Survivor: The Penultimate Episode

Wow. The show just keeps getting better. Just when you’re sure Parvati is going to be voted off (or that the votes will tie at the very least) Parvati wins immunity and completely saves herself. Things could have really changed for Rupert and Colby but Russel chickened out for fear of the girls turning on him, even though he’s already lost their trust. I’m surprised he turned because he didn’t know Sandra had the idol so he still had a good shot of keeping a majority with Rupert and Colby (though it would prob guarantee his loss in the final even more than now). And no, I don’t think Sandra will get in trouble by anyone but Russel for not sharing that she had an idol. Parvati did the same thing and the women still followed her. (It’s not like she used it to betray her alliance.)

I hate when players are cocky. Sandra being all “I wasn’t going to use my idol…” It’s the last week. I don’t care if you are 100% positive you will make it to the final. Play the damn idol because you cannot use it any other time, it has no other value, and you NEVER know.

It’s funny that the woman’s alliance that the Hero’s feared has come to pass but not when they expected and therefore not when it would help them. What do you think Russel will do in his last few days of panic?

Rupert gone. All I can say is…FINALLY. He’s so annoying.

Who will win? Who should win?

Whether or not Parvati makes it to the finale (I wouldn’t be surprised if the women turn on her in the end for fear of losing to her), I think she has played the most solid game of all. She has managed to 1) get Russel to give her 2 immunity idols, 2) play the game longer than any survivor ever, 3) manage to make it to the final five despite people saying from day 1 that she is a huge risk, 4) win immunity more than once, 5) find an immunity idol and give out it (and the one Russel gave her) to save her alliance and change the direction of the game, and 6) convinced Jeri to turn on Russel and Sandra to ally with her despite her earlier dislike. And even with losing Danielle, which was a huge blow, she’s stayed in the game anyway. I think that Parvati could get more votes than people think she could because while people think she’s dangerous, she also hasn’t really betrayed anyone on the jury so they have no reason to personally dislike her. Think about the jury:
1- Coach- the main people he has to be upset at are Jeri for betraying him by changing alliances, Russel for leading the strike against Boston Rob, and Sandra for tricking Russel into voting him off
2- Courtney- she was closet to Sandra and arguably to Parvati, who tried to save her even if she failed (she also voted for Jeri on her way out)
3- JT- Russel betrayed him
4- Amanda- has a history with Parvati and they are probably still friends despite being pitted against each other by the circumstance of starting on separate tribes (she did vote Parvati on her way out, but that was also her entire tribe and I think she is someone who respects the game)
5- Candice- betrayed by Russel
6- Danielle- betrayed by Russel and Jeri, super close with Parvati
7- Rupert- particularly hates Russel
To be clear, there are currently 4 heroes and 3 villains on the jury. There will likely end up being 5 heroes and 4 villains on the final jury (unless only two people make it to final tribal council, which is possible too, in which case that would make it an even five heroes and five villains). I would say that Russel is the least likely to get votes because even the majority of the villains he voted out wouldn’t respect his tactics in the game over the things he did, but I wouldn’t count Parvati out because although she was always considered a threat, she didn’t really cross anyone, she’s super charming, and she can argue that she was both a strategic and physical force in the game.

Russel has played a good strategic game too (and has even performed fairly well in challenges) but he’s just never understood the social aspect of the game. If you betray everyone and those people are NOT the type to reward treachery, you will not win.

Jeri I think is sort of a nobody but I wouldn’t be too surprised if Courtney and/or Coach give her a hard time for jumping ship on their alliance. I think she’s been a mostly unremarkable player (though she did win an immunity challenge and reward challenge) and has most stayed under the radar. I suppose she could win out of the default of having done nothing, but I really think that would be a shame and a part of me feels that the players on the jury at least respect the game more than that.

Sandra is the worst challenge contestant ever. And she’s not the greatest in the social game (something about the way she talks just SOUNDS fishy). But, she has made some brilliant strategic moves to save herself and one thing that could curry favor is the way she manipulated Russel into eliminating Coach (I think the heroes might appreciate that fact) and Rupert and JT may even appreciate her attempt to reveal Russel’s true actions, even if they ignored her. And she and Candice were sort of working together at one point so that may work in her favor.

Colby may be even worse than Sandra this season in challenges and he’s been so uninvested in the game. The only way he will win is if all the heroes on tribal council vote for him simply because he isn’t a villain. While I think Rupert would do that and even Candice might just to get back at the Villains for their last betrayal, I’m not sure that Amanda and JT would. Well, I’ve never seen Amanda on the council so hard to say there, but JT definitely embraced his inner villain this season so I wouldn’t count him as a definite yet. Coach may go for the hero bit though.

Those are my thoughts about the final five. What do you think?


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