Lost: The Candidate

AW Locke wakes up in the hospital to Jack as his doctor. Locke is all confused because he was run down by a car. He should be all right now. Jack says he saw the spinal injury and wants to know what happened. He thinks he’s a candidate…For what? A new procedure for surgery that might fix him. Locke turns him down despite the minimal risk. In comes the wife. (She looks different.)

Island Jack awakens in the night in the boat. Sayid is watching him. They’re on hydra island. At the base Hurley and crew are being led inside and Sawyer is told get in the cage. So Sawyer steals the gun. Whitmore says he will shoot Kate if he doesn’t cooperate so of course Sawyer obeys. Whitmore says he only cares about Sawyer, Hugo, and the Kwans. Whitmore tells them he’s doing it for their own good. They also have to hurry to put up the fence because “he is coming.” They haven’t got an hour even.

AW Jack enters what looks like an orthodontist’s office. He’s looking for Dr. Nadler–Bernard! He wants to look at Locke’s patient files. He did emergency oral surgery on him. Jack wants to know how Jack was hurt. Bernard says he sat across the isle from him! Bernard can’t break doctor-patient confidentiality but Locke’s accident happened with an Anthony Cooper as well.

Jack is confused. Locke saved him from Whitmore’s people. Everyone else? They scattered. Just the three of them now. Locke says he brought him because they have to rescue his friends. Whitmore has them caged. Locke wants to break them out and run for the plane. Jack says they aren’t his people and he doesn’t want to leave the island. Either way, his friends do want to leave. But he needs Jack’s help to get the gang to trust him. Locke says he could kill Jack and his friends but instead saved him and therefore he should trust him. (That’s not fully honest!)

Sawyer and Kate pace in the cage. Kate says Whitmore wouldn’t have killed her. Sawyer says that Kate’s name was crossed out on the cave wall. Whitmore doesn’t need her. Kwan and Jin talk about their daughter. (I didn’t used to like them but they’re just so cute. I kind of hope Jin is the Kwan they’re talking about.) The generators go off and there are sounds of panic. Someone killed the power! It’s smoke time! They try shooting it with guns which is pretty silly. The man who gets killed and knocked into their cages has the key. Kate can’t reach it but Jack grabs it and frees them. What are you doing here? I’m with him. Into the jungle again with the pilot leading the way. Kate is hopeful that Jack is coming but he says he isn’t getting on it. He’s not meant to go. Sawyer thanks him for helping. Sayid arrives and they all aim guns at him but they say Sayid is with them. Locke is waiting, time to go.

AW Jack is looking for Mr. Cooper when Locke’s wife sees him. She tells him to go. John doesn’t want the operation, leave this alone. Saving him after his car accident isn’t enough. She brings him in to talk to Anthony Cooper. He is in a wheelchair. He’s John’s father. He’s basically catatonic.

Smokey gets to the plane, they try to stop him so he easily kills them. And steals a watch from one of them? On the plane he looks around, there’s a wire out. He finds something…The gang arrives then. (PS there were so many more survivors of the original flight…) They find the dead people. Locke says Whitmore wants them to be all together so that he can kill them which is why he pretended to guard the plane. What he found inside was explosives. What now? The plane isn’t safe. They’ll have to take the sub to leave. Hugo thinks Locke shouldn’t leave. Sawyer doesn’t care, he’s saved them so that’s all that matters. The sub will be heavily defended, they will need everyone. Jack will help but he is still staying. Claire apologizes the Locke and he says it’s all right. Sawyer asks Jack for one last favor. He doesn’t trust Locke and wants to keep him from the sub. No small favor.

AW Jack and Locke are in the hospital again. Locke is sleep talking or something. Outside is Claire. She’s looking for him. She wants to talk. (She’s so huge it looks fake!) The lawyer gave something to her that her dad wanted her to have it. Neither of them know what it is. How’d their dad die? He drank himself to death. Shock, they were on the same flight! Jack wants to look at the box. (She has some muscular legs.) The box has a mirror inside but it’s nothing special. She’s staying at a motel down the road but he asks her to stay with him. They’re not strangers, they’re family, he tells her. It’s sort of sweet.

The assault begins. There’s no one on the dock but there are probably people inside. Jack cryptically agrees to do as Sawyer asked. Sawyer, Jin, Sun, and the captain are first (naturally) to go. Things seem well. Next goes Sayid, Kate, and Claire. Locke continues trying to convince him to stay, Jack knocks Locke into the water, Kate is shot as they are attacked. Claire is now a sharpshooter and takes the guys out. Locke gets back on the dock. Locke starts shooting at their attackers. Sawyer goes to get Claire but Locke comes running so Sawyer shuts the sub and tells him to start the sub. Claire calls for them to wait but it’s too late. Locke tells her she doesn’t want to be on the sub…Will it explode or something because not all of them are on it. Kate is bleeding pretty badly and she’s upset they left without Claire. Kate finds the bomb on the boat, it has about 4 minutes left. He’s getting exactly what he wanted… (killing all the potential candidates?) They have to get to the surface now! Sayid examines the bomb to figure out how to stop it. Jack tells them to stop trying to leave the bomb alone, he can’t kill them. But if they detonate the bomb they will kill themselves. If he was just going to kill them, he’d just have chucked the bomb inside without a timer. Sawyer doesn’t care so he unhooks the bomb. And it starts going faster. Sayid runs away with the bomb and gets himself killed. Jack grabs Kate, Sun is stuck under something. Sawyer hurries to help. Jack gives Kate to Hurley and gives them an oxygen tank to get up with. Sun is stuck and freaking out. They almost get her out and Sawyer is knocked out. Jin keeps trying to help Sun but she tells him to go. He refuses Jack wants to stay and help but Jin insists he go and save Sawyer. Finally he goes. He pushes out, Sawyer in tow, and starts swimming. Jin and Sun are alone. She tells him to go. He refuses to leave her and insists he can do it. Maybe she should try helping. She insists yet again but he says he will never leave her, never again. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter which Kwan they were talking about. On this show they’re not dead until we see it and even then they’re not always dead, but it’s not looking good for them. It all ends with them holding hands.

AW Locke is being let out but his finace isn’t there yet. Jack meets him in the hallway to say goodbye. He reveals his visit to his dad. Locke says he was disable because he was in a plane crash with his dad. (Despite telling his dad to trust him.) Jack gives him the same advice that he gave him “your father is gone…let it go…” It isn’t easy. But he was hoping he could go first, with the surgery. Locke…says goodbye. Jack insists he can help, he wish he believed in him. Nice try Jack.

Jack gets Sawyer onto shore. Hurley and Kate have made it. Kate is all “I couldn’t find you!” And then they cry for losing Jin and Sun (who knew Kate was such a softie?) Jack walks into the water and cries alone. So much for the live together thing.

Locke knows the sub sunk. But he knows they’re not all dead. He goes to “finish what he started.”


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