes a fire. (He sees Mr. Cannon closing the blinds and Naomi inside.)

Liam walks Annie home but she needs to tell her parents on her own. He’s planning to spend the summer on his boat. Aunt Becky and Harry are sitting in the kitchen and she comes clean.

Liam comes out and spots his boat on fire. And Jasper crutching away. Liam beats Jasper up. The police come but that doesn’t stop him.

Mr. Cannon shows Naomi a video about some project he’s working on. She says he’s impressed and he’s talented. He takes her hand and she seems nervous. She should go…he kisses her. He says it’s what she wants. He tells her to stop teasing him. She pushes him away. He slaps her. He points out that no one will believe her if she tells.


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