Fresh Meat: Episode 6

This is the most incredible turn around in the history of the show (at least as far as I can remember). The dominant alliance, controlling the game from week to week, falls apart. I’m not surprised. While Wes and Evelyn’s alliance had control for so long and often made the best decision of the moment, but they didn’t think long term enough (and of course, how can they counter the dominating force that is Laurel and Kenny?). They made shady moves to protect themselves while also angering the other “lesser” members of the alliance (Voting out Danny, pitting CJ and Landon against each other, throwing in CJ…) or at least making them question the trustability of the decision makers. Not that Kenny has ever shown himself to be a good guy, but he has always been reliable in terms of alliances.

I don’t have much to say on this other than the fact that Kenny made a brilliantly strategic move (allowing Jill and Pete to win and then making a deal with Wes) and that perhaps Wes and Ev overestimated how loyal their “moles” are. I’m surprised that Wes and Ev didn’t double cross Kenny by throwing them in against the team that they thought was most likely capable of beating them. (Is there anyone? I don’t think so…)

I hate lopsided challenges, there’s no suspense about the end result. Though if Kenny and Laurel manage to lose at some point, it would be awesome. Just because it would be so unexpected. I think they do deserve the win, considering how dominant they have been so far.

The one thing I wish is that there were more puzzles involved in the challenges. Yes, the first puzzle in exile was what ultimately sent a team home, but it would be nice to see how Kenny and Laurel do with the intellectual stuff.


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