Now that it’s mostly Villains leftover, things are getting sort of interesting. I debate Russel’s intelligence in deciding to get rid of Danielle. Is it really a good idea to make an enemy of Parvati (who he clearly still wants to team up with)? The thing is, Jeri is in his new alliance and in theory so are Rupert and Colby. So his only two choices of who to vote off are Sandra and Parvati. Sandra I wouldn’t be surprised about, but her seems so obsessed with Parvati that I’m not sure he could bring himself to vote her off. And there’s no accounting for what Parvati will do. Rupert hated Russel so badly before that he may pretend to team up with Russel only to blindside him with Sandra and Parvati’s help. (The lesser of two evils, right?)

I will say that Danielle dug her own grave. “I’m closer to Parvati then you realize.” Even Parvati realized that was the worst thing she could say. If she had stuck to “I don’t understand why you don’t trust me, I’ve never betrayed you, I’m on your side” odds are Jeri would not have flipped. (PS- Who else wishes that they had blogs written by the survivors themselves? Probst’s blog is great but just imagine what insight we can get from teh ral players!)

Things I didn’t see coming- 1) Candice getting voted out. She would have been as easy to control as Colby, if not easier, since he apparently has a self-righteous streak. 2) Rupert’s fake idol ploy working so well on Russel (and why has no one else tried that before!?!?) 3) Danielle’s ultimate torch snuff, they did a great job on the editing of this episode.

I still don’t like that the survivors know who votes which way. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if they had to guess who had flipped?

I hope Sandra utilizes her idol to finally blindside Russel. Not because I don’t like Russel (I think he’s made this season excellent, even though I found him annoyingly arrogant last season) but because I think it would be hilarious. Imagine, king of idols, self proclaimed best survivor player ever, voted out before the finals. I would also like to point out that though it appears to be 4 vs 2 now, Jeri is a known flipper. In particular, she fears the idol. So, if Sandra reveals that she has the idol to Jeri, odds are Jeri will flip yet again and vote however Sandra wants. So Russel, look out.


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