Gossip Girl: It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

Well, Serena and Nate are back to lovebirds. Dan and Vanessa not really okay…boo hoo. Gossip Girl warns of changes to come. Nate wonders if Serena should move home while Lily is sick. Chuck is sleeping with multiple girls a night now.

Dan suggests a list of things to talk about things that are off limits. No classes. Or jobs. Yes politics, Jersey Shore, and food. Yeah. This seems like a great plan.

Eric and his new boy have not been around each other much. Serena and Jenny are daggers at each other. Lily wants to be treated like usual from the fam. In comes William who Serena invited. He pretends to give her a check up. William is getting awarded at Columbia. Serena wants her friends to get to know him. Lily seems oblivious to Rufus’s dislike. Eric is not being kind to him despite Serena’s insistence.

Blaire visits Columbia. We get dreamy music meant to indicate it’s all she could dream of. She wants to get away from NYU when everyone plans their housing. She’s recognized by the Columbia girls. They’ve gotten a fantastic apartment. They think she might be transferring and get excited. She pretends she is. They’re relieved.

Serena tries to impress her dad but Jenny tries to make her look bad. Serena announces that she’s going to be moving back in. William announces that he will be moving in downstairs. Not everyone is happy by either pieces of news.

Dan learns that Vanessa is going to Haiti for three months. Which she didn’t tell him!

William tries to bond with Eric who isn’t interested. And pretty pissed. So many things he didn’t know about Eric like his gayness or his suicide attempt. William still wants to get to know him but Eric is not interested. William almost looks sad!

Serena moves Jenny’s stuff out of her room and Jenny freaks. Rufus wants to know what’s going on but Jenny gives up the fight. Serena tells Rufus Jenny is the problem.

Dan confronts Vanessa. It was easier when they were friends. So should they go back to being just that? I don’t know. (PLEASE!)

Lily and Rufus decide Serena should stay in Chuck’s room. Rufus is unhappy by William’s new arrangement. Lily doesn’t see the problem. (Lily, what exactly is in the medication he’s giving you? Decision inhibitors?) Rufus calls someone up for favors.

Blaire talks to her Columbia groupies. They suggest attacking Jenny. Blaire says she’s not doing it. They are shocked and think Blaire is over. They pep talk her into blackmailing Jenny. They have dirt: she’s a drug dealer. Hurray! It’s back! The backstabbing!

Jenny is upset that Serena paired her drug dealing stuff on Gossip Girl. Serena says she didn’t. Jenny gets self-righteous about Serena ruining her relationship with her dad and tells her not to lie to her dad.

Vanessa comes to talk and says she’s not taking the internship. He tells her she has to. She just wants to be with him…Dan, if you love someone you don’t let them ruins something so amazing just so they avoid missing you for a few months! (And the worst boyfriend award goes to…Lonely Boy!)

Blaire is still thrilled when she gets a text from her NYU friends asking if she was signing their lease. Chuck is upset that Blaire is pretending to be a Columbia student and posting about Jenny. What’s wrong with a little cheer and denial? One of the girls heard what Blaire was saying and she hits Gossip Girl asap. Blaire finds Chuck drunk. She doesn’t want him to avoid Lily. He’s afraid to lose her, she’s the last “parent” he has left. Blaire gets the GG text. Either way she advices him to see Lily. Blaire agrees to stay at NYU.

Serena is upset that her dad didn’t get approved to live in the building thanks to Rufus. Rufus says he was protecting his marriage. Serena tells him off and Lily’s mad.

Blaire at the benefit. Awkward. Blaire meets her once-groupies and they’re rude. William looks pleased. Serena’s dress would be flattering if it was a different color. Chuck has shown up and Lily is thrilled. He apologizes. Yay something good out of him, at least Blaire can influence him for the better still. She assures him she isn’t going anywhere. And then walks away. (It’s like the “I’ll Never Let Go Jack” titanic moment.)

Jenny skips the benefit and watches a movie with Dan. He wants to know if the blast was true. She admits it and he suggests she admit it to Rufus. He’ll find out one way of another. She agrees to try at the gala. How are he and V?

William works the room and up comes Serena to talk. She comes true about her many mistakes. He says he doesn’t care. She’s scared he’ll leave once Lily gets better. He wants to be a part of their lives again. All their lives. He’s trying to find a way to do that without overstepping.

Blaire is unhappy, complaining about not being in Columbia. PS, she’s in, he’s an admissions officer. She never applied! Chuck did it for her months ago.

Eric and Rufus commiserate. Eric wants him to go to the party. Elliot was invited to the party by Eric’s dad. Rufus advices him to let his dad try to make things right. Rufus goes to the gala and makes up with Lily. William spots and is unhappy. Chuck realizes that something is off. William makes a speech courtesy of Serena’s honesty. He apologizes to his family for his great sacrifice of leaving them and he intends to make things right.

Lily says she doesn’t love William but she does love Rufus. He wants her to get another doctor. Lily asks him to sleep elsewhere. Well that was a quick 180. A girl finds some girl who is pissed about her drug dealing lies and her dad overhears it. Oh well. Nice try.

Dan tells V to take the internship. Ok, I rescind your award. But I’m not sad to hear that she is leaving for 3 months though I suppose this is the end of the season so we won’t get to enjoy it.

Serena finds out that Rufus has been cheating on Lily. She runs to talk to William and tell him to fight for Lily.

Jenny looks up information about cancer and sure enough, Lily’s symptoms don’t add up.

Blaire talks to the girls and informs them that she will be attending Columbia after all. But she isn’t interested in living with “the help.” And if you want to experience a Blaire Waldorf take down, cross them again.

Jenny calls Chuck about her suspicions.

Serena has invited William over. Eric is ok with it. Lily reluctantly agrees. The phone rings and it is Rufus but she lies that her mom is too tired to talk. Good to copy Jenny’s lie. She then lies that it was Blaire.


One Response to “Gossip Girl: It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World”

  1. sarah Says:

    I loved this episode! Also, I am a little pissed that the entire season sucked and now it’s great the last 3 episodes of the season, but whatevs, if 90210 recovered so can this.

    LOL-decision inhibitors-couldn’t have said it better. Yeah, oxycontin and antibiotics aren’t usually a standard cancer treatment, I guess Lily has the type of cancer that doesn’t require chemo and/or radiation, eh? redic. Way to go, dr. little J.

    Anyway, YES-Please have Dan and Van go back to being friends, them together is horrid. I can’t say I will miss her or Jenny when next season begins…

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