Lost: Across the Sea

As the series winds down, I find myself enjoying about 75% of what is happening while not loving the other bits. I would have liked to see more dead characters , gotten a few more explanations, and perhaps killed a few less people. (The Kuans! I remember the actress who plays Sun saying she hopes they never run out of things to say about her character that she hopes they never finish her storyline because the moment they do she would be killed off. Sure enough, she meets up with Jin again and BOOM! Jin, while I find it admirable that you would want to die with your wife, remember that baby girl you have at home? She now has zero parents. How is that a better option and how come Sun didn’t say anything about that?

Washed up on the shore is…a pregnant woman I don’t think I recognize. Anyone? I wonder how long ago this is supposed to be. She takes a drink of water and is scared by some woman talking in a strange language. The woman wants to help her at least, not that she would know that right off. She eats hungrily. Oh, nevermind they do speak the same language. The pregnant chick is Claudia. Suddenly they are speaking English. Her savior is alone and doesn’t want to give her answers. The woman also says she will find the other people on her ship. Claudia starts having contractions. “It’s coming,” she says ominously as though expecting a monster to be born. Jacob probably? It’s a boy, almost completely clean. And yup, his name is Jacob. Claudia apparently is having twins. Smokey? Maybe she was expecting a monster. It’s…another boy. Two babies, born alive on the island. She only picked one name, what to name boy number two? Claudia wants to see “him” but the woman kills her instead. Naturally.

Boy finds something on the beach, it it seems to be a game of some sort. Boy two wants to play. Jacob and unnamed brother I presume. Brunette somehow knows how to play but he doesn’t want mother to know or she will take it away. Blond boy is Jacob. Savior/murderer is weaving and wants Jacob to tell her where his brother is. He offers to help and is put to work sorting. When asked what they what they were doing, he says they were just walking. She asks if he loves her? When he says yes, she demands the truth. Sure enough she goes down to the beach and brunette doesn’t accurately hide the game. Jacob told anyway. She says he’s special and Jacob isn’t a liar. He wants to keep the game and she says of course, she left it for him. He thought it came from elsewhere but she says there is no where else. Her mother is dead but her boys will never have to worry about that.

The boys are boar hunting. It looks like a little boar. Before they catch it, it is killed by something. They hide to watch and spot men. It seems the man hears them but doesn’t turn to them. There were three men. They run to their mother and she says they are not like them, they don’t belong on the island. They are on the island for a reason but she says it isn’t time for them know yet. She takes them somewhere blindfolded. She knew about the people but she didn’t want to frighten them. They’re from another part of the island. People hurt people. But they’re people. She says she’s made it so they can never hurt each other. They are at…a tunnel?It’s the reason they’re on the island. There seems to be light shining out of the whole. She tells them not to go inside. What’s down there? Light, the warmest, brightest light. No one can find it. Brunette thinks it is beautiful and stares mesmerized. A little of the light is inside man and they want more. They can put it out and then it would go out everywhere. Jacob seems less mesmerized. One of them will have to protect it in the future, when she can’t.

The boys play their game. Brunette tells Jacob he’s doing something against the rules. Jacob is not pleased that all the rules are his brother’s. His mother appears to the brunette, telling him not to be afraid. He decides to go for a walk without Jacob and looks for her. Why can’t Jacob see her? Because she’s dead. She’d like to show him where he came from, across the island where he’s never been. So she is smokey? He goes with her and they see the village. The others. They came 13 years ago, the day before he was born. Their ship was born. There are many things across the sea, including him. That’s not what his mother told him, but she’s not his mother. The ghost is.

Brunette packs a bag and wakes Jacob. He wants him to come and they sneak out. They’re leaving and never coming back. Jacob doesn’t understand. Brunette says she lied about everything. Brunette tells him it was all a lie but Jacob beats him until he bleeds. Their “mother” stops them and he spits the truth at her. He wants Jacob to come but he says no. The woman tells brunette that he will never be able to leave the island but he says he can and he will prove it one day. He leaves.

“Mother” sits on the beach and Jacob joins her. She doesn’t think brunette will come back. Did she really kill their mother? Yes. If she’d let her live, she would have taken him back to bad people. She couldn’t let him become like them. She needed him to stay good. Is he good? Of course. Then why does she love brunette more than him? She loves them in different ways. Will you stay Jacob? Please? Yes. (Really? Even knowing what you know?) For a while.

Jacob is recognizable now. He’s made something and his mother doesn’t seem to appreciate it. She’s tired. He goes to watch the men in the village. He still visits Brunette and they play their game. Jacob watches to know if they’re bad. It’s been 30 years. They are greedy, manipulative, selfish…they’re a means to an end. What end? He’s leaving. He found a way off the island. He throws a knife at the well and it us magnetically pulled to it. Which proves? There are smart men who have discovered that metal behaves strangely in places all over the island. They dig and they found something. He asks Jacob to come again but he says no. What about when she dies? She won’t! Everything dies. Jacob gets back home and they talk about Brunette. She travels to the Others and they’re doing something in a well. Brunette is stoking a fire inside the well when “mother” comes. He sense her and pulls his knife. She asks to join him. He lets. (PS, while an attractive boy, he’s no longer attractive.) He’s been searching all the time for the place with the light so he found another way to find it. The people with him too. They have ideas what to do with it. He has no idea what–because she wouldn’t tell him! He pulls away some stone and the light shines through. They’re going to make an opening and a system that channels the water and light and will allow leave. How does he know it will work? “I’m special, mother.” He doesn’t belong on the island. Then this must be goodbye. As opposed to 30 years ago. She looks like she wants to hug him but I suspect she might try to kill him. They do hug. She cries. She says she’s so sorry and then bashes his head into the rocks. So who are the bad people.

“Mother” wakes Jacob and says it’s time. Something happened didn’t it? You’re letting him go? I don’t have a choice. She takes him to the light. It’s his time to protect it now. What’s down there? Life. Death. Rebirth. It’s the source/heart of the island. Oh, well thanks for the clarification. Just promise not to go down there. She gives him some wine, mumbling some other language. If he drinks he will accept the responsibility of protecting this place as long as he can and then find his next person. He doesn’t want to he has to. She wanted it to be Brunette. But she sees now it was always supposed to be him. He does drink. Now they are the same.

Brunette awakens with a headache. The tunnel is filled in. There’s smoke. The village! He runs back to find it in shambles with everyone dead. So…who are the good people again? He finds the game he and Jacob used to play in the rubble and cries. He’s furious!

Jacob notes the storm coming. He should get firewood before it rains. So she can die alone? She tells him to be careful. He says he’ll see her back home, she doesn’t respond…She gets to the home. I fire is burning. Her loom is in tatters. The game is on the floor. Inside are a dark and a light piece. She picks up the dark one, stares at it, and is run through with Brunette’s dagger. (Wouldn’t we like to have a name for him?) She loved him too much to let him leave. And then she thanks him. He is not so pleased with his revenge and starts crying. Jacob sees him standing over her. He tries to explain. Jacob tackles him and starts beating him again. He takes him, brunette begs, He says he doesn’t plan to kill him and instead throws to the light cave. It is his time to protect it. He tells him to go and sends his body inside. The light gets brighter and seems to suck him in. So that is what created smokey, because sure enough out comes the smoke monster. I suppose that is a fate worse than death. Hard to blame him now…

Jacob washes his face off and spots his brother on some rocks. He’s upset now and takes him back home to rest. Jacob finds the two pieces and puts them in a couch,

Future time, Jack and Kate find the pouch (like first season or so). Where did they come from? Who were they? Their very own Adam and Eve.

Past Jacob says goodbye.


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