10 Things: Just One Kiss

Kat is rude to some girls blocking her locker. The british guy asks her out with tickets to something she wants to go to. He says she should get over the Meat Day incident. She takes the tickets anyway and invites Patrick to go but he’s not interested.

Joey has gotten tickets to movie night. Bianca is with Cameron. It’s something that Cameron wanted to see. Bianca suggests going together with Dawn. Will Dawn be ok with this? It’s a make out movie. Dawn is not into it. Bianca tries to convince her it will be casual. Dawn can’t waste the Saturday on a “nork.” What if Cameron thinks it is a date! Bianca convinces her because she’ll let him know it isn’t a date. Cameron is sure that’s what she’s doing. He is already talking about the potential for their relationship. Not falling in love is hard! She gives him a mantra “these are not feelings of love.”

At the art show, Kat and Brit boy are there. He bugs her, she tells him to get lost, he follows. He makes her laugh. She maintains the snappy remarks though.

Bianca’s dad agrees to chaperone the movie but she tells him there are no spaces left. Cameron finds out it’s a make out movie and freaks out. He’s never kissed a human girl! Bianca tells him Dawn is still not over her ex.

Brit boy says it was an awful show. He asks her out on a proper date. She turns him down. She’s seeing someone. He’s your boyfriend. We don’t label things. So you can see other people? Well, let him know, he’s still interested.

Joey is prepping for their make out a thon. Cameron thinks the mantra is working! Dawn comes over and she seems to be into Cameron now or at least trying to style her.

Kat runs up to Patrick. He dislikes Blank (the british kid). She tells him about being asked out. Will she go? Why would Patrick care? Which means she’ll go just to spite him. Even though he clearly didn’t want her to.

Dawn is into Cameron now. He’s tall! And bumbling! Dawn will break his heart in a day or two. Dawn will just have to kiss him and see if he’s the one. So Bianca tells her dad he can chaperone. Naturally.

Kat and Brit are at the movie. They discuss and are snarkily enjoying themselves. Bianca’s dad uses water to separate the teens. The psychologist pulls him away. Dawn is doing her best to seduce Cam. He’s falling for it. So much for the mantra. They kiss and it seems to be going well. Joey wants to make out too. Only Kat and Brit aren’t making out. If you can’t beat them…ignore them? He has candy or something. Choc covered strawberries. He holds her hand, she is nervous. Patrick is watching. She pulls away, she can’t do this. Brit says Patrick is so…simple. He says she’s too good for him. Kat gets defensive and ends the date. Dawn is obsessing over Cameron. Bianca reminds her of the mantra but it doesn’t seem to work. These are feelings of love! That’s what Dawn does. She doesn’t want him to get his heartbroken.

Mary Cherry and dad talk. They are not close to the same age! She feels for him. She holds his hand. She’s lost someone. Her fiance. He wasn’t really dead though.

Kat and Brit are leaving but Patrick gets physical. Pat tells him to stay away from her girlfriend! Good, so they’re exclusive.

Cameron stops the making out. Dawn realizes Bianca told her. Dawn says she’s too meddling in Cameron’s love life. It’s true. So back to being a couple. Joey wants to know why she’s obsessing. They’re her best friends. It’s weird. She feels left out. He’ll stay with her.

All the happy couples make out, even Kat and Patrick. And even the guidance counselor and father!


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