10 Things: Changes

Dad flirts with Once-Mary Cherry and sets a new date. Bianca says she’s accomplished her first 3 pages of her dream journal. The next goal is a Martha Stewart worthy dinner party. She wants to do it Saturday, which is when his date is. He says he will cancel. Bianca says he can’t come and Kat will chaperone because she’s practically ancient.

Where is Kat? Making out in the car with Patrick. Pulling off shirts banter, lots of kissing.

Kat wants to plan when they should consummate. Saturday night. Bianca tells her about chaperone plans but Kat’s got plans. Even better.

Cameron and Dawn are still dating.. Cameron is thrilled. He didn’t tell Michael, he found out from graffiti. No longer Spoink. Saturday night video games? Michael has to tell him something first. He…just became a level 8 player! (I don’t think that’s it.)

Bianca goes over the dinner party plans with Joey. She had to invite Chastity. And Joey has an audition with The Biggest Poser. He wants her to come because she make him feel confident. And when he looks into her eyes he can see how hot he is.

Kat and Patrick get tested for STDs. As they fill out forms, Kat tries to see who he slept with. She’s slept with only one more person.

Cameron doesn’t know what to do. He’s double booked with Dawn and Michael for the dinner party. He wants Chastity to take Michael to the dinner party. He gives her a pep talk about popularity that gets her to agree.

Bianca worries over the seating arrangement but Joey has to stretch his face. (She worries about de-classing things by height differentials.) While he goes to audition, some girl tells him Joey will definitely make it and reality stars will dump of cheat on you. Then she goes to take a bikini shot with him. Bianca isn’t so confident anymore.

Kat waits for Patrick to come back from testing. All clear! Kat got her results faster so she was nervous. (PS who was the one person she slept with?) Pat takes a condom on the way out.

Kat lotions her legs and Bianca worries about her clothing. Bianca realizes that Kat plans to have sex. Kat says she’s mature while Bianca is an idiot. Kat was Bianca’s age when she slept with Josh. They moved the next day and he never called her again. He moved on two days later. It was devastating and she doesn’t want to see Bianca make the same mistake. Kat says she’s more mature. Love isn’t sex. They got tested…Wow, that sounds like a wonderful transaction. Joey is too busy looking for phone service (he’s expecting a call) to pay attention to how she looks.

Patrick has taken Kat to a place overlooking the cliff and decked out the van for them to do it in.

Chastity gives Michael ground rules: no physical contact, no looking in the eye. Michael reveals to Chastity that he’s gay. But he’s only been out for 3 days. Benji says he’s a newborn. He hasn’t told Cameron yet. So she tells everyone. Bianca says she won’t, she doesn’t want coming out drama at her dinner. Cameron thinks Michael and Chastity look great together. Michael says Chastity isn’t his type.

Dad and Mary Cherry are discussing all the reasons why they shouldn’t date. She realizes what they’re doing. She’s all psych-talking. She thinks they should give it a shot. He agrees.

Joey demonstrates his audition poses. Bianca asks him to watch the food. And get Dawn off Cameron’s lap because it isn’t elegant. He agrees but then he gets a call and runs out. Sure enough the meat burns. Great news though, he got in. He leaves for NY tomorrow. Seems Bianca’s dinner is ruined.

Kat and Patrick are in the back. He’s wanted to do this since the first day of school and the stare off. She says she won and he let her. He says he knew he’d get her eventually. This catches her off guard and she asks if that’s all she is to him. He doesn’t get that she’s upset. Until she puts her shirt back on. She says just because she wants to have sex, doesn’t mean she should. She’s not going to be fooled again.

Joey wants to make friends on the show then beat them. Bianca makes a toast to Joey but she’s all teary and the glass breaks so she runs off. They all don’t know what to do. Michael admits he’s gay. Chastity says she’s thrilled she came. Joey follows her upstairs and she says she’s happy for him but she’s worried everything will change. He says his feelings for her won’t change. He loves her no matter what. She loves him too! Kiss and make up. Best dinner party ever. Cameron is in shock. He says he needs a chance to process. It’s not as much a shock as it should be. So…he’s not wierded out which is good, cause also he has a crush on Joey.

Kat is home and upset and Bianca tells Kat the good news. Kat pretends to be fine about breaking up with Patrick. Right. Not even going to go after her Bianca?


3 Responses to “10 Things: Changes”

  1. K Says:

    I can’t believe they are canceling this show. Next week is the series finale.

  2. Chloe Says:

    wow, so fast? i guess everyone would just get back together in that finale.

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