90210: Javianna

Well, Adrianna has become important enough to have an entire episode named after her. I’m not sure I care, only because I don’t like the way she talks. It’s so…earnest. She’s just not such a great actress, but really, how many of them are?

Naveed, meanwhile, is moping because he’s in loooove but Adrianna is dating Javiar! And just because he’s popular, doesn’t mean he’s any good. It’s like cigarettes. Dixon says “aren’t you guys broken up?” as though he didn’t obsess over Silver.

Meanwhile the girls talk about the happy couple and Adrianna’s first gig. Meanwhile Naomi’s credit cards aren’t working. Jen proceeds to cut them up. She canceled them. She’s giving her a “financial diet.” Jen suggests a job…Jay Boyd calls, it’s for Jen and she says it isn’t a good time so she needs to call them back. Jen intends for things to change. Frugal is the new black. (My dad would get a kick out of that.)

Dixon is sad that Ivy is going to Australia all summer so she invites him. I’m glad she’s over Liam, he treated her like crap. But Dixon’s kind of lame. Let’s find some better guys for this show!

Liam and Annie flirt until…Jasper arrives! As annoying and melodramatic as he is, he’s the only one who really brought any action. Jasper is ready to “reintegrate” into West Bev. He apologizes for what he did but he has to explain. He says he took advantage of her sorrow, he fell in love, panicked when she wanted to leave. She says she forgives him but they can’t be friends. (So much for action/excitement but I think there’s more to come otherwise what was the point to bring him back?)

Teddy and Summer (still an awful haircut) kiss and talk tennis practice. Naomi wants to know if they’ve had sex. Not yet. She’s only done it during her manic phase so she feels like a virgin again. Not sure it works that way.

Naveed has flowers for Adrianna who is walking with some girl I don’t think we’ve ever seen. Filler! I suppose they have other friends…But Javiar beats him to it with flowers. He’s planned a special night. (PS- what better way to boost your lackluster star power then by snagging the “it” guy as your boyfriend. Part of me wonders how genuine Ade is being.)

Teddy’s dad watches his practice when Teddy’s phone beeps and it’s…Silver! Uh oh, you’ve been caught. Silver should have known better than that. He says he loves her and he isn’t breaking up with her. His dad wants him to focus on his tennis but Teddy thinks he can do both. His dad “thought he was different, the one kid of his that was a success.”

Aunt Becky and the Principal are awkward still. Dixon asks if he can go but Harry says absolutely not. Dixon doesn’t deserve a trip. Becky thinks it’s a good idea, she doesn’t understand why he’s saying no. Aunt Becky doesn’t back down just because he’s firm. They’ll discuss it “as a couple.”

Ade is somehow alone at the date that he brought her to. He’s arranged to be on stage to serenade her in song. Now this seems awfully fast. This is their third date and already he’s singing her songs. With Spanish mixed in no less!

Teddy comes to see Silver. He’s depressed, tries to play it off, and she knows him too well. The only place he feels like he can breath is with her. Hmm, I think this is that “time is right” moment she was waiting for. It’s funny because it’s her doing all the undressing. He thought she wanted to wait but now she’s ready. It just feels so right. This whole scene would have been better off without that last line.

Crappy car pulls into school. It’s Naomi! She cries to Liam who offers to look at it. She has to get her money back and she thinks Jay Boyd is the key. Liam suggests she wait until she turns 18, 6 months! She can’t live like a “pauper” for six months. She needs his support but he doesn’t care! He gives her a piece of his mind about how awful his life has been for the last month. You didn’t really think this relationship would last right?

Aunt Becky tells Dixon he can go to Australia if he can raise the money for a ticket.

Everyone is staring at Adrianna. Silver wants to interview her about dating Javiar. She finds out that Naveed and Lila broke up. But if he liked her he would have told her so it doesn’t matter.

Jasper crutches his way through the halls when the jerks come to bother him (the gambling and school-trashing guys). Annie sees them teasing and she steps in. The response is they belong together. She says everything started with her and his uncle…he says it isn’t her fault. He says it’s ok. She forgave him, he forgives her. Liam sees her with Jasper and is NOT happy.

Teddy’s dad visits Silver to talk to her about how she shouldn’t be with him. She invites him in and he points out how long Teddy has been playing tennis and how she is going to ruin his chances. Their relationship is costing him everything, he’s losing focus. He offers her $150,000 to walk away. She tells him to leave and he fires one last parting shot “if you love my son don’t get in the way of his dream.”

Naomi comes to see Liam as he works on his boat. She apologizes and says she wants to be there for him. She’s here now! A month too late. Though she promises it won’t happen again. Liam tells her the story, sort of. He pretends to be fine. She’s sorry she wasn’t there. Also, he’s clearly not fine though she thinks he is. She says poor people tend to be honorable.

Naveed tortures himself with Javianna pictures when speak of the devil…Ade comes looking for Silver. She brings up the him and Lila thing. He says he’s “glad to be free and not one to be tied down.” He acts nervous and keeps rambling. She invites him to her solo show, tomorrow. As soon as she leaves Dixon wants to know what the hell he was doing. How can he compete with Javiar. He had to lipsync the torah portion of his bar mitzvah. Dixon says they have a history. Make a play!

Teddy is playing and he messes up. Silver thinks about his dad’s words. Teddy loses. (Tennis is so boring to watch.)

Dixon is trying to sell his Ipod to make money. Ivy sees it and wants to know why he’s selling all his stuff. This trip to Australia is the thing he’s looking forward to most. She looks…uncomfortable. What’s going on?

Silver is upset and looks ready to break up with Teddy who is already depressed. He’s upset that he lost. Teddy says he should have gone to bed earlier last night…So she says their relationship isn’t working. It’s too much, too serious. She wanted to wait until after his match. She run-walks away crying.

Javiar gives Ade words of encouragement. Naomi interrupts. Javiar won’t be there for the show because he has a gig of his own. Ade wonders if Naveed came and Naomi thinks “Naveed again, really?” She claims to have moved on. Naveed arrives with some jewelry thing for Ade. He wants to remind her that he knows her best, a charm bracelet with things that are important to her. Naveed wants to leave it in her dressing room with a note to meet him on the roof. (Always bad to push things off and leave everything to chance that nothing will ruin it. Don’t delay!) The show begins and though she’s not a good performer (and possibly a bad lip syncer) she has a good voice. Ivy looks completely depressed when Dixon spots her. She’s been thinking that he shouldn’t sell all of his stuff, it’s extreme. They start fighting which leads to them saying things they shouldn’t, her uninviting him, him breaking up with her.

Annie and Liam are working on some project and he’s staring at her. He tells her to stay away from Jasper. When he finds the thing that got autosaved on her computer and she freaks out. She pulls the computer away before he can see.

Silver finds Dixon moping. They’ve both just broken up with their couples. The guy who bought his Ipod offers Vodka and they accept. With the expressions of super inexperienced drinkers. Ivy sits outside in a funk and her mom finds her. She freaked out that it was the biggest thing in his life, what if they don’t get along in Australia!?! She freaked out. Her mom tells her to talk rather than pick a fight. She won’t get a chance because Silver and Dixon are super drunk and looking for the bathroom. Found! Or not, it’s a broom closet. She says Ivy is an idiot and he’s a great guy. He’s a bad drunk. He says she’s a great girl. And there it is…the kiss and makeout. They both pull back in shock and say it’s a mistake! Drunk! They say it never happened. Ivy finds them and wants to talk to him. She tries to explain that she’s used to “no strings attached.” It felt like too much for her. He says it was just a trip for him. She reinvites him and they hug. Technically they were “broken up.”

Naveed watches Ade do her awkward performance. It ends with applause. Her dressing room, which even has a star on the door. Before she gets to see Naveed’s gift, Javiar comes in. He stayed for the whole show and he wants her to come to NY to perform their duet. Umm, school? Naveed waits upstairs put he hears screaming and sees them leave together. What did I say? Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Dad comes to talk to Dixon, angry about the Australia trip. He says of course Aunt Becky said he could go because she doesn’t know what happened. So he should tell her?!?! She overhears.

Liam eats with his mom. They fired Rosa because she “stole some coins from his stepdad’s collection.” Liam doesn’t know what to do. Liam calls Naomi to talk when she spots Jen and a guy going into some building. She lies about having the flu. He catches her lie though because she forgets to hang up the phone. Liam calls Annie instead to talk. He wants her advice so they plan to meet up.

Naomi catches Jen and guy. She asks if he’s having an affair with Jen. This is Leo, her new assistant. Jay Boyd is Jen’s doctor. She’s pregnant! Somehow she’s managed to hide being HUGE. Scarves don’t cover that!

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One Response to “90210: Javianna”

  1. sarah Says:

    Yeah, Liam and Naomi are so done…It would be quite hysterical to see Annie nab ANOTHER one of Naomi’s exes…Dixon is so lame and boring, I wish they would write him out. It will be interesting to see how Principal Harry leaves at the end of the season, since he’s not coming back.
    This Aid and Javier thing is so stupid and corny…I can’t handle it, I want aid back as a cokehead, at least that was entertaining.

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