Some General Recaps

I haven’t done one of these in a while but I thought now was as good a time as any:

Chuck- Before saying anything about the show, I would first like to say IT WAS RENEWED! I think this season has done a really impressive job of balancing Chuck’s new abilities with the old, bumbling Chuck. I would really like Ellie to find out the truth already though, it just seems unfair that she’s the only one who knows nothing about it. At the same time, this new storyline with her being tricked into betraying her dad is pretty awesome and not unexpected. In TV Land, there are always consequences to keeping secrets, just not always the consequences you might expect. Also, while I am not a fan of the Shaw plot line (mostly because doesn’t it seem strange to anyone that the CIA had Sarah kill one of their agent’s wives as her final spy test?), I do think the handled Chuck and Sarah’s relationship overall. Especially how they finally decided they could not give up the spy life. Final thing, anyone else not shocked that Bryce is not dead? (Though isn’t he on a different show now?)

House- I know some people are not a fan of this current season. They think House has lost his bite. But personally, I’m rather enjoying it. I’m a little unhappy with the way they’ve resolved the Cameron-Chase relationship and I miss the Cuddy-House dynamic, but I think they’ve taken the House-Wilson friendship to great new heights and we’ve gotten some more insight into House, which is always interesting. Plus, I love the way House and Wilson’s ex/current gf treat each other.

24- Not the biggest fan of this Jack Gone Wild section of the show. Murdering Dana Walsh!?! I mean, I hated her too, as is appropriate, but execution? He may have gotten away with all the torture in past seasons–and let’s be honest, most people were cheering for it regardless–but I’m not sure how easy this one would be to get out of. Wouldn’t that be crazy if he ended up in jail in the end? Weird to see Freddie Prinze Junior back in acting, but I’m kind of glad. He’s not the best actor, but it is so nostalgic. Chloe needs to become more assertive. I miss her battle of wills with Renee (or whatever her name was from last season).

Glee- In light of the recent article in Newsweek, (saying that out gay actors cannot successfully pull off straight characters), I feel the need to say that I didn’t know the guy who played Jesse was gay but I don’t really care. If he’s a good actor it won’t show, if he’s a bad actor it will. I think Mark Harris said it best in Entertainment Weekly this week when pointing out that movies are all about suspension of disbelieve and forgetting reality, “Robert Downey Jr. does not really have a special suit that lets him fly.” Anyway, I agree that Jesse and Rachel may not have the BEST chemistry, but keep in mind that he’s playing her and she’s really supposed to love Finn, so it isn’t all that unexpected. Rachel getting laryngitis was hysterical but I’m sad to not have heard her sing “The Climb” because it probably would have sounded awesome. Bringing Rachel to see a paraplegic might have been a little overkill but it was kind of nice to see another piece of Finn–the sympathetic kid who goes to visit a guy despite him no longer being “cool” and it being uncomfortable. And Puck and Mercedes? Bleh.

V- I’m loving how this show has turned out. I think it slowed a bit after the finale but it really picked up as things progressed and I think it has re-hit it’s stride. Largely because of Laura Vandervoot’s character. I think adding her as a more active member of the storyline is much more interesting. ALSO RENEWED!

ANTM- I did not expect a two hour episode this week. I didn’t love the finalists (or even the semi-finalists) and I love the winner even less, but the thing that did strike me most was how much more natural and relaxed Nicole is. Not only that, but she was great in the runway show and putting her first was a stroke of genius for whoever planned things because she didn’t come off looking short in that position.

Mercy- It has not been a good year for medical dramas. How many have been renewed that started in the fall? I’m not sure anyway. (The summer ones fared pretty well, minus Mental, but Trauma, Miami Medical, Three Rivers, Mercy…) It was sort of clear Mercy wasn’t coming back when we saw that Georgina was returning to GG and I can’t say I’m disappointed. The show went from eh to awful. It’s gotten crazy too quickly. Most shows take a few seasons to have characters acting as murderers and main characters nearly dying many times.

Vampire Diaries- Would they stop killing the characters (vampires) that I like! Lexi, Vicky, Pearl, Anna. Come on! I feel like they’ve killed off a lot of potential. And it would have been nice to see some good vampires other than Damon. I’m glad to see that though Elena looks like Katherine, she does not look like Isobel. I can’t wait to see what happens between Elena and Bonnie and how Jeremy’s transition to a vampire (assuming he’s not found first, which I think there’s a good chance of) goes. This was mostly a really good finale, despite my disappointment that Malese Jow (who played Anna) is gone.


12 Responses to “Some General Recaps”

  1. sarah Says:

    Yeah, I gave Mercy a shot but stopped watching pretty quickly…can’t say I’m surprised at all. FYI-Heroes is officially canceled, which sucks because last season didn’t end on a series finale note…but some good news? It’s almost a sure thing Life Unexpected is going to get another 12 episodes…according to anyway

    • ax20 Says:

      It’s official, Life Unexpected has been renewed!

      • sarah Says:

        OMG, I know, I am so happy!! I was going to go to the CW offices personally if they didn’t renew it! I heard it’s going to be 12 episodes thou, which is fine, it will give them more time to make those 12 better.

        Melrose got cancelled…not surprised. I didn’t watch it thou, I take it you didn’t either…

  2. Chloe Says:

    hey sarah, do you know where i can watch glee? they don’t screen it here in my country

    • K Says:

      Try or I know they play it on

    • sarah Says:

      Hey Chloe!! What country are you in?

      My best guess for online watching would be, althou I have noticed for some shows (like MIOBI for example lol) they have all the episodes but only a few for others, like Glee. I checked because I wanted to catch up on it over the summer as well…maybe after the season wraps they will post them all. I imagine hasn’t posted the entire season either.

      I am the worst person to ask where to find shows…I can NEVER find them or if I youtube them the last part of the show is never up either. Flash player and I do not get along on any of my computers so I just try to DVR everything I can…

      • Chloe Says:

        Thanks for your reply! I’ll try then. I’m from Singapore which is in south-east asia.

      • Chloe Says:

        they do screen glee here, but my schedule clashes. no MIOBI for us though – i can usually get the whole thing on youtube ๐Ÿ™‚ waiting for 28th june!

  3. K Says:

    I’m so glad they picked up Chuck for next season. I already miss VD…but The CW is going to start playing repeats…Thank God. Not sure if I could live with out that show.

  4. sarah Says:

    Chloe-Singapore? Very cool…I hear it’s beautiful there! It’s probably good we are about 12 time zones apart because with our discussions, I probably wouldn’t get too much work done ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I cannot wait for June 28th either! I would try watching MIOBI on Hulu when it comes back over youtube…the quality would be better for sure…I’m trying to find some MIOBI spoilers, but am having no luck. All I have heard is there is going to be some meet in France…

    • Chloe Says:

      Sarah, yeah we’re 12 time zones apart:D when MIOBI claims to be airing on, say, 12th february 10pm, i would have to wait till 13th february 10am before small clips start appearing on youtube ๐Ÿ˜€

      i wonder if you know about ? it’s kind of the youtube of China, just that there’s no 10-minute restriction so you can wait for a video to load in mute and watch the whole thing. i’m Chinese so i understand the words and such, but i think there are translation functions in Explorer or Google Chrome which can translate the titles for you.
      it’s also less regulated so i just figured you get the whole series of MIOBI on there, each 40 minutes long!

      there’s a hell load of full movies there as well. even more recent ones like Valentine’s Day, Dear John (yes the entire movie). there’s 90210, gossip girl, the hills, keeping up with the kardashians haha it’s amazing.

      • ax20 Says: usually has everything. I can’t promise no viruses because it isn’t something like hulu but I usually only go to their links and haven’t had problems.

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